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My Answer to the New-Ager Who Claims to Know God

Thanks, a great deal, to everyone who left a response to the New-Ager about whom I wrote in A New-Ager Asks: MUST I Know Jesus Before I Can Know God? Lots of marvelous stuff, from both sides of the God/No God aisle. Way to reward me for blogging, people! My own answer to the question, [Read More…]

A New-Ager Asks: “MUST I Know Jesus Before I Can Know God?”

In this morning’s post (The Holy Spirit = God = All You Need to Know), I referred to the question of what, if any, extent the spirit of God can or does dwell within the hearts of non-Christians. A devotee of New Age beliefs responded to that question by asking for further clarification; she asked [Read More…]

The Holy Spirit = God = All You Need to Know

We make Christianity entirely too complicated. The whole point of it is supposed to be as simple as a child’s smile. In order to merge yourself with the full truth of God, you don’t need a seminary degree, classes, sermons, home study tapes, the latest Christian bestseller, or anything else. All you need to be [Read More…]

The Day “Merry Christmas!” Died

This year the phrase “Merry Christmas” was finally choked to death by the vapid, opportunistic ambiguity of “Happy Holidays.” [Read more…]

The “12 Days of Christmas” Song: A Morality Tale About the Destructiveness of Sensual Excess

People are always wondering what the birds and characters represent in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It seems awfully clear to me that the song is meant as a morality tale. The song is about the inevitability with which everything in this life—including what always feels like the most important/intense thing, which is [Read More…]

Scrooge Crushes Child by Falling Out Window; Is Visited by Fourth Ghost; Fires Bob

A notebook recently discovered in the attic of a London thimble inspector turned out to have belonged to the great writer Charles Dickens. In it, Dickens recorded the following ideas for endings he apparently considered as alternatives to the one upon which he finally settled for his much-beloved, “A Christmas Carol.” — Scrooge, his joyous [Read More…]

Take One: The Opening Passage of My New Novel

(Whoops–sorry. I cut all this, cuz the book’s totally taken a new direction. Sorry! Thanks for understanding!) [Read more…]

A Vast Library of Christian History That Fits in a Stocking

In the nearly three years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve never recommended anything for purchase. But about three weeks ago I brought the New Advent CD-ROM, and it’s such an extraordinary resource that I wanted to be sure to bring it to your attention this Christmas season. [Read more…]

Osama Bin Laden and Ralph Stanley

As a former rabid anti-Christian who suddenly saw the light, do you mind if I say that Osama Bin Laden himself would drop to his knees and give his life to Jesus if ever he heard Ralph Stanley’s “Listen to the Shepherd”? ********************************************************************************************************** Follow: Befriend: Be Fan: [Read more…]

Monthly Giveaways For My Facebook Fan Members

Tomorrow I’ll announce a new monthly giveaway for those who’ve joined my Facebook fan page. Prizes will be books of my own, books I co-wrote with Steve Arterburn, books from my personal library, CD’s, DVD’s, Starbucks gift cards, and more. It’s the only way I can think of to show my appreciation for those who’ve [Read More…]