I’m Shallow, Untrustyworthy, Un-Christian, and Devil-Duped. Mark Me Well!


So lately we’ve been having some fun discovering fellow Christians out there who’ve decided that I’m … well, as in yesterday’s case, an Actual Heretic.

Now here’s another guy! (Thanks, You Know Who You Are, for sending me this link. Some friend! You know you bite soggy figgies.) This one, typically, declares right off, “I’m not certain he [being me, doncha know] is a Christian.”

There’s that accusation again! What is it with Christians and that accusation??

Also, be sure to check out Mr. “Lives at Peace”‘s dramatic conclusion, “Mark him well.”

Ahhh… the drama of Shakespearean verbiage. How the King Jamesinians dig it. (Okay, before anyone attacks: I love the KJV Bible. No writer can’t. Plus, you know, I’m a Christian, which tends to make that book much more appealing.)

Sigh redux ….


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  • Repent! For thou are vile and steeped in unholy "spirituals" that floweth from thy soul!

    I would think if you're doing your job appropriately, given what your niche/purpose/skill is as an author, then you should get the heretic critique at least weekly.

    That could be another resolution for the New Year.

  • Mark him well. Mark him well???

    Is that a little like "John has germs, no returns"? Are you marked with cooties?

  • "Mark him well"–makes it sound like you could get lost in the laundry.

  • Red: I do, actually, get this sort of stuff all the time. I just never thought to bring it to anyone's attention: it's always just too stupid to deal with. But it's been kind of … fun, or … I don't know… therapuetic [sp??], or something, to kind of … share it this way. And this stuff, to me, is actually a lot more serious than I let on. It's exactly this kind of nonsense—it is, in particular, the efforts of Mr. Heresy Watchdog and I think two of his cohorts—that led to NavPress actually pulling my book "I'm OK" off the shelves. Three people bombarded Nav with hate-mail about that book, and Nav just panicked. Christian publishers just … can't handle anyone–ANYONE–saying everything they publish isn't straight from the mouth of God (which is why Xtian books are always so boring you want to jab your eyes out reading them–but that's a whole other story). Anyway. Right. There's … that dynamic.

    Anita: Yeah, right. Too funny! It's, like, "Attack him with a Sharpie!"

    Skerrib: MAN, you're funny. Every time!

  • (By the way, to be more clear: While, via my experience with NavPress, I do in some ways take seriously comments about me made by people like our Mr. "Lives in Peace" here, 99% of me doesn't even almost take them seriously in any way at all. I just don't care. I can't … muster up enough interest too, frankly. I've been at this a long time; this kind of thing pops up all the time. If I cared I'd go insane. Almost always–as with Joe Heresy Watchdog–it's just someone trying to use what little fame I have to draw attention to themselves. It's sooooooo boring.

  • Christelle

    I must admit- I'm always somewhat amused by the "heretic" claims… I do have a strange sense of humor that isn't easily portrayed through the net… but, this is what amuses me: Jesus was called a heretic in his day- Why? because he told stories and asked questions that caused the religous elite to questions themselves… I'm just saying…

  • Greta Sheppard

    They scathed Jesus too, John! You're in good company! The 'religious' folks were the ones who should have had enough discernment to know He was the Christ. But He was too different for them! Jesus warned his followers who loved Him: "Beware when all men speak well of you!" It's a good sign when those who cut their teeth on the doctrines of men get riled up.They just can't chew on anything new. For too long some of the teachings of Jesus have not been 'rightly divided'. He was speaking to a culture as well as prophetically. Some of these things should be taken into consideration when studying His words and instructions.

  • Aha!… I see a pattern here….. it must be because Jesus lives in your heart, John 🙂

    Wait! Doesn't that mean that you ARE a Christian? I'm so confused…

  • Greta Sheppard

    Oh,. . . and by the way, a heretic you're not, John. The Truth is in you . . .

  • Jessica

    Oh, doesn’t a “love club” sound wonderful? *sigh* I would join for certain…oh wait… I already did. Jesus RULES!

  • That guy's site is hilarious, even the way he responds to comments. The self-importance is stifling.

  • Candace

    I agree, Odgie.

    And visually … zoiks … even just clicking onto the page is like a punch in the eye.

    Does he actually believe himself to be a prophet? Seriously?? 'Cuz that's how it appears to me …

  • Dan Harrell

    When the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and they began speaking in tongues, that must have been against God too. It was different, so it must have been wrong. St. Augustine and St. Francis, to name two, also offered new ways of thinking about the Bible, and they are celebrated as pillars of Christian faith. In every age of great Christian revival there has been people who have brought new ideas and insight into Christian thinking. You are one of those people.

    My view is that you speak in a tongue that appeals to some but not all. Your message is about love and tolerance, something that Jesus marked as the most important consideration ever! A diverse delivery system for God's word is exactly what we need today.

    I find it laughable that most of the critics of innovative thinking today are descendants of the greatest rebel ever. Luther.

    Keep on trucking John. As you know, most people are defined by their critics and enemies.

  • Sorry to rain on the parade here, but…

    Heresy Watchdog does make some good points about your book, and not that I have to admit I have not read your book I am going to have to buy it so you owe Heresy Watchdog for one sale.

    There is nothing wrong with pointing out mistakes in someones theology, and yes some people are heretical in there representation of the truth of the Bible. Don't forget we where warned in 2Tim 4:3. I would exercise discretion in publicly announcing someone was a heretic, I think it should be handled on a more personal basis, but when that person (sorry to point at you John as an example) creates a public forum to here what they say then they need to be prepared to have their theology criticized.

    I will end by saying that so far in my reading of your blog and your responses to questions and critics I would be hard pressed to call you a heretic or a unsaved heathen, but no one knows the truth of the heart but God so I will reserve that judgment for him to make. I hope you do not take anything as say as condoning the people that run around saying "heretic, heretic, heretic" to anyone they disagree with, all I am putting out there is that if someone calls me a heretic I would question them why and then spend a lot of time in the Bible and prayer to make sure they are not right.

  • Mc: I just don't care what the clown who put up that website thinks of me. I just … don't care. I'd no sooner react to his calling me a heretic by praying and studying the Bible to see if he was right than I'd run and hide in my basement because some lunatic was screaming on a street corner about how the world was coming to an end.

  • John: I know we are splitting our conversation between this post and the one after it but I feel we need to continue to keep them separated.

    Are you ever open to admitting you are wrong about theology? and if you are, in what setting should someone call you out on it?

  • Mc: as I said to you on the other post, I'm done talking with you. Either let this drop–and I mean right now–or I'll block you from this site. Thanks.

  • I like the KJV, too. I don't prefer it. I use it because it's the only translation out there that's in the public domain, and I can use as much as I want to of it without having to pay anybody any royalties or count words to make sure I stay within the bounds of "fair use".

    Welcome to the ranks of the troll victims, John. About 1½ years ago, a blog named Rappy World fingered me for the Evil of All Evils of the Internet, because I spoke on LiveJournal of my reluctance to go out in public dressed up as Skye Goodfellow the angel bear. I feared I would be taken for a child molester looking for a time and a place to do his very first unspeakably horrible deed, and sure enough, this "Lord Rappy" brought this fear to fruition.

    Incidentally, this Rappy World, who urged that all traces of my LiveJournal be removed from "our" Internet, has dropped off the Internet, and I'm still around.

  • I missed this one John. Ha!

    May your fame swelleth with each thrashing!

  • I still think if you take off the bible quotations- then what he quotes sounds like an abusive relationship. But then I think that even knowing they're coming from the bible. *Sighs* oh, the easiness of being heathen.

    Any way John- if thou art a heretic, you are a very funny and lovable one.

    Oh, and be sure to include us into that age old question of how you get into church with out bursting into flames. I'd love to not be a dead giveaway when I decide to drop in.

  • Casey: I'm not sure to what you're referring—what "bible quotations" you're talking about. But, as I'm sure you know, no one Christian speaks for all Christians. Some Christians believe the whole concept of hell is bullshit; some think it's fact. Some think gays can't go to heaven; some think God created gays and could care less who and how people choose to love. Some think everyone, of any religion, can be in heaven after death; others think only Christians are allowed in. There are infinite doctrinal points on which good, loving, smart Christians utterly disagree. And yet all call themselves Christians. That's both the strength and weakness of the Christian system. But so what? At CORE—of you, of people, of the story of Jesus the Christ—there either is something there of infinite value, or there's not. All you can do, of course, is all any of us can ever do anyway: Check it out for yourself. If the Christian way is true, you'll know it. And once you know it for yourself, you care what anyone else thinks of it the way you care what anyone else thinks of how you put on your socks, or whatever. It just becomes noise.

  • I was referring to the mans website. He likes posting from John, and the quotes he used sounded a lot like someone in an abusive relationship- but I'm sure thats just my reading it.

  • Greta Sheppard

    John , you are living proof of an inspired person…..I know you must be inspired because Jesus warned: "Beware when all men speak well of you!" If your critics only knew how much they vindicate (justify) you with their attacks… 🙂

    Speaking of such….how does it balance out for you? . . . more critics than clappers?

    If so, it's a good sign you're on the right track . . . I find more closed minds to reality of the times than open ones!

  • Greta Sheppard

    John, I wonder what is more fun for your critics . . . judging you . . . which by the way is akin to cursing you?….or looking at you as a rare creation of God, blessed with a literary bravado that challenges the minds of so-called, stuck-in-a-rut christians who don’t dare think or fend for their own studied belief system.

    I thought Dan Harrell hit the ‘heresy’ target dead center in his references to ‘tongues’ on the day of Pentecost . . .when they spoke with inspired language which also appealed to inspired mind-sets . . . Dan mentioned men like Francis of Assissi and Luther who dared to announce inspired truth to the people. . . today their inspired insights into God’s truth lives on because God’s stamp of Blessing was on them! Blessings speak of God’s favor and approval. And you, John Shore are a blessed man!

  • Greta: Excellent timing on your comment! Thanks you. I say it was excellent timing for me personally because I JUST deleted this comment from this post. It was written by someone named “Bobby Lee” who said this:


    Actually I think the best term to describe you is false teacher. If you allowed posts from people who pointed out you’re obviously false teachings, your lies would easily be seen. But instead you only allow posts from your cheerleaders. I also suspect the word homosexual accurately describes you.”

    So, see? First I get attacked; then I get love! THANKS!

  • Greta: Thanks very much; you’re very sweet. And no, for every one “You’re a homo-lovin’ anti-Christ” (actually, what I get most is that I’m a “false teacher”), I must get 30 affirmations. People–readers, like you—have been exceptionally good to me. And most people, even if they’ve taken one sort of exception or another to something I’ve written, are gentle about expressing where or how they differ from me. They want to teach me, generally, rather than simply condemn me. The truly toxic/caustic folk are, thank God, rare.