Famous Argentinian Painter Whose Painting I Brought at a Thrift Store E-Mails Me

A while back I posted a piece about a superb painting that I bought at a thrift store.

Alejandro Debonis, who painted that picture, just wrote me!

“Hi John! [he wrote] I’m the artist who painted the picture you wrote about. I really appreciate your comments about the picture, and would love to know when, where and how you got my picture—just because I painted it in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a long ago. I’ll wait for your answer, and I hope you receive this e-mail. Here is the address of my my web site: www.alejandrodebonis.com.ar



Naturally, I wrote back immediately, with:

You are my hero. I am insanely in love with that picture. I am so delighted to hear from you!

I am rather embarrassed to report that I bought your magnificent painting at a thrift store! Clearly someone made a terrible mistake donating to the store a work of such sublime sensitivity. Someone else’s idiocy was my great and undeserved fortune.

My wife runs four thrift stores for a non-profit organization here in Encinitas, California that aides the homeless and victims of domestic violence. I was walking through one of her stores one day, and saw what of course I recognized to be a uniquely inspired and technically superior painting. Without hesitation I bought it, and have since had it hanging in a place in our house where I am most often likely to see it.

Fate is so devilishly fickle, is it not? That such a wonderful painting should end up in such ignoble circumstances—even for as short a time as your painting spent in the thrift store before I delightedly leaped on it—is proof, I think, of God’s mischievous, if not outright wicked, sense of humor.

Today’s lesson: the Internet could not possibly be more awesome.

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  • FreetoBe

    I am SO glad you are happy with the internet….today :p Some days, it's not so awesome.

    Anyway, that picture is beautiful. Isn't it amazing that, even 20 years ago, you wouldn't even know who painted it, much less been able to contact him? Technology >shakes head<

  • FreetoBe

    (and I would like to see more ASCII [smilies] if you have the ability to enable those. More than just 🙂 🙁 Are there any 😡 :^O 😉 :_| :8} 😐

    Just checkin' ……)

  • Free: I have no idea if I can enable those smiley things. In general I TRY not to be an enabler, but … I'll see what I can do.

  • FreetoBe

    Thanks. I just learned about them myself, and it seems that half of them are working… ?:| X-( ]:)

  • Lesley

    Hi John, I love thrift shops. Just love looking around and finding a surprise. How exciting to find that painting. Good on you, Im sure it looks great in your house and what a fantastic story to go with it. Bless you! 🙂