(Master Navajo Painter Robert) Yellowhair in da Hizzle!



You swooned at my gorgeous, thrift-store-purchased painting by the great Argentinian Alejandro Lucas Debonis. You marveled at my ultra-thrifty Peruvian wonderland. You worried about  What Did 50’s Kids Think of This Toy? You were minimal help figuring out what this thing is.

And now comes this! The above original painting by contemporary Navajo master artist Robert Yellowhair was found amongst a bunch of stuff donated to one of the thrift stores run by Community Resource Center, in Encinitas, CA, where my wife Catherine works. It’s big (three feet by two feet, not counting the frame). It’s bold. It’s sooooo  beautiful.

I’m looking at it right now. The colors and details are … well, why Yellowhair is so famous, for one. What makes it so arresting is that the Kachina is no doll. He’s a real person, with arm and stomach muscles. So it’s … magical, that way.

Here’s a little bio-bit about Robert Yellowhair: “Born in 1937 in Na-ah-Tee canyon, north of Holbrook, Arizona, Robert Yellowhair is considered one of the Navajo nation’s finest painters. His award-winning work is featured in many fine southwestern galleries, and one of his pieces can found in the White House.”

So. Buy this painting right now. We need to sell it for anything near what it’s worth. Community Resource Center helps victims of domestic violence—and they need money, because California is so broke that instead of guns the cops here are now carrying tin cups. So their funding’s gone hasta la vista, baby.

Seriously: If you can help us sell this painting, do! If you can even help us figure out what it’s worth, do.  (Given what I’ve learned about it via web research, I think a won’t-have-any-trouble-selling-it price is $800.00; a gallery would probably ask $1,500 for it, for sure. If I’m correctly understanding what I’ve read.) If you know anyone into this sort of work, please point ’em our way.

But anyway, can you believe the stuff people think is junk?

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  • John,

    You are so camp it's fabulous!

  • Am I? Is it? Cool! I think.

  • I know what the word means. But … this really is a fantastic painting. NOT in a campy way.

    Now here's a campy painting


  • (Hey, people, check out who Nathan is:

    "Nathan has a life-long interest in human behaviour and how this influences social dynamics. This interest has lead him to study human behaviour as understood by economics, psychology, personality and cognitive development theory. Nathan is currently the Senior Economist at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia."

    Man. Buff! Smart!

  • I should have said, your asthetic appreciation was camp…A pitfall with commenting on blogs while at work!

    …Re: Your post. Yes, there does appear to be a certain chemistry between the two. I wonder what type of music they would make together?

    Given your taste in art (both words used advisedly), you may appreciate the joys of: http://www.museumofbadart.org/

    My personal fav: http://www.museumofbadart.org/collection/landscap

  • jane

    I have a painting dated 1973 in blue and white pines and mountains given to me by my mother upon her death Wondering if it was his early work. Signed by r yellowhair with the face with long hair decal

  • Tad

    Do you still have this painting on hand to sell or did you sell it already?

  • tad

    What year was the painting done? An do you have any pictures of it?