You Guys Are The Best: Thank You

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank those of you who, in response to Question of the Week: Does My Wife Have Cancer?, Waving Into the Dark, and God and I Discuss My Wife Having Cancer, wrote to send my wife Cat and me your prayers, love and personal stories sharing your own experiences with this sort of difficulty.

Greta, Jessica, Laurie, Bitsy, Christy, Mike B., Rachel, Melissa, Anita C-H, Jake-ann, Latoya, Becky, Lynn, Andrew, Rebekah, Mario, Laura, Paul H., Joanie, Debra Lee, Richard L., Kory, Kris, Dave B., Sharon, Mel C., Tim, Eric, Christian, Chris, Rosi, Lucy, Cathy P., Casey, Christine, Sam, Erp, Solnushka, WineyMomma, Brian, Archie, Dan, Tim F., Lindsey, Odgie, Lynn, Liz, Nathan, Judy, Lauri H., Sarah, Loni, Dale, Karen, Jason, Skerrib, Michael the Red, Karin, Greg J, Illona … . Thank you, each one of you.

I’m not sure I’ve ever joined any group in my life. I’m not proud of that; I think it means my issues have issues. But you guys have made me feel like I kind of am part of a group. I want to thank you very, very much for that feeling. It’s made a difference in the way my wife and I have experienced this recent trouble. Your prayers and wonderfully expressed thoughts and feelings have been the source for us of a surprising amount of hope and inspiration.

I’m actually considering going out and meeting people in real life. I won’t rush into it or anything, of course. But you, my cyber-family, have given me hope that one day even I could not take out my garbage cans only at night as a way to avoid seeing or talking to any of my neighbors.

You guys rock.

About Cat’s health: So far the tests have shown conclusively that she’s either perfectly fine or will be dead in two weeks. So, of course, we have to do more tests. She has another biopsy scheduled (the first was inconclusive; I think they yanked out a piece of the wrong organ, or something). She’ll also get an MRI as soon as our insurance okays it, so we’ve got that penciled in for the year 3014.

Sunday was our 28th wedding anniversary. We went to Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth. For the eighteen trillioneth time since we’ve been together, we were kids again.

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  • Man, so much for a nice, middle of the road sort of cancer where you do some treatment and can expect decent results. Obviously I hope it's the 'perfectly fine' option.

    Disneyland is fantastic; I'm so glad you got to go. Happy anniversary.

  • Hi John

    Well I'm obviously crossing fingers (in SA we call that "holding thumbs") that Cat is perfectly fine.

    REAL people? There are REAL people out there? Heh. 'magine that.

  • Hey man, you've always belonged to groups. From your first day of life until now. Too bad some of us are so dang slow to realize it!

  • Hey, that waiting for inconclusive results is the worst! I am praying that she is perfectly fine. When Don had sepsis, from a weird abscess in his liver of which we never really found out the origin, for two weeks it could have been liver cancer. But it wasn't, and he got better. It took four months. I still look at him and evaluate his health with my heart. Illness is invisible at first, and it is frustrating. I am praying for you both.

  • John,

    It was the least that we could do compared to the blessings that you bring to us.

  • Erp

    Happy anniversary and may you have many more.

    I'm pretty bad myself in joining groups.

  • Skerrib: Maybe it WILL be something middle of the road! As usual, I forgot about that option.

    Karin: Oh, real people are out there. I hear them all the time. Or at least I do during those moment when for whatever reason I have to switch out my earplugs.

    Red: You're right: I Do belong to all kinds of groups. I'm just not sure I've ever actually, willfully joined one. Or at least not one that I didn't quit pretty much the moment they, say, showed me a uniform, or asked me to sign something. Or show up at a meeting.

    Odgie: God bless you, brother.

    Erp: Thank you. And don't look at it like you're bad joining groups. Look at it the way I do when I think of myself in relationship to groups: that groups are pretty bad at giving me a decent reason to join them. Always blame others. That's my motto.

  • Bodies are tricky things John. They like to keep you on your toes just to see if your paying attention. I believe this is going to be one of those "Ha, just kidding, you're fine" moments. I have them a lot, but it makes you slow down, and realize some of the really important things in life.

    It's important to meet real people, but they're a lot of effort. Which is probably a good thing too. Either way, we encourage it; and we'll still be here for you. And we'll keep negotiating Cat's health. Happy 28! (That is your age right? lol) If we could only card people for how old they feel… it would keep a lot of people out of movies.

    Have a great day john!

  • JasonS

    Praying the news will be good.

    Disney sounds like a good diversion. Have some fun for me, ok?

  • Latoya

    Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! Continue to enjoy every moment 🙂

  • Arnette


    When my daughter died (homocide) 5 years ago, where did I go to remember her best? DISNEYLAND! It really is the Happiest Place on Earth if you just let go and do like you and Cat did…be a kid. I feel so badly for people who can't be kids anymore for one reason or another. It's good for the soul. God Bless you guys some more, then some more.

    Oh! And yes, the reason I can't respond at work anymore is because of our big beautiful firewall. They actually want me to WORK! The NERVE!

  • Chritsine

    Happy Anniversary mate, know I am very far away from you but sending you and Cat cyber hugs (((((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))). Know it is hard waiting on things like this and has potential to drive you insane so glad to hear you went to Disneyland (just hoping you didn't go on the "It's A Small World" ride…….that would drive the sanest man to insanity!!!). Keep ya head up man, you are definately part of a big group that are loving you as much as they can from far away.

    Prayers, love, shalom and blessings from New Zealand

    🙂 xxoo

  • Lynn Wynar

    I second what Odgie said…"It was the LEAST that we could do compared to the blessings that you bring to us." If you only knew how you've blessed us John.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your gorgeous bride.

  • Lucy

    Hi John!

    Your posts give so many of us hope as well as a lighter way of looking at life….we love you and Cat!!! You are a wonderful example of what married life should be. Happy 28th you two!!! I Cat I send you love, peace, and may God bless you through out your ordeal. Big (hug)! Praying for you both.

    Peace and love….the greatest of which is LOVE!

  • Lucy

    P.S. I dislike groups myself….just bailed out of "Facebook". I feel much lighter now….free even!!!! I miss the old days…when people sat on porches and actually talked to each other…while the children played in the distance….as the sun set and lightining bugs pinkled in the shadows of the trees………I think I need a drink now….bye.

  • Laurie

    Hey John!

    I will tell that Disney was the lucky ones to have you on your anniversary!!!! I wish you the very best in all of this!!! I have been involved with Susan G. Komen fund raising events several times in the past and they are the best folks!!! Check them out. They are wonderful. I also, have have infusions monthly at a cancer facility in Mountain View. They have all kinds of info on Breast Cancer, if you want, I cant pick up some things, that may be different that what you get and send it to you if you like. I know you have much going on and in over load. Let me know by email from facebook or my email is there, and I will be happy to do it for you. Love, Laurie

  • Greta Sheppard

    Guess I’m getting in at the tail end….been into Vancouver today…just now read your lovely words to us all….I for one, feel mighty fortunate to be in and part of a group with you, John…you are a master in communication. I am proud to recommend you. I get this deep feeling that God is answering prayer for Cat and yourself… both will be the richer for the experience. I bless you with provision of every need…for your bodies, your souls and your spirits. …new opportunites….new vista’s of relationships!

    I am and always will be, your friend!

  • Liz

    I agree with what Odgie said and Lynn echoed. Its the least we could do. We feel like we know you and you have really blessed us with your writing. Even in this post you manage to put into words (with an emotion that’s hard to describe) what most of us would not be able to say. Hoping for the best of results.

  • Um. Wow. I just can’t believe you guys feel this way you’re telling me you do. (And I can’t believe how terribly some of you—virtually all of us, I guess, in one way or another—have suffered. Thank you. I’ll keep blogging.

  • Having been on a “technology sabbath” for the past few weeks (aka: camping with my family), I just now read of the C scare. Been there. God bless Cat. And you. As only he can. In ways that are more than you could ask or think or imagine. Praying for you both.