Why Pottery Barn’s Profits Will Be Up This Quarter


This weekend my wife and I redecorated our living room. Results above.

Origin o’ stuff:

Faux-Navajo rug: Home Depot Expo

Couch: Pottery Barn

Side tables: Pottery Barn

Giant leather chair: thrift store

Pillows: Pottery Barn

DVD cases: modified IKEA (I drilled new holes in order to install extra shelf in right place).

Lamps: Pottery Barn

Candlesticks: life; thrift store

Beloved knick-knacks: life; thrift store

Drapes and rods: Pottery Barn

Orange rug by door: thrift store

Photos on wall: brilliant photographer wife

And there you have it.

Remember: I’m not just a blogger. I’m a blogger who’s not afraid to bore you to death.

Love, all. New real post up soon.

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  • http://findinggodinyourfamily.wordpress.com/ marykretzmann

    I loved this:

    "Remember: I’m not just a blogger. I’m a blogger who’s not afraid to bore you to death."


    Your new room looks beautiful


    Mary K

  • http://skerrib.blogspot.com skerrib

    Very nice.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Helly: Yeah, you know–like, "Picked up over the years." Hey, man. Don't make me photograph each one and tell you why we have it. Cuz I'll do it. I will. Don't tempt me.

    Mary: Well, I thought it only fair to at least acknowledge that I'm threatening to send people into a coma here. But thank you very much for … pretending not to think of it that way.

  • http://helly.tripod.com Helly

    Aw, go on, I dare you 😉

    We're about to upgrade from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom in our complex, which means we'll finally have room for *real* furniture like an actual dining set and a couch. That makes articles/pictures of home decorating/furnishings especially interesting to me right now :-)

  • Leonardo

    Where's the TV?!

  • http://justdoyin.wordpress.com justdoyin

    lol @ "where's the TV"…but really; where IS the TV?

    Lovely living room u've got there, n waoh, ur wife is a good photographer…I could have sworn those pictures were from some top store…

  • Lucy

    I love it, and your wife's photos add a lovely focal point to the composition! Very nice!!!

  • http://helly.tripod.com Helly

    origin: “life”??

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Well, what lovely things you've said! Thank, guys. Hmm…the TV is on the wall opposite the couch (it's in this whole built-in wall cabinet … thing; I can actually show you a PICTURE of it if you want); and thanks for kind words re: my wife's photography. She's an astounding photographer, really. It's kind of why I fell in love with her, actually.

  • Lisa Scott

    Very cute.

    I have one question though… you had a person (Eun) come to your home to paint ONE wall?

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    No, no: he did our whole interior. But we just had that one wall pink. (I wrote the original in too big a hurry; perhaps I wasn't clear about that. But, yeah, it was just that one wall. He wasn't thrilled with the colors we'd chosen in the first place; that pink knocked him over the edge. I thought he was going to QUIT.

  • http://ramblingsofaspiritualidiot.blogspot.com/ Julia

    Oooh, nice!

    I wouldnt mind having a rug like that. Course wouldnt mind having a house built around that rug too…

  • Lisa Scott


    I never imagined you with a pink and red living room. It looks mah-vo-lus!

    FYI: Pottery Barn is owned by Williams-Sonoma (WSM) and you’re right – their stock has gone up,

    52 week low is $4.35/share and today it closed at $20.30/share!


    Next time you plan on buying furnishings… let me know so I can get some shares BEFORE you cause the jack up.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Lisa: You HAVE to go see this piece I wrote about this awhile back. It’s called, “Pink! God is Outraged!” and is here:


  • http://mymenandme.wordpress.com Janelle

    So pretty, John. And so tidy! Where are all the naked barbie dolls and stacks of books? Oh, wait. That's MY house.

    It looks great.

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    Janelle: The dolls and stacks of books are in my office. And I'm so not kidding. And thank you.

  • Latoya

    Go deh mi decarayta fren!

  • http://www.johnshore.wordpress.com John Shore

    For those of my readers who don't understand Jamaican patois, what our young Jamaican friend Latoya just said was, "Go away, you decadent wrens!" Apparently that's a colloquial Jamaican saying meaning, "I like your couch!"

  • texastee

    Thanks for the decorating ideas, John! And I was able to use stuff I already had. No new purchases required.

  • Selena

    Looks great!

  • Judy

    Pottery Barn is the best. I have a few of their items myself. Well done, John! Yes, yes, I’m easily entertained.

  • http://clwcpa3@ptsi.net Melesa Garrison

    I love me some Pottery Barn, John!

    Your living room looks great and kuddos to the wife on the photography…We actually just moved into our home in July and still decorating and looking for ideas. Last weekend I framed some of my photography for a guest room and it turned out great!

    Not bored at all! I love deco ideas!!!

  • Robert Meek

    Gorgeous, all, but am particularly envious of the leather chair and the wonderful hardwood floor!

  • http://www.livingroomwarehouse.com/ Living Room Furniture

    This was really nice! How much is the estimated cost in order to have this on your living room?

  • Beth Luwandi

    Is this the living room where we all hang out together and play with the Silly Putty people? I like this place even better now that I have the visual.

  • http://www.mebelinovdom.com мебели