The Two E-Mails I Sent iMonk This Morning

love-letter.thumbnailHey, all. A friendly commenter to yesterday’s Why I Quit Boar’s Head Tavern said they hoped what has happened between me and BHT wouldn’t affect my relationship with Michael Spencer (a.k.a. iMonk/Internet Monk). By way of addressing that, I thought I might share with you all the email I sent to Michael at 8:39 (PST) this morning. The whole of it was:

Yo, brother. Hey, I can’t imagine it’s anything exactly keeping you awake at nights, but for the record I don’t have a single bad feeling toward you. You’re a good guy doing great work in the world, and I have nothing but affection and respect for you. I always have, and this little kerfuffle (sp?) can’t effect that one iota. I carry with me every day a deep conviction that “evangelicals” (whatever that word means anymore) are seriously missing out when they ignore or dismiss liturgy; when I [co]wrote “Being Christian,” I was as forward about that as I could possibly get away with. If I thought you were a complete asshole, I’d still love you, because I know that on this, our hearts are in the exact same place. And when you’re talking about what amounts to nothing less than the fullest expression and comprehension of God and his relationship to man, everything else is just … nothing.

My heart is with you personally and certainly with your work, every single step of the way. I did not want to let this little static between us pass without making sure you know I feel that way.

I didn’t hear back from him. Two hours later (and following a Tweet I sent out in response to a disparaging comment about me someone made at BHT), I sent him Mike this additional email:

Now, of course, my love for you doesn’t mean I can let your boys just snipe at me unanswered. Cuz, you know … annoying or not, I’m still human. Or a guy human, anyway. And you know how we be. Woof, woof, and all that.

Mike hasn’t responded to either of these emails, but of course he yet may. I notice that he did, however, call a moratorium on any more comments about me made at BHT. So that was nice. Maybe that was his response.






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  • Tricia Blosser

    For what little it's worth, I appreciate you and the things you are blogging. This is the one blog I read regularly (ever since I discovered it sometime last week). Since then I've been catching up. =} But I'll add that whatever this hoopla w/ BHT was, no one needs that kind of negativity in their lives, and I'm sure your life will be richer for having gotten out of it.

    It's a sad truth about our world, and is evidenced every day in the news and reality TV (which I have learned to avoid at all costs), but people seem to generally relish arguments, fighting, revenge, and just other people acting uglier than we ourselves act (or so we think). =P That and there's always John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

    But whatever things are good, etc let's DO think on those things. Thanks for giving us more good things to think about.

  • Christian Beyer

    Hey, can you show us those comments? I was looking for something like that on BHT but there is so much darn chatter (it’s almost like IM) I gave up. I want to read someone saying bad things about you. Everyone likes you so much you are getting boring. (OK, so I’m still working on the envy thing)

  • Kansas Bob

    Just checked and found that BHT has 27 rules of membership.. I may join once I get my lawyer to check it out :)

  • PastorX

    Internet Monk is NOT all that. He is a controlling little man and more clueless than given credit for. I found him arrogant. Now he is sick. Maybe dying. Who knows? You were too kind to a control freak who would not even write you back. It's his way or the highway. He makes all these rules to control you so it goes his way. Always. Or else you get deleted.