My Wife Catherine’s Going in For a Major Operation This Tuesday, 7 a.m.

Yo, friends. In the most bloggiest of fashions (yay! remember when blogging meant keeping your friends and loved ones up on what was happening in your life, rather than what it means now, which is Write Completely Excellent Stand-Alone Column Pieces? Me, neither. But still), I am, in the quickest of morning moments, jettisoning All Things Punctuationally Proper (for one) to tell you that my dearly beloved wife Cat is, this Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., going under the knife.

For hours.

I should be a complete basket case about … well, now.

She’s fine—well, actually, she’s been perpetually exhausted for about two years now. But she’s fine—and will be, after this operation, as good as new.

Oh, but yayeth!!!!

Poor thing. How she’s suffered.

I don’t want to get too precise about what kind of operation she’ll be getting, but let’s just say that afterward she’s much less likely to get too readily hysterical. Not that she was ever inclined to hysteria, actually.

Can I get an amen from anyone out there over about fifty? Cuz I know you know what I’m talkin’ bout.

God. Getting old(er) is so … weird. And awesome, of course. We’re loving it. We feel … insanely blessed.

Anyway. Right. A prayer or two on behalf of my wife Cat would of course be an extraordinary blessing to us.

Tomorrow Cat’s going to work. So I’ll post a new blog piece tomorrow around 11 a.m., let you know more of what up in our little quadrant of this big, vast phenomenon we call reality.

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  • I think I catch your drift and I'm not even 50. I will be praying for you guys!

  • You both are in my prayers, friend.

  • Liz Edmundson

    Prayers are coming your way!

  • Judy

    Prayers for you both. Don't forget the Get Well flowers.

  • FreetoBe

    Absolutely praying for you both.

  • John & Cat,
    We (our church) will say a prayer for you both & will continue to do so. Be crazy blessed my friend & brother in Jesus.

  • I'm a big fan of ice cream to aid recovery. You should share with Cat, too.

  • textjunkie

    Praying for the operation to go smoothly and for Cat to be full o' vim and vigour as soon as possible…

  • Prayers coming.

  • I’m in Spokane with the Hornors and they are all praying for Cat and send their love. The word is that they are very effective on the prayer thing, so Cat should be all set.

  • Praying …

  • Vicki in NC

    I myself had a … hysterical… two years ago at age 49 and have not been hysterical ever since. Huge relief. Prayers for Cat…

  • Richard Lubbers

    Tammy and I join with those in prayer for Cat!

    It's kind of like this:

    Holy One (hereafter refered to as HO): Yes, my son?

    Richard Lubbers (hereafter refered to as RL): Praise you HO, You alone are worthy!

    HO: Thank you RL. You are correct in saying that I alone am worthy. Actually, I'm worthy of a whole lot of things, but I'll accept that you've left it open ended. I also know that you have an ulterior motive in your heart, and that you think if you just praise me, I'll know what it is you need, because I'm God, and I'll bless you with the answer to your prayer.

    RL: Yeah. You know me well.

    HO: If you only knew! So what's up?

    RL: Well HO, there's this amazing, funny writer I found on the internet, and he talks about stuff that's really imortant, but he does it in such a way as to make me laugh, and cry sometimes, but mostly laugh.

    HO: You been listening to John Shore again?

    RL: Yeah.

    HO: Me too. The guy cracks me up! So what's up with John?

    RL: Well, HO, his dear wife, Cat, is going in for an operation tomorrow. John says it's not really serious, but I can tell he's streesing about it anyway, because he loves Cat so much, and really needs her in his life. You know all this, of course,

    HO: My Son redeemed his soul. Cat redeemed his life. I love how they have become one.

    RL: So you have a plan in this?

    HO: I have a plan for everything.

    RL: Mind sharing?

    HO: Love deeper than they've ever known.

    RL: You are such a good God! Praise you! You'll take care of her then?

    HO: Yeah!

    RL: Thank you.

    HO: Any time. I love talking with you.

    John, I vote for both the flowers AND the ice cream.

  • Whoa. Thanks so very, very much to each of you. This is just all so touching. Thank you. I'll certainly keep you up on what's happening. Thanks again!!

  • Praying.

  • Latoya

    Beatiful convo Richard! God definitely has a plan John. Just keep trusting. I'll be doing a minor surgery at 10 am tmrw…so we can pray for eachother..God bless 🙂

  • Lynn

    Praying for Cat and you.

  • jennie

    Praying…for both of you

  • Healing thoughts and prayers for you both going up….