“Dinosaurs! They Have Dinosaurs!”

This morning I was working on my book when my wife Cat came bursting into my office. She was wearing her flannel tiger-fur-pattern pajamas, which are just a little too big for her.

“We’re having a vacation day!” she cried.

“We are?”

“We are! Yes! I have it all planned out! It’s gonna be great!” Then she dashed back out of the room.

A vacation day? But it’s Saturday. But Monday is her birthday, and she’s taking through Tuesday off. So apparently she’s seeing today as the first day of a four-day vacation. And so within .04 seconds I saw that worked for me, too.

Suddenly she was at my door again, positively wild-eyed. “They have dinosaurs!”

“Who does?”

“The San Diego Natural History Museum! Dinosaurs! They have dinosaurs. It’s a whole big dinosaur show!” Then she tore back down the hallway to her bedroom. “Let’s go!”

So today I’m going to this dinosaur show.

I’m excited! What’s better than dinosaurs?

“And music!” she just called to me. “We’re gonna go see some music!”

I’m assuming we’re not going to see music-playing dinosaurs. Must be a show downtown we’re now going to. [Um. Yeah, major update. This is the show we’re going to see.]

Sometimes people ask us why we don’t have children. And I always think, but we do. But we are.


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  • amelia

    “But we do. But we are.” Have a great vacation, you guys. You both totally deserve it. And please tell Catherine “happy birthday” from one of your goofy fans. <3

  • Done. Thank you.

  • Zoomer

    Dinosaurs! Sheila E! Wow! I hope peppermint ice cream is also on the agenda. Have a great time!

  • Gina Powers

    Please send along my birthday greetings also–and happy vacay! Ours starts on Monday, and we’re out of town for a few starting Tuesday. Getting hubby away from the Psycho Circus that is ze church….CANNOT wait! 😉

    P.S. Your reply on the kid thing is our standard retort, too. Well, that and OUR kids just happen to have four paws each….and fur.

  • Elizabeth

    @Gina Powers: Obviously, you and your husband and John and Cat are better people than I am. If someone dared to hint at such a question in front of me, he would get paid back with an earful, none of it printable here. You must have the patience of Job, as they say. Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.

  • Karen

    Happy Birthday, Cat !

  • Tim

    Totally off topic, but in that image of the dinosaur, the cloud looks like a puff of smoke being exhaled.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex:

    “Nothing better after a big meal of Triceratops flesh, than an after dinner smoke.”

    This is what I see…http://tinypic.com/r/2j4qzxy/3

  • So, um… why DON'T you have children? (I kid, I kid!)

  • Ace

    Aw, I LOVE dinosaurs!

    Also, if chidren is a problem, you can borrow children, especially if you have dinosaurs to tempt them with. Don't you have neices or friends with kids or something? Most parents will be happy to dump them off on you for a weekend, so they can go off and be "grown-ups" whatever the heck that is.