My Daring Exploits at Comic-Con!

Don’t you hate it when a writer uses a super-exciting headline to draw people in and then totally doesn’t deliver on the promise of that headline?

Right. So you can start hating me right about now. The most daring thing I did at Comic-Con was, during the discussion on which I was a panel member, leaning so far back in my chair to see one of my fellow panelists that I darn near tipped over.

Pretty exciting!

I also thought I lost my camera there for one heart-pounding moment. But I didn’t.

Speaking of which, below are a couple o’ shots of my visit yesterday to Comic-Con 2011. The next-to-last  shot is the room our panel was in.

It was so interesting sitting with the guys I was, and with them talking about the relationship between Christian pop-art and culture: What must the Christian artist consider as he moves forward with his projects; who are the gatekeepers of Christian media; can you make the gatekeepers of Christian media go away; do you want the gatekeepers of Christian media to go away; where, if anywhere, in the creation of Christian art does the artist compromise his or her vision?

Regular readers of mine will not be surprised to hear that I (rather vigorously) championed the idea that, today, any artist with a drive to tell their own story in their own way has, as close as their computer, all the power they need to do exactly that. I encouraged everybody to trust in and be true to their vision, work hard, be honest, and be fearless.

I want to thank Buzz Dixon for the outstanding job he did hosting and moderating the panel. His questions were rich and insightful; his management of the dialogue deft. He made the whole thing such a genuine pleasure.

All right! Onward! Upward! Back home!





I'm the guy too uncouth to remove his hat indoors. That's Buzz Dixon to my right, and the great Sergio Cariello to my left.

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  • Rob B

    Love the honesty, John. laughing at nearly tipped over… ahem… Woohoo!

  • Karin

    I see Warehouse 13 is there too.. I only started watching that because a certain actress I love is in it, but hey, it turned out to be a great series. It must have been fun to be there 🙂

  • Crap, you were at ComiCon too? Would have loved buying you a cup of Starbuck’s.

  • cat rennolds

    You know, I just re-read Walter the Clown. You need to find an illustrator, man. Or the woodpecker episode…..

  • That’ll teach you not to read my blog every single day no matter what.

  • cat rennolds

    or the boy with the tree house.

  • It was great meeting you, and sharing your insights with the crowd. It was an honor and a privilege.

  • Thank you, Cat.

  • Same to you, Mike.

  • Diana A.

    Love the hat!

  • John- You are very contagious !!!! –In the Good sense of it! LOL! very lively, all joyous Guy!

    Love your blog!

    Pleasure to have met you, brother!

  • I hate you, but for a different reason – I’m jealous! I did Dragon*Con in Atlanta for 13 years, but I’ve never been to Comic-Con. But the main reason I’m jealous is, How’d you get on a panel?? Have you written comics I’m ignorant of??

  • For those who might be interested, here’s a link to audio of the panel: