But let’s talk about me

Ha ha! Isn’t it funny to think that what I’d like to talk about more than anything else is me?

Oh. Well, I thought it was. But fine. Be that way.

But, seriously, that’s enough about you. Let’s talk about me again. So here’s a bit of le’ ketchup ala’ moi:

Today I will be crazy busy finishing the editorial work on the e-book of mine for which this will be the cover:

I’m proud of this book; I’ve worked very hard on it. Depending on how busy my e-book formatting guru Amit Dey is, and how long it takes to upload/publish it, Hell No! will be available this week or early next as a $4.99 Kindle and NookBook. (Sorry, if you have any idea what I’m talking about—and you eagle-eyers will, I know!)

Also much in the works right now is the e-book I posted about in LGBT Christians: Tell Evangelicals (and the World) Your Story. This is a hugely exciting project; this book came out even greater than I thought it would. Truly powerful stuff. The book will comprise my own writings on gays and Christianity, interspersed with the testimonials of LGBT Christians. I can’t think of a stronger way to make the case for full inclusion and acceptance by Christians of gays and lesbians.

This will be the book’s cover:

Wings on a Pig will be ready to go ASAP; I guessing two weeks, tops. Kathy Baldock is writing its foreword.

(The covers of both these books—as well as my 10 Ways Christians Fail to be Christian and 7 Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships—were designed by Lisa Salazar, who also designed the logo for ThruWay Christians. This week you’ll be hearing more from me about Lisa.)

Also currently underway is the podcast I’m doing with Mark Sandlin, of The God Article. The show will be called Us2 (um, except with the “2” the same size as the “U,” doncha know). I’m deeply excited about this project; Mark is wonderful on-air, and I am … learning to sound less manic. Mark and I are working hard to make sure that our half-hour weekly podcast will be worth of your time. The launching of Us2 is not long off.

Also, last week I became a contributing writer for LGBTQ Nation. It’s a real privilege to be invited to join that group: it’s not like they have a lot of straight Christians writing for them. Building bridges, and all that.

Finally—and for me most exciting of all—is the new website I’ll soon be launching. I designed it; the amazing Dan Wilkinson—a real artist and a techy-Jedi—made my design idea look awesome and then built the monster; you’ve literally not seen anything like it. It’s fantastic. I can’t wait for you to see it. We’ll launch it in early September.

Anyway, that’s a bit of what I’m up to these days. It felt like time to catch up in this way.

One of the weirder aspects of the way things are developing for me is that I now have much less time than I’d like to properly respond to the extraordinarily fine comments left on this blog. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to those of you who take the time to write here as you do. (One of the huge motivations for building my new site was to enable within it a comment management system worthy of the comments I get here.) I regularly receive letters from people telling me how much they love and benefit from my comments section. If there’s anything as fine as it anywhere on the blogosphere, I’ve not seen it. I’m doing pretty well out here in the viciously competitive world of the Internet, and it’s largely because of you guys. I’m grateful to my fellow writers here every single day. You guys kill me with how good you are. Saying its an honor to host you is the greatest possible understatement.

So. Righto. There it is. Onward. Upward. Sideways. Eventually we die. But that’s morbid. So never mind.

Onward, friends!

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  • Ben

    Can’t wait to read and gift the hell out of these books 🙂

  • Don Rappe

    Congratulations! I have thought since I met you that you could use a real job. That means, in the language of a somewhat Germanic Dad, earning some of your own money. Now you have made it abundantly clear that you have your own Dad to tell you this kind of stuff, so I shall try not to further passively aggressively rebuke you. In fact, I’m not rebuking you. Congratulations! I enjoy your columns here as well as your commenters. I have high hopes for the dialogue you encourage within and outside of the church.

  • Christian

    So, which one is the “Rob Bell Editor” book? Just curious…

  • Brotherdoc

    Just a note to congratulate you on the upcoming publication, let us know how we can get copies, but also wanted to point out that in a book the introductory stuff is called a Foreword, i.e. words that come before, not a Forward. Hope your printer catches that, simple error. Blessings,

  • Oh, that’s just my mistake. Thanks for catch!

  • Neither. (Did I not tell the Rob Bell’s [totally nice guy] editor story? I hope I didn’t. I’m only willing to bore you guys so much with my personal stuff … .)

  • DR


  • DR!! Okay, just had to say that.

  • Richard lubbers

    Awesome stuff, John! We look forward to the new releases. And, we are Nook savvy, and so appreciate this form of publishing. Let’s just say the e-reader thing came out just in time – between Tammy and I, our library is threatening to overwhelm the load-bearing capacity of our floor joists.

    The world is crying for a relevant Christ. So many people have been hurt by traditional, evangelical Christianity. One pastor I know accuses Rib Bell of preaching “a feel-good gospel”. That makes me shake my head in disbelief. It is as though hemthinks the gospel is supposed to make you feel bad.

    It is natural for the existing system to lash out; the emerging church is stealing it’s thunder. And such a good thing they are. Too many have suffered from the lightning bolt of judgment through the heart. Keep up the good work.

  • Richard lubbers

    Rob Bell, not Rib Bell. And, he thinks, not hemthinks. Gotta love iPhones!

  • DJ

    OMG, you’re crazy busy! How do you do it all?!! Um, I guess it’s time I got a Kindle then?? I was holding out for the price drop after “the next big thing”…

  • Wow.


    Remember when you were talking about maybe a group blog site or something like Boar’s Head Tavern, only more sane?

    Yeah … you’ve kind of left that era in the dust, haven’t you?

    And … hmmmm … also in the past couple years, another blogger I’ve gotten to know has become a bestselling author (Tom Angleberger). And I … became a good gardener. Huh.

    Anyway, congratulations! That’s really awesome.

  • I love you, John Shore. LOL. In a completely platonic, yet intensely passionate way.

    I’m going to be really, really impatient for the next few weeks. Like, I already am.

  • textjunkie

    Congrats on all that, thanks for the update, and keep up the mania!!