O que Jesus faria se ele fosse convidado para um casamento gay?

João Mattos

That’s right; I speak Portuguese.

Okay, fine: I don’t speak Portuguese. But João Mattos, a young man who e-mailed me this afternoon, way does.

“I’m a brazilian dude,” wrote João  [I totally liked him right there]. “I came across your writings during a tour I was taking of Facebook. Searching about the LGBT movement, I suddenly found myself at LGBTQNation.com, reading about something I always believed, but never found the arguments to write about: That Jesus probably would love to attend to a gay marriage, just to see the happiness of the lovers. And while reading your article, I thought that many of the completely crazy evangelic Christians we have here would be delighted (or not) to hear  such an enlightening position. May I translate your article, and share it through my Facebook page? I’m already thanking you for your attention, and waiting eagerly for your answer. With pleasure and wishes of happiness, João Mattos.”

“I’m already thanking you for your attention.” Sheer awesomeness.

And João did translate “What Would Jesus Do If Invited to a Gay Wedding?” into Portuguese. With much rapidity did he accomplish this! You can read that translation (or, if you’re as linguistically challenged as I, simply stare at it, and find yourself aware of how much the English language looks like a printed version of English and American people, which is to say determinedly clunky) here on his blog.

Thank you, João. This meant a lot to me.

Your new American friend,


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  • SierraStorm

    Talk about spreading the Word! Way to go, John, and God bless you, Joao!

  • Don Rappe

    I can hardly read Spanish, but I’m sure João is a very good translator.

  • Diana A.

    I used Google Translate to translate his translation back into English. It was cool!

  • João Mattos

    Thank thee, John, for sharing this! And thanks for the trust, people, I’m not that good ^.^”

  • Bonito garoto, continue nessa. Um abraço aqui de um Paranaense morando em Los Angeles. O John Shore é uma beleza. Pega um caldo de cana e pastél prá mim aí no nosso querido Brasil.

    Beautiful job dude, keep it up. Hugs from a fellow Brazilian stranded in LA for 30 years. John Shore is an amazing guy. Grab some sugar cane juice for me today on our beloved Brazil.

  • Love this. Thanks, William.

  • You are. Your English is very fine, Joao.