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“So basically I’m gay. I clearly don’t know how to start this.”

Yesterday I got in a couple of letters from two different people, one right after the other. First came this, from a fellow named Blake (who said I could share his name): [Read more…]

Group of Methodist Ministers Succumb to Radical Gay Agenda!

Below is the press release that my Important Media Contacts sent me last week, which (so as not to preempt the “We do!” group’s release of their release) I totally couldn’t share with you until this very moment! Methodist Group to Perform Gay Weddings In unprecedented move, network of 900+ bypasses denomination’s ban to reach [Read More…]

“Atheism?”: A Sermon From Pastor Bob

“On the other hand, as I did experiments on radioactive decay, and measured the magnetic resonance points of protons in water molecules, as well as worked with lasers and photo-optical switches, I wondered if I totally fit into the Christian world. Would I have to give up or put into question fundamental theories of science [Read More…]

Pastor Fired for LINKING to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Article

Two nights ago I got this email: My name is [X], and I am/was a Pastor of [Super Cool-Sounding Job Title] at a church here in [Big American City]. My wife and I have both been very grateful for your blog, and it has spoken to us many times. Thank you for the work you [Read More…]

Me, WORK at a Relationship? Pfffft.

I got an email in this morning from a woman feeling guilty about having divorced her husband. She wanted to know if I thought she should feel guilty for having divorced her husband. [Read more…]

Mormons: Crazy Cult, or We Should Be So Lucky?

So lately there’s been all this stuff everywhere about people who would vote for Rick Perry being in a cult. Wait. Sorry. The issue at hand is whether Mormonism is a cult. My mistake. The best man at my wedding, Keith, was a Mormon. I loved that guy. Keith was my best/only friend all through [Read More…]

She Came Out in a Letter–For Worse, and for Better!

This weekend reader Jenni emailed me the below. What better day than National Coming Out Day to share it with you? [Read more…]

Bullying: Putting Your Money Where Their Mouth Is

When we say that we want bullying to stop, what we’re in large part saying is that we want bullying to stop happening in our children’s schools. Which means we want teachers to put a stop to bullying. [Read more…]

“Divorce”: A Sermon From Pastor Bob

“There is no doubt that it would be better that no one divorced, that the relationships that lead to marriage are always well chosen and well nourished. We rejoice in such relationships. But not all relationships are this way, and we as a church must not abandon those people who find themselves in the process of divorce. Instead, we need to be supportive of them. When all efforts have been expended to maintain their marriage, and they are going through divorce, we must help them grieve, and assure them that they are still part of this community—and, more importantly, that they are still God’s children.” [Read more…]

Conservative Christian Turns Progressive Christian! (Bwahahahahah …)

Brian W. has been steadily commenting on my blog for six months. He’s one of our token Conservative Christians. He was anyway. On my blog Brian gets beat up. If there’s one thing you can say about the people who regularly comment on my blog (and you know who you are!), it’s that they do [Read More…]