I’m On the Radio Today, Live, at 6 p.m. Pacific. CALL IN!

Hello, friends! So today I’m going to be the sole guest on The Practical Christian, the hour-long radio show hosted by Reverend Guy Lynch, of Unity Church of Las Vegas. The show will air live at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, and 6 Pacific. (So ignore what you see on the show’s website, about it airing from 4 to 5 p.m.)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure experience of hearing me on the radio, you know how completely awesome it is that I stick to writing.

There’s just something about radio. Talking in front of a group, I’m Le’ Bomb de’ Entertaining. I’m so comfortable speaking before an audience I practically fall asleep before they do.

This Wednesday night, for instance, I’ll be speaking to about 1,000 people (!) at a huge Thanksgiving interfaith service (um … so that’s Wednesday, November 23, 7:00 p.m., at Temple Solel, 3575 Manchester Ave., Cardiff by the Sea, CA.), and I know I’ll feel just as comfortable as if I were at home yakking to myself in the shower. I won’t be naked or wet, of course—but just knowing that many in the audience will be wishing I were will be plenty soothing for me.

But radio! I always end up sounding like a gonadal werewolf in the throes of a nervous breakdown. I think it’s the artifice of it that freaks me. Whenever I do a radio show, I basically never know what’s actually happening. It’s like I’m having a normal conversation on the phone with somebody—except that it’s really not like that at all. Instead, it’s this weird hybrid thing, where everything you’re doing is exactly like the trillions of other times you’ve done the exact same thing—chatted with someone on the phone about stuff you actually care about—only thousands of people are listening in.

So then, as I’m talking, I suddenly become aware that what I think is happening isn’t, at all—and then my brain sort of goes haywire.

If you listen to the show today, and I suddenly either totally clam up, or start talking really fast in a voice like Barbie on steroids, you’ll know I’m having one of those moments where I suddenly remembered what’s actually happening.

CALL IN! That’s really the thing. I’d love that! That would totally help. I don’t know why. But I know it would.


Toll free: 1-866-820-5528. 6 to 7 p.m. Pacific Time.

The show, pretty soon after it airs, will be available for listening at the show’s archive page.

Love you guys. Thanks for all.

Wish Guy Lynch luck.

Now say “Guy Lynch luck” five times, real fast. I just did, and I almost swallowed my tongue.

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • Wolfman John? Cute…

  • silly man…

  • John Williams

    It’s always good to give radio listeners the face to put with the voice. Lol.

  • 866-820-5528 – got it. Hmmm . . . the web site does say 4-5 pm.

  • Hey, Reed. I’d love to hear from you! As I say in the post, forget the 4 to 5. It’s 6 to 7.

  • Diana A.

    Aw man, John! My schedule is completely out of whack with yours! Oh well. At least I’ll be able to listen later tonight. Have fun!

  • so are you saying you have a face for radio?

  • No. I’m must saying I need money for razors.

  • where can i listen?

  • Christie Landtroop via Facebook

    I guess I have no life… listening live 🙂

  • I see you decided on a beard. Good look. :0)

  • He’s doing the “commercial” right now! Am I YELLING on the radio, to anyone listening?

  • I can so tell I am

  • hooooooowlllllll

  • Mindy

    Dang – of course I see this as it is ending here in the Central zone. I’ll listen later, for sure!

    Having been married to a radio guy for 15 years, I totally get your weirdness about it. I could go on the air with him and just chat away, then have some stranger chime in on the conversation two days later in the grocery store. And I would be just . . . . baffled.

  • A’isha Leslie Marbach via Facebook

    Wow. I stay off fb for a couple hours and look what I miss.

  • Yes, you missed me live on the radio. Then again, you HAVE talked to me, quite a bit, on the phone. It was like that. But MORE manic, if you can believe it. So. You know.

  • A’isha Leslie Marbach via Facebook

    Cool. I really need to call in the next time you’re on the radio. We could do some weird crazy manic madness talk. (Like all those adjectives?) I could call and ask to speak the the Beloved Leader. Well. It could be funny.

  • Diana A.

    Good for you!

  • Silvia Wilson via Facebook

    I listened over the internet from South Korea; so good to hear your voice! It was Sunday afternoon here, so not so weird…LOL!

  • LSS

    i wanted to see what the wolfman photo would look like with glasses.

  • Diana A.

    Okay, I finally listened to it. The only problem with it was that it wasn’t nearly long enough. Otherwise, good show.

    In truth, I think you need your own show (assuming you have the time and the inclination.) One of the mistakes I think the various radio hosts have made when dealing with you is that they keep trying to control your expression. This is understandable because they have a limited amount of time and a lot of topics they need/want to get to, but your stream of consciousness thing works better when it’s allowed to run unfettered. You could pose a topic (kind of like you do on your blog), then take callers and kind of shoot the breeze with them.

    It’s just a thought.

  • Christelle Lotze Jones via Facebook

    good stuff!!!

  • It’s more than a thought to me. As ever, Diana A., you are right on the money. You’ve hit, exactly, upon something I plan to be doing by Feb. 1, at the latest.

  • Diana A.