My Top 10 blog posts (and some stats) for 2011

2012! Almost here!

Whoo-hoo! Time to do the laziest blog post ever!


Here are the ten posts on this blog that got the most views in 2011 (starting with the most popular). In 2011, blog was viewed 1,014,279 times, and commented on about 50,000 times.

Pastor to rape victim: “He should have killed you. At least you’d have died a virgin.”

Christians and the Blood of Jamey Rodemeyer

Christians and Gay Teen Suicides: “How Could Anyone Be So Stupid?”

Tell Me, Christian, That You Hear This Boy

Is Hell Real? What Are We, Six?

Evangelicals and Muslims: Both Love Jesus

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  • Rebecca

    Too funny 🙂 This reminds me of the flashback episodes on sitcoms, where Fonzie would say to Joanie, “Hey, you remember when Potsie had that rash and Mrs. C got lost in Calcutta?” Wiggly fade special effects into clip of old show…and we watched that mess! 🙂 Have a great 2012, John.

  • Robin Wright McCormick via Facebook

    Thanks John. I appreciate your insight…especially the post about hell. It is my thought that we need to focus on loving people the way God does, and if we do that…I mean REALLY do that, then they will want to know God. Knowing God is the greatest blessing in THIS life, and the “after” part will be taken care of by a God who loves us unconditionally. Christians should be all about love, alleviating suffering in all of its forms, bringing justice to the hurting and marginalized. We need to be about the business of doing that, not worrying about something we cannot know about. I would wish no one eternal torment, even the most evil person, let alone a truly good person who just never “got it” in this life, or someone that I love. If my “small” love could not deal with that, how is it that God’s love would be turned off the minute we stop taking in breath? I think Jesus sacrifice was way more than we can fathom, and the redemption far more complete than we can grasp. Someday, I believe all evil will be gone, and “he will wipe every tear from their eyes, there will be no more suffering…AND EVERY knee will bow before Christ, because His love will be so overwhelming how could we not? Anyway, thanks for letting me voice my thoughts, and I know they are not always in line with traditional Christian thinking. Anyway…I will go about loving in extraordinary way (with the holy spirit’s help) and leave the rest to God.

  • It’s the John Shore clips episode!

  • Michael

    I just re-read “Is Hell Real?” Man, I love your writing John. Have an even greater 2012!

  • DR

    John, thanks for giving us such substantial food for thought in what you write and how. It’s soul-stirring and as the saying goes, “hard but good”. You’re a good man who is who he is and believes what he believes. I love your writing but I’m also inspired by how you just adore your wife and involve her in what you do. I’d love to hear more from her this year!

    For me, the commenters have added some of the most interesting perspectives I’ve ever encountered in over 20 years of pursuing my faith: Christy, Mindy, Diana, Allie, Tildeb, Don Rappe, Brian W – and just so many more – it is remarkable, those who participated with such grace and ferocity and just overall awesomeness. I think I’ve learned just as much from them as I have you. So thanks for giving them a platform. Happy New Year!