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All Right, Stop!

The 90’s in a nutshell. [Read more…]

A Thruway Christian Ponders Transgenderism

This is the kind of open, honest inquiry that I think stands as a reason for us all to have real hope that one day “Christian” will be synonymous with nothing but “loving.” [Read more…]

Nominate me for a 2011 Bloggie! The cut-off date for nominations is this Sunday, January 16. I’d love to win this year’s new category, Best Religion Blog. You can nominate the same blog in as many categories as you want to–-but you must nominate at least three different blogs, total.  So (to take a [Read More…]

In 2011, I’ll Be in Heaven

The only thing standing between me and the creative freedom I’ve been working toward my whole life is one 55,000 word manuscript. [Read more…]

Help Save Sasquatch; And Why I Wash My Sink with My Face

The 11th annual Weblog Awards; the category for which I’d like to win it; directions on how to help me do that; and why I often end up cleaning my bathroom sink with my face. [Read more…]

What is This Dog Thinking?

This is a picture of Bailey, beloved canine companion of Susan High, wearing one of my tee shirts. At the moment this picture was taken, Bailey was thinking: A. This is me saying cheese. B. I know. After this, let’s cover you in dog hair. See how cute you think that is. C. You know [Read More…]

Survival Tips for the New Year

What’s the difference between chicken bread and food? The apocalypse. [Read more…]