“Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships” now in paperback

This book of mine is now available in paperback for $7.99. It’s of course also still available in Kindle and NookBook editions.

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  • Lyn

    Awesome. So glad to see a dead trees version that can be placed in church libraries and women’s shelters.

  • On the subject of preventing violence against women, a special needs girl was just charged with falsifying information upon reporting gang-rape, and I’m pretty sure she just dissociated because that’s common amongst rape victims. This is happening in Georgia, USA. I wouldn’t have written the petition if I’d never said that the man who raped me didn’t, but I did to protect my family, and they would have charged ME with a felony if I had reported it and then took it back to protect my family. (The rapist threatened my family to maintain my silence, which was why I never told for so long.) Also, the cops in that city (Macon) are notoriously rude to rape survivors; they were rude to me about it last year and furthermore didn’t investigate. http://www.change.org/petitions/the-macon-police-don-t-charge-a-special-needs-child-who-was-gang-raped-with-a-felony

  • Susan

    Dear Mr. Shore,

    Thank you for the generous amount of time you allowed us to view parts of your book. I finally left a heinously abusive man after 18 years. – a master manipulator. Strangulation was his favorite physical pleasure- marks were conveniently hidden behind a full head of hair. He always knew when I was down to my last breath. When I came to my parents after only two years with two kids, they didn’t believe me, then or any other time, in spite of the physical evidence and my decline mentally after about the 8th or ninth year. I was a loving daughter that paid for my education , was always employed, and never gave my parents a reason to ever not be proud of me or doubt me. Other attempts to leave were thwarted for various reasons regarding many medical complications with my kids( the innocent suffered the most). He actually convinced me that things “didn’t happen”. I went from Dr. to Dr. thinking I was schizophrenic.

    Though there are many permanently damaged parts of my body, I rarely think of them. Unfortunately, he lives three miles from me, continues to try to control me economically as I am not able to work yet and continuing to turn my precious kids against me. My 17 and 19 year old sons don’t speak to me and when they do it is nothing but torrents of verbal abuse. I raised them, for the most part alone, as their
    Dad traveled 3-5 nights a week. Everything had to be perfect when he returned and I spent 16 hour days to keep it that way. There was a price if it was not even if I or one of the kids were sick.

    You must know something- I believe I damaged my children far more by my increasingly rageful reactions to his abuse than the abuse itself. They just remember the mom that was always yelling at everyone, not the one that started out competent, loving and exceedingly patient but someone has to help you get out- you are too afraid of the consequences as what other people thought of him is all he cared about.

    Another reason women stay- for many years during my children’s young lifes- he went after them, or neglected their safety or well- being. I threw myself in front of the bus so may times. If he had unsupervised visitation, which he surely would have had as he fooled every counselor, pastor and relative, I would not be there to protect them. I was terrified to leave them with him alone. I only left the house for brief times after they were in bed.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I don’t have any friends. If I open up in the slightest without even using the “A” word they go running. Afterall we are all crazy, liars, or delusional.

    I am will never truly be free until the day he dies.

    Thank you again for writing this book. I will read it over and over, along with my bible until I can find the little girl inside, buried so deep, so we can help each other find our way back. I wish I could just hold you for a moment, but your brave and sensitive book will have to be my “hug”.

    Thank you again for your insight and bravery!