Want my tongue in your ear once a week?

So I started this podcast, right? (On iTunes here; on Soundcloud—where its RSS is—here.) I did it because enough people asked for my blog to be available on audio.

So, podcast episode-wise, I simply started reading my posts.

But that ended up being pretty boring. (Plus, I edit and change my posts all the time. So I don’t like locking down a single version of them in the way recording them must.) So then I was thinking that not that many people asked for my blog to be audible.

So then I thought I’d drop the podcast. Except that now I’ve learned how to do them. I’ve got the awesome Yeti Bluc mic, the GarageBand ’11: I’m … podcast-ready, baby. (Not that it’s a phenomenal technical challenge, or anything. But for me turning on a lamp without breaking something or electrocuting myself to death is a major accomplishment.)

So I floated this new idea on my FB page, and thought I’d now ask it here:

I was thinking that once a week—on Fridays—I’d put up a new episode of my podcast. But instead of reading posts, I’d talk about all the stuff I wanted to write about that week—or just want to talk about generally—but for whatever reason wasn’t able to get around to. I could talk about a big post I might have done that week, and about its comments and all that; I could talk about some of the interesting ideas and letters I’d gotten in that week; I could read and answer a letter I hadn’t been able to get to—just hodge-podgey stuff like that. And later (when I know how) I could interview people.

All that sort of stuff would be really nice for me. It’d be a lot of fun.

Does it sound like anything you’d listen to?

If so, lemme know, and I’ll move ahead with it. I’ll just delete the episodes I’ve thus far put on my podcast, and … start the new one this Friday!

Fun, right? Thanks for help/input. I’m excited! But also just now in a Starbucks. So, you know. I’m stifling my giggling. Because, you know. People are eating.

Thanks again for your input/help/love/goodwill/eyeballs.

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  • Count me in as a listener! Can’t wait.

  • Mindy

    Yep, yep and yep. I listened to the one you put up yesterday and loved having your voice on in the background while I worked. Of course, I had to stop working a dozen times to pay attention, so I may have to rethink “background,” but still. I’ll definitely listen.

  • September Amyx

    Sorry, John, about the only podcasts I listen to are in You Tube, and then the things I listen to are the Got Talent contests, dancing, singing, comedians, etc. I don’t like to listen to podcasts when I can read the info so much faster. Sorry! But I bet you’d do a bang up podcast!

  • Carol

    Sounds great! (pun intended)

  • Ray Odiorne

    As somebody who had a weekly five-minute (show?)(Commentary?)(waste of everybody’s time?) on a local radio station (go WJMJ!), I would love to see what you might do.

  • Lymis

    I’d certainly sign up!

  • I am such a visual person that I can’t even do books on tape, my mind wanders during sermons at church, speeches and presentations, and if someone is taking too long making a point in general conversation…yeah, I’m one of THOSE people.

    Besides I read a heck of lot faster then I hear, and can retain what I took in much better. However, the podcast idea will appeal to a lot of people, and I am sure it will be a nice addition to that, what it is you do.

  • Excellent!!

  • Justin Shiver via Facebook

    I know I do.

  • Melody

    Way to crack me up, John! Anyway, I, being the technological dunce that I am, I haven’t yet figured out how to listen to podcasts on my phone yet (no laptop currently). Maybe I’ll have the motivation to learn now. 🙂

  • Just Subscribed!! How cool is this?…Now I can share you anywhere! Thanks John!

  • Melody

    Wow. For someone who’s such a grammar nazi, I sure had a lot of redundancies in there, lol!

  • Nicole

    I would totally subscribe. 🙂

  • Keetcha

    I will absolutely listen John. Podcasts are another alternative way to communicate. I can listen anytime while prepping veggies for dinner, for example. I’ve enjoyed hearing your recent posts because you have such a really nice way of speaking in addition to being an amazing writer. So yes, please. Some more sir. It does sound exciting doesn’t it?

  • No, I really don’t want your tongue in my ear. However I will listen to your podcast.

  • mike moore

    I think it sounds like a great idea. You’re describing an “open format” which will give you a ton of flexibility … you can choose to jump around with a week’s hodge-podge, or devote a whole podcast to a specific post or the issues surrounding it.

    Of course, it will still need a basic skeletal format. Aside from the obvious, I do hope you include a weekly “Saint and Sinner” segment where snarky guys like me get to hear about someone super-cool and someone who has done something super-despicable.

    (For me, right now, Dan Savage is in the lead for “Saint” for putting you in front of a large group of people who would otherwise have never found their way to you. And I’m thinking Biola Butthead nee’ President is still in lead for Sinner, even though that was last week.)

    Maybe a segment where you answer a few letters from your followers … you know, us submissive, non-challenging, always polite, members of your cult. (the following to be heard in Homer Simpson’s Donut Trance voice: “…..more John Shore KoolAid pleeeez.”)

    I would also enjoy a weekly “Sex Advice from Mark Driscoll and Why I Can’t Stop Laughing Long Enough to Verbally Mock Mr. Driscoll” segment, but that’s just me.

    JUST DO IT. xoxoxox0

  • Melody

    Figured it out! One more faithful reader turned listener.

  • otter

    yup……i’d check it out…….

  • Stephen

    Go for it! I much prefer audio recordings than articles now when available. Audio books and podcasts are how I get through books and some articles now (i.e. Dan Savage). To me it’s so much more personal.

  • Diana A.

    I’m looking forward to it!

  • MG

    Sounds like a good idea because it opens the podcast to having many variables that lend the podcast to remaining fresh.

  • Kerry

    Love it!

  • n.

    podcasts and my brain are not terribly compatible but i think it’s nice for the people that have more of an auditory learning style.

  • n.

    this exactly.

  • vj

    Oh, I’m also one of THOSE people! We rock! ( 😉 )

  • vj

    Ooooh, what an excellent idea! I don’t much get the point of listening to you just read a blog post (visual learner here…), but I will definitely make an effort to get my head around a voice-only format.

  • ScottNotSteve

    Just subscribed on iTunes. This will be as big as Savage Lovecast, I expect.

  • Mary

    I think that would be great! Do we get to “phone in” or participate in the conversation somehow? That would be even better!!

  • Mary

    Are you THE Michael Moore?? of Farenheit 911 fame? Cause you sure sound like him.(and that’s a compliment!)

  • Everyone else does, Mary. But not you.

    Har!!! I still got it!!

    No, but let’s see if I can figure out how to do one of these without blowing up my office before we start trying to take calls. (But thank you–and to all who’ve been so nice about me doing this.)

  • mike moore

    no, I only use the name “Michael Moore” when I’m trying to get 8pm reservations at a trendy restaurant. (And I do take it as a compliment!)

  • Diana A.

    Sounds good. You may want someone to screen for trolls though. _

  • Robert

    Yes to the hodgepodge! No to boring readings of already written posts!

  • Bruce Strine

    Is a tongue in the ear akin to a wet willy?

    Seriously, I hear John has a sexy voice, so yes to the podcast idea.

  • Translator

    Speaking in tongues, John?

    I think that’s an awesome idea!

  • Allie

    I don’t listen to podcasts because I’m generally reading next to my husband who is working. Also, consider that not reading your regular blog posts limits access for those who are deaf.

  • Allie

    I mean blind, of course. Duh!

  • Nicole

    I like that the podcast will be different than the blog posts. They are two separate mediums with different styles.

    Subscribed last night and looking forward to it!

  • Brett Wilkes

    Even better idea than the original podcast idea (which I was in favor of)!

  • I would totally listen — I’m running out of podcasts with backlogged episodes to read anyway, so I’m up for a new one to add to the queue! Will subscribe when I get home 🙂