Is Amazon using me to destroy Barnes and Noble?

As of this moment Amazon is having a huge sale on all my books, especially on their Kindle editions. (Authors have no control over when, why, or at what price Amazon puts their books on sale. All I know is the sales don’t last longand that I love them, since I get paid the same either way.) Details below.

Kindle edition of UNFAIR regularly $8.99, now $3.99. Paperback regularly $12.99, now $9.68

Kindle edition of I’m OK regularly $7.99, now $2.99

Penguins, Pain and the Whole Shebang on Kindle regularly $7.99, now $2.99

HA! is regularly $7.99; now it’s $2.99

Seven Reasons Women Stay in Abusive Relationships regularly $4.99, now $3.99

10 Ways (We) Christians Fail to Be Christian regularly $7.99, now $2.99

Hell NO! Extinguishing Christian Hellfire has been marked down from its usual $4.99 to $2.99. (This e-book is now being featured as the second listed title under Book Resources on the website of the new documentary HELLBOUND? (which I reviewed here).

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  • Carol VanderNat

    I’ve read “HA!” and “Seven Reasons…”, and “Unfair”…I think pretty much you can just pick any one, get it, read it, and find new and fresh insight (not to mention some wicked humor) directed at some of life’s touchiest issues….

    Buy ’em…read ’em …SHARE ‘EM!

    PS…I’m going to get “I’m OK, You’re Not…” as soon as I get paid….LOL

  • Jill H

    Carol, I’m OK is more than just ok. FYI. So get ready…

    And the utterly bookmark-worthy signed & dated business card is the cherry on top.

  • Diana A.

    It amazes me that “I’m Okay, You’re Not” was deemed to be so controversial. I guess that makes me naive. I was sure lucky to find that book in the bookstore before it got sent back to the publisher.

  • Eva

    Got them, read them, loved them, told people about them…

    Time to write some more, please!

  • as we speak (and thank you).

  • I don’t think they are paying you enough!

  • replies