Is Obama one of the elect?

Get it? One of the elect? Get it?? Because he was elected?


Pffft. Can you believe some people think we Christians aren’t funny? Me neither.

I blame Mark Driscoll, with his … Angry Birds haircut.

So Obama won! I must say that works for me personally, because this country needs another elitist, beady-eyed, bobble-headed ammoral frat-boy for president like it needs another lie-based war paid for with a credit card.

Anyway, has anyone seen the new TV show Ben and Kate? It’s by far my favorite show of the new season.

Chandler Matthew Perry’s new show, Go On, is also good. And I really want to like Mindy Kaling’s new show, but it’s still looking for itself a little, as new shows must. So we’ll see.

Stupidly, I like The Neighbors. The non-alien husband on it is extremely terrific.

I’m glad the election’s over. I’m glad it went the way it did. That said, I’m distinctly unthrilled that Romney did as well as he did. What is that about? That fool did the impossible: he made me miss Newt Gingrich.

The truth is that you, me, and everybody else who’s reasonably sentient knows exactly what that’s about. It’s no mystery why Mitt Romney did as well as he did. And it’s got as much to do with politics as I do with fashion design.

Not, God forbid, that we can talk about what I’m (not) talking about.

In my head, though, I do have a joke. Whenever some purely partisan pundit is criticizing Obama for a reason that has no discernible merit I imagine them panickedly saying, “[Blank] in the White House! There’s a [blank] in the White House!”

Ah humor. Without it where would we be?

Where are we with it, come to that?

Oh, right. We’re at the day after the 2012 presidential elections. And I am today very proud to be an American.


Photo courtesy of The New York Times I’m sure if I would have asked.

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  • Marlene Lund

    It was a great evening. Now I have to go into political rehab, because it will be too hard to go cold turkey. That being said, I’m looking forward to the new season in February of “Psych.”

  • Lyn

    Psych is awesome in all possible ways.

  • Leslie Marbach

    Another Psych fan here. I want to know what happened with Shawn’s dad.

  • Christine McQueen

    All I have to say is, the outcome made my long, limping walk to the polls yesterday morning VERY ‘worth it’!

  • Slick

    I fully agree with your take on the election. Romney lost me forever when he said , “Corporations are people, too.” That was one of the stupidest or most evil or both, statements I have ever heard. I also agree that it is really stunning that so many people still voted for Romney.

    I pray that Americans will continue to wake up to the evil that has become the republican party. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who believes in stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, or votes for candidates who believe in that policy, are daring to become enemies of God.

  • Translator

    “Corporations are people” was one of the metaphors often used as an example in my Semantics class. I understand Romney was using it in a different way and I’m not gonna bore you with linguistics, but I was as shocked as I first heard it in that class as you did when he said it. Funny thing that this statement can elicit such reactions even when devoid of the recent political context, huh?

  • Ric Booth


    I’m proud of my country today, too. While, at the same time, a bit ashamed of my demographic… sigh… 80% !!?? of white, evangelical christian men can’t agree on the carpeting in the sanctuary for Christ’s sake but they are united on this?

    Woot, woot, none the less.

  • n.

    And women were like almost half and half?! Maybe 55/45? I thought for sure we were smarter than that.

  • Jan

    Yah! I’m not the only weirdo who adores watching “The Neighbors” :)

    Seriously though, I had friends from other countries contacting me during the count last night basically saying, “WTF is wrong with you Americans? How did Romney even get this many votes?!” and all I could come up with was basically fear and racism and worship of those with money. I know there must have been more to it than that, but as a liberal it was too far beyond my comprehension…

  • Hanna Moy via Facebook
  • otter

    John, I also am a very proud and relieved GAY American.

    Relieved, but not complacent….no not at all. We the people nearly got screwed by a flood of corporate cash, of dishonest (Fox) news, by Congress constipating the people’s business so they could blame Obama for inaction, by voter supression and inadequate voting facilities and by CINO’s (Christians in Name Only) making endorsements from the pulpit. Obama’s survival in the face of these odds is heroic. It would have crushed a lesser man.

    Bloggers, What can we do to level the playing field in 2016?

  • Jill H

    Well, how many more states can bring forward a referendum for marriage equality in the next 4 years and finally get civil liberties sorted out? Today we have 10 states that stepped up.

  • HJ

    Did you stay up all night watching results? This entry was kind of hard to follow. …But also very amusing!

  • sdparris

    I am relieved that for the most part, an election wasn’t purchased by people who don’t have the decency to be open in their support of a candidate or an agenda.

    I’m thankful that more women are in office, even if a certain former presidential candidate is in that mix, and that some states allowed for greater freedom for their residents.

    I’m thankful that most voters realized that an economy that has undergone what ours have, an event that took awhile to unfold, will take a bit longer to recover, so let’s keep the course there.

    And I’m thankful that the plans for more of our citizens to afford healthcare can continue.

  • Slick

    You made some great points and I agree with you. I don’t know if your point about some states allowing greater freedom for their residents was concerning a couple of states legalizing marijuana or not, but I was happy to see that. I’m a medical marijauna patient myself and I consider it to be a real blessing. I thank Father for it often. I find it useful myself in helping with depression and insomnia. I also drink alcohol and between the two of them, the marijuana seems to be the healthier of the two.

  • sdparris

    I wish more states would legalize marijuana for at least medical reasons. I am glad to see that the barriers are beginning to lift for our LGBT citizens, as well as some one that were tried to be put into place regarding health care, particularly women’s health.

    We as a nation, as citizens as people of faith (myriad as it is) should now insist on moving forward. I hope and pray enough want to.

  • enid

    Marriage equality in Washington state!!! I’m so proud of my people. And now if I can be sure of not horrifically expensive health care, I can start on my dream of going into the business of making beautiful clothes for large-sized folks.

    Including wedding outfits, because EVERYBODY who wants to can get married. w00000000000t!

  • Leslie Marbach

    Yes! So happy my fellow Washingtonians moved forward! Now the wedding I’m going to in December will be a full-fledged wedding.

    Doing a happy dance!

  • Jill H

    Awesome Leslie!

  • Leslie Marbach via Facebook

    And minus the headache.

  • Marise ‘Hightower’ Tuttle via Facebook

    we watched all that confetti “That must be a secret service nightmare”–my husband

  • Marlene Lund via Facebook

    And no nausea!

  • Valerie

    We are loving Two Broke Girls this season and Castle is totally awesome!

    So glad all the political craziness is over. Can we please get back to normal?

  • otter

    For myself, I plan to make sure “Normal” does not mean another close call like this one….

  • Scott Amundsen via Facebook

    I didn’t realize how strung out my nerves were until that moment at about 11:15 when they suddenly declared the President the winner; I immediately started sobbing and it took me quite five minutes to pull myself together. Never, never had I been so frightened of the possible outcome of an election as I was about this one.

    Now we can, we must, get back to work and send our elected officials clear messages that they are to DO THE JOBS TO WHICH THEY WERE elected instead of playing politics, throwing hissy fits on the floor of the House and bringing the business of government to a screeching halt just to thwart this President.

  • n.

    I know, i was asking my husband if we could move to his (original) country and how long it would take me to get a visa. But he says their politicians are worse than Romney. I was like “seriously?!” apparently, yes.

  • Jeff Blackshear via Facebook

    Not remotely done with lie-based wars paid by Visa. Haven’t been this whole time. It’s just winding up.

  • Susan Rogers St Laurent via Facebook

    No gastrointestinal upset…at least for me.

  • Jennifer Edwards

    I wish we COULD talk about it. Right now it is the elephant (so to speak) in the room and it makes me so angry. I’m white and my baby brother is bi-racial. We grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and I can’t tell you how many times I defended him against racial slurs, not to mention the number of times I was called “N****r Lover.” I wore than name like a badge of pride because, of course, I loved my brother. The tone of the right-wing for the past four years has just disgusted me!

  • Trina

    My friend (white) was complaining to me that black people (I being one) vote for Obama because he is black. I said well, that may very well be true in many cases. But why are people so bothered by that, if it is true? Because in my opinion, many white people have been voting that way forever. It was just more difficult to identify when the only candidates running were, in fact, white. It is hard to explain to people the significance of something like this when your particular racial group has the history it has in a country such as this. For me, it DOES have to do with Obama being black because as I relate to the stories of racism and horror experienced by people of my race, particularly people who look like me because it was my grandmother, my parents and my great grand parents and so forth, it’s more than just a story. For me, the story has a face and a name that share my genetics, my brown eyes, my brown skin, and my intoxicating laughter. So I do reflect and imagine what it would have felt like for them to see the hope that was deferred for them become reality for me. How can people shame us for being happy about that? How can people expect you to hide that wonder and awe.

    At the same time, I am not stupid. So therefore, I am a thinker. There are things that I do like about Romney’s views and things I disagree with Obama. Just because I am happy to see someone of color in a position that has been unheard of in the entire history of this nation, doesn’t mean that I am not critical or discerning, and using good judgement. If there was a better candidate, who was white, I would have voted for him. Simple as that.

    But what I can see is that voting for Obama and while at the same time, being ecstatic to see a black man in the White House goes deeper than skin color. What it really symbolizes, for me, is a true hope for change. A person recently made a snide and unkind remark to my little sister for dating a white man and she kindly replied, “You know, the majority of people in your generation who think like you and who push your type of views are old and dying anyways. We are a new generation of young people who are tired of all the racist, bigoted bullshit. We just want to love who we want to love. And we want everyone to have the same rights no matter what. You will be gone and easily forgotten. No one will care about the concerns you had. Nobody simply cares what you think anymore.”

    I was very VERY proud of her for thinking that through and simply letting this person know that the world is changing for the better, and for the benefit of all.


    I, too, am surprised that Romney got as close as he did. But I am a little bit blind on politics. So John, anyone, care to expand what the real reasons were?

  • Jill H

    Your vote = your conscience. No one needs to justify that choice to anyone else.

    Of course I’ve accused people of voting for Romney just because he’s rich, but those were people I screamed at on the tv. So that doesn’t count. 😉

  • Allie

    It seems to me, as a white person living in a majority black city with mostly black government, that the cure for black people voting by race is to have more black candidates. White people don’t so much vote for the white guy as vote for the guy they like out of a bunch of guys who all HAPPEN to be white. Most of the time in the past they have not had to think about color, because they could assume the default color was white. That’s what white privilege is, never having to think about whether or not a candidate looks like you. I want black people to have the same privilege.

    Memphis until recently had a terrible mayor, Herenton, who was a crook and a nepotist, who kept getting reelected because he was black. But then something interesting happened. Two black men ran for mayor. One was a crook and a nepotist from Herenton’s camp. The other was an upstanding and gifted man. Given TWO black candidates, the black voters picked the good man. Now Memphis has a great mayor, AC Wharton, who also happens to be black.

    In a perfect world, no one would care at all. But supposedly people are more likely to vote for a tall candidate than a short one, for a manly candidate than a baby-faced one. People vote for stupid emotional reasons, and “looks like me,” is far from the stupidest.

  • Kelven

    Along those same lines, I have been playing with the idea of how wonderful it would be if everyone who ran was a person of high integrity, and the candidates didn’t waste energy tearing each other down, but instead both would present such great ideas that in the end it would be like voting for your favorite ice cream, and it wouldn’t matter who won because we could all be confident whoever it was it would be great. Pure fantasy, I know, but it feels great to imagine it.

  • Trina

    Kelven– iPad wants to call you Melvin. Trés interessant! Anyways, I do wish that too. The second pres debate was difficult for me to watch. I thought they were gonna start throwing blows at each other. I can’t stand to see people argue so, it just gives me anxiety. Had to change the tv. Seriously.

  • n.

    This was such a great idea that all i could think of were cynical comments about how impossible it was so i didn’t write them. But i do wish it happens one day.

  • Trina

    In addition, although I am not a Maryland resident but live very close by, I WISH that I could have voted for marriage equality! That would have made my damn day! I think I might start my new gig as the same-sex wedding stalker: “News 3 reports fiercely dressed, big-haired black woman clapping enthusiastically and throwing a bounty of pearls while hugging everybody at same-sex wedding…again.”

    I’m a new convert. And it is purely because of this site that I am. I have learned so much digging through all of your comments and old posts. You all have opened up my mind to a world of thinking and understanding that was seriously unknown to me. You have made me cringe as you have held a mirror to my past beliefs, and I can barely look back at who I was: A conservative neo-Reformed black Christian at a predominately white Southern Baptist church. Haha! Yes, read that again. ALL of that: true. Weird, but true.

    I have argued and thrown into the face of others the clobber passages. I have thought of myself as being privileged and deserving of marriage because I was a right-thinking Christian. I had allowed my theology and beliefs to be more important that loving others well. I have tried to love the sinner but hate the sin. And lastly, (and this is HUGE FOR ME!), I had tried to deny for most of my life that not only was I attracted to men, but women also.

    Thank you all for helping me discover truths that have truly transformed my heart. Thank you all for helping me to come to terms and even love and adore a special part of myself. I am no longer ashamed. I only wished that I could ask the forgiveness of others that my beliefs have hurt in the past. I had no idea how my own religious beliefs had contributed to the hurt, pain and even deaths of others. I didn’t understand love in all its many beautiful expressions, but now I do.

    I feel as if my heart has grown and exploded and expanded by leaps and bounds. There is truly more freedom in having a bigger more compassionate and truly loving heart. Not only do you set others free but you, yourself become free, in deed.

    I appreciate each and every one of you here and am always here reading and learning every day. I hope to participate more when I can.



  • Jill H

    It’s great to meet you Trina.

    How awesome it is to discard shame! It creates SO much room to be loving!

  • Trina


    Thank you for that warm welcome. I appreciate that. You are so right. I literally feel like my heart is like HUGE now. I can’t believe how such a narrow theology and world-view really closes in the heart and cuts off your compassion for others. It was not until I had left the church I was in that I felt was a high-demand control group, that I had experienced heartlessness from people who once acted like they loved me. I had realized that I was love bombed and nothing more. I have seen the glares and stares and coldness behind the eyes of people who once worshipped next to me, that could not offer me compassion and understanding because their theology and beliefs prevented them from doing so. Calvanism can create such hard compassionless hearts that reflect nothing of the Christ they claim to know.

  • n.

    Coming out of calvinism here too. Not even “neo” reformed but like oldschool back to the covenanters or something reformed.

  • Trina

    Ha! With pitch forks for witches and everythang??? I’m sure many copies of Jeremiah Burroughs could be found tucked in coat pockets along with Johnathan Edwards and some other puritanical crazies. I just gave away my copy of Valley of Vision. I just can’t. Not anymore.

  • Jill H

    Valley of Vision? Sheesh. Sounds rough. I guess I missed that indoctrination. I had books like Revelation: Its Grand Climax at Hand! (no, really), replete with scary renderings of four horsemen of apocalypse, babylon the great, 7-headed wild beast ridden by a prostitute, or something. It all looked like someone having a bad acid trip.

  • Trina

    Oh my damn… “Its Grand Climax at Hand”? I can’t. I just…yeah. Christian porn fic anyone?

  • Jill H

    Trina, I wish I was kidding. Yeah, that in a nutshell explains my not getting laid in my 20’s. Sexual repression, anyone?

  • Trina

    Oh Jill. Dear Jill. Don’t get me started. Please, Boo. Pleaseee???? I am slowly getting over lettin’ “Jesus” put shackles on my pants all of my everlovin’ life. But right now I”m still mad as a bitch, so… THAT is a blog post on it’s own. I’m not even at the point where I can laugh at it, because it’s all still too fresh for me. Let’s just say I’m 34 and….yeah. Mrs. Otis Regrets, that’s my name.

    To quell my anger, I’m going to slowly explain to my co-worker a little plate tectonics, natural springs, aquifers, ground water and other things earth science because she just asked my other co-worker “how come they can’t just let water out of your lake?!” Co-worker number one lives in a neighborhood with a fake lake. Basically, a ditch that was damned up and they think they’re the shit for it too. While I clean up the coffee I spit out, I will explain to Dear Heart how a natural tributary doesn’t work that way… Well, with some special engineering, it probably could but needless to say, I shall be occupied henceforth. But let’s come back to this sujet une autrefois? M’kay? Don’t forget.

  • n.

    like, Chalcedon Report bad.

  • otter

    ditto Trina….love your enthusiasm and wit. Looking forward to more stories…

  • n.

    Wow that is a great story. this site was a pretty big part of clinching my “conversion” too, except my gay christian friends had already started to convince me…. Just, basically, by existing and being awesome.

    I wish i could go stalk weddings with you.

    We would be like the opposite of the WBC, or… Something.

  • Trina

    This made me laugh hysterically. Just the thought of someone joining me stalking gay weddings. Can you imagine the fun and the stories we could tell??!!

  • Maria Powers

    Gay Wedding Crashers. there may be a movie re-make in there.

  • n.

    apparently i will need some fashion lessons. (^_^)

  • mike moore

    may I join you? I’ll bring 3 sets of signs numbered 1-10, and, just like a gymnastics meet, we can hold the signs up and score the bride’s dress as she walks down the aisle. Pleeeeez pleeez pleeez?

  • Trina


    You done up and done it. Yes!~ You’re in! Props make your game even tighter. Our crew will definitely have game. Pulling out my cat-eye spectacles as we speak and before you ask, yes, I will be looking across the bridge of my nose in dignified stance.

    Anybody seen my fairy dust? Magic is seriously about to happen.

  • n.

    We may need 2 sets each in case both brides wear dresses. And i think we should score the brides’ and grooms’ suits, too. I will always probably over-score a man or woman wearing a purple tie, though.

  • Trina


  • textjunkie

    Excellent. Stick around. :)

  • Translator

    This made me so happy! CONGRATULATIONS on your bravery for being open to change. Now that’s something to celebrate!

  • Matt

    Trina, you have written one of the awesomest comments I’ve ever have the pleasure to read on this amazing blog. Thank you for sharing your story, which is so full of warmth, light, and happiness.

    Also: “News 3 reports fiercely dressed, big-haired black woman clapping enthusiastically and throwing a bounty of pearls while hugging everybody at same-sex wedding…again” made me laugh so hard I coughed (getting over a wicked cold).

  • Trina

    Matt– Thank you for that encouragement. I really appreciate it so much. I’m glad I could make you laugh as well. I’ve always got a skit or scene in my head. Ha!

  • Trina

    Translator—bravery coupled with fear that things will remain the same is enough to light the fire under ones arse. Besides, it’s not the first time I’ve questioned my beliefs and left a certain sect of the church. But this time, I’ve left completely and most likely for good. I did loose faith in God for a short while as I struggled and wrestled, but that was restored through sites like this and others that speak to the broken and downtrodden in abusive and controlling churches.

    And it’s not that I’m not afraid. I’m very afraid. But my philosophy is to do something and be scared shitless but do it, SCARED. There really is no safe option or fearless one from what I can tell. So I do this afraid and excited, sometimes hopeless that ill never find love and sometimes completely ok that I never will. I pray it all works itself out and I know that I will be encouraged here. Thank you for the warm welcomes from all of you. My family, of course, doesn’t know this but I have talked it over with my best friend and received nothing but love and pure acceptance.

  • Translator

    Trina, that fear (“will I ever find someone?” ) is a fear I can say I share, even when I do meet someone. But as you say, fear and all, we just have to keep moving.

    Battle on! No one ever discovered anything without first going into the unknown. And that’s our challenge. Life is terrifying, but it’s also such an amazing adventure!

    Also loved the mental image you gave me. I would sure love a big haired black woman doing that when I get married!

    Many hugs your way!

  • Trina

    Thank you, Translator! Shoot, I was even scared to put my real name here because well, it’s not hard to identify me with some of the things I’ve said. But in my head, I’m like “Eff those fools, yo!” All gangsta and everything. While on the outside I sip my Mariage Frere lavendar tea perfectly, and say, “Oh, may the Lord be so glad!” and twiddle my pearls just a little.

    Many hugs to you!

  • n.

    Just loving the cultural smorgasbord here.

  • Trina

    Hahaha! I’m a melting pot of sorts. I’m a perfect example of why stereotypes fail IRL.

  • Carrie

    Trina, your post brought tears to my eyes. I don’t post here often, but we are like family. Thank you for sharing your story to show how our space has enlarged an encouraging heart.

    I’d love to stalk weddings with you too. I think our little wanna be crew outnumbers WBC now.

  • Trina


    Thank you so much, Sweets! Hmmm… SSWedding Travel Club in our future? We could be like Dandies and Quantrelles–seersuckers, white gloves and hats to boot! I’m also seeing a birdcage veil in my getup. I totally can see it. I will need to bring my black church lady fan though. Jus’ sayin’.

  • Trina

    Check this out:

    I keep missing this ride like every year! Jeez man!

  • n.

    so elegant!!

  • Soulmentor

    I’m gonna copy that and post it to my facebook, attributed to you, of course. It’s the most amazing retort to my conservative anti-gay family I have ever seen. Even better than mine…..heh.!!

  • Trina

    ; )

  • Lymis

    I say talk about it.

    Our salvation is dependent on how we treat our neighbors, brothers and sisters, and strangers – especially those we see as downtrodden or “among the least of these.”

    The President is black. He as a black wife and some black kids. In the White House. Like a real person. And he doesn’t even have the grace to sound uneducated, lazy, stupid, shiftless, or entitled. Worse, he just trounced a whole lot of Rich White Guys under circumstances that a whole lot of other Rich White Guys said were impossible.

    That has to sting. And I sincerely hope it does- but just enough for self-reflection, not enough for violent response.

    Even if there weren’t solid, theological, ethical, decent, – you know, human reasons for treating minority people well, sheer enlightened self-interest should be enough to tell these numbskulls that when you’re the majority just about to drop into minority status, that’s not the time to double down on intolerance. That’s the time to be working like hell to put social and legal provisions in place to protect and support minorities – because, Sparky, what goes around comes around, and it’s time to be treating people now the way you want them to be treating you then.

    I have no sympathy for people whose religious and political motivation seems to be all about whining about not having the power to treat other people badly. The coloreds knew their place in Grandpa’s day, now the uppity ones think they can be in politics and tell white people what to do!

    That’s what this whole “He’s a Muslim” thing is – it’s the only socially acceptable way to complain that he isn’t white in public.

    The elephant really is in the room, folks. It’s not like black people won’t notice that they’re looked down on if we don’t mention it. I know us gay folks don’t buy that little game. But at least, the Elephant didn’t take back the White House.

    I’m proud to be an American, too. Sometimes, the system works. And hey, three more states with marriage equality and the first openly gay Senator!

  • Mark Fisher via Facebook

    Twas a night I slept very well.

  • jesse

    i am severely sleep-deprived today but i do not care. i woke up this morning in a better world. A far, far better world.

  • Trina

    Anybody watch The Walking Dead? THAT is my show. Although since I refuse to pay for cable, I can’t see this Season 3 yet. Until then, I’ll watch Breaking Bad on Netflix and catch up on that. ; )

  • textjunkie

    oh man. Yay for Breaking Bad!!

  • Trina

    Just started season 3. Oh yeah!

  • Soulmentor

    Walking Dead keeps me watching with stunning surprises. The drama is simply amazing. The last episode had me sitting with my mouth open and tears running.

  • Trina

    It usually has me looking behind myself a lot and fussing people out at work who cough too hard. Lol

  • n.

    “angry birds haircut” : THAT was hilarious.

    OK, so you think it was racism that made people vote for Romney?

    on the one hand, Duh.

    but i guess i thought it was *also* classism… so hatred (including *self-hatred*) for the 99%, or at least the 47%, not “only” the 13%.

    because Obama is not only the Black Guy in the White House.

    while the president himself is decidedly a 1%er, the hatred for him seems also to be aimed at all the people that would hopefully benefit from his policies, including (paradoxically) a heck of a lot of the people who hate him.

    (Now, my other question is “why did i think that?” … because i’m white and grew up poor? or probably because my current friends that are white and also working-poor experience a similar level of hatred from certain sectors?)

  • Trina

    n. — I forgot about the Angry Birds haircut. That had me dying laughing, well, cause it’s true!

    I see the point you’re making though. I do think it’s classism as well. I love this: “…the hatred for him seems also to be aimed at all the people that would hopefully benefit from his policies…” Gosh, that puts into words exactly what I’ve been feeling. In essence, this redistributes power from an elite class to everyone. And well, we all know how people react when their “liberties” (power) are being threatened. They go ape-shit. I do believe and also see the hatred and inequality in poor white neighborhoods. I always say, there is one thing common among the poor, and that is hatred and lack of empathy for them. I think in most poor communities, whether they are white, black or Latino, you can see many commonalities in how people live their lives. It makes one think that the things people do aren’t always related to their culture or race inasmuch as it is related to their economic status. Trailer parks and ghettos have a lot in common.

  • n.

    And obviously there’s even still white privilege among the poor because if you get out, nobody is surprised or thinks you filled a quota or something….

    But classism is almost more of a secret in USA because everbody “knows” (in the loosest sense of the term) that racism is bad. i have a feeling they are not sure about classism, at all.

  • Soulmentor

    I had not heard of the “angry birds haircut” before these posts. I guess, because I grew up on a farm, I’ve always thot of it at the “rooster comb” hairstyle. Seems to suit the wearers as so many think they are “roosters”!!

  • Gordon Herzog via Facebook

    Everything is better than being hung over. That second bottle of champagne was a really bad idea last night….

  • mike moore

    o baby, I hear that. My martini shaker was so shaken up, it’s been in hiding since election night. It took 6 aspirin and 2 liters of water to clear my head the next day.

  • Jill H

    That second bottle of champagne is never a good idea. It claims to be your exuberant, bubbly friend but in fact it hates you, your liver, and your reputation as a nice, respectable person who understands ‘inside voice’ and propriety in public.

  • mike moore

    Gordon, Jill, have you learned nothing from my John’s blog?

    When a second bottle of champagne begins to misbehave, you simply move on to a 3rd. (moderation is over-rated, aspirin and Evian are not.)

  • Jill H

    I said nothing about the 8th gin and tonic or the 5th single malt, neat. Those are angels descended from on high.

  • Trina

    *licks lips

  • buzz

    I’ve lost one long time friend and have to walk on eggshells around several family members b/c of the drivel spewed out by the GOP hacks. This isn’t the end of the tear party movement but hopefully it’s the beginning of the end…

  • Jill H

    For what it’s worth, it feels like the ‘tear’ party is about bringing all sorts of ugliness, judgment, and resentments up to the surface. To the extent that people who buy into it are facing that ugliness, in that they have to face their own reactions and their own darkness, it is a tipping point. I’m not interested in whitewashing, but life doesn’t let us completely get away with our prejudices and bigotries. The more this surfaces, the more light of day shines on it.

    I regret hearing how many male candidates that have no respect for women’s rights or biology for that matter, but I am glad that the outcome brought strong, resilient, determined women to the candidacy and to the polls. I see the ugly as a catalyst and a wake-up call. But I’m still with you on hope…

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t know if I’m getting old, but the amount of vitriole during this election cycle was shocking. Numbing. There were important issues at stake, deeply personal and dividing ones. It kinda feel like the electorate got beaten up and took that rage out on their fellow citizens. I sure never thought I’d be nostalgic for Newt.

  • Elizabeth


  • Jill H

    Vitri-olè! 😉

    But seriously, I am old and I just don’t carry the extra patience in my oversized purse like I do gum and lipstick. They just got über-creative with aggressive propaganda when their purses were bottomless.

    Election season 2012 = exhausted nation needing some apple juice, a nap, and an hour of arts and crafts… for a couple of years, anyway.

  • n.

    No, it was definitely worse. People are studying it, iirc.

  • otter

    Well, I’m not sure the political commentary is appropriate for this blog, but I agree the folks who ran this election cycle strayed from the path of WWJD. Bearing false withness does not begin to describe what went on.

    Driving the extreme polarization are: Fear, and a media culture that fans it. The Left fears loss of control to the Right and vice versa. So both MSNBC and Fox dish up the flavor of politicized dirt their audiences want to hear. Ratings demand it. Althoof the two, I contend that MsNBC is more truthful while FOX is more deliberatly misleading. The result is opposing views of reality and a climate of fear and suspicion.

    I suspect that fear is a huge driver for the Teaparty fringe. They act afraid of any kind of change and of everyone who is different from them which may include blacks, jews, gays, latinos. and liberals. They act most afraid of one guy born the Hawaii.

    Another factor is cash. The Right got a serious influx of corporate cash and the Left knew it and dug deep to make up the difference. So the cash-driven ads and robo calls trumpeted the negativity and partisanship non-stop and at deafening volume. I’m reading news items that put Karl Rove’s PAC spending at $400 million in billionaire donations spent for Romney. Obscene!

    i don’t know how to turn it around. Do you??

  • mike moore

    over-simplication: we turn it around by voting, just like we did on Tuesday.

  • n.

    i was honestly amazed about the degree to which i had mis-under-estimated the actual existence of democracy. i was SURE the election would be literally bought in some way and i really think it wasn’t because the people trying hardest to do so (again, with literal money) kind of lost.

  • Natalie Jones via Facebook

    I knew I was going to hear all about it from my favourite co-worker…..only THIS time it was CO-WORKERS. Oh, and Obamas a communist whose been tied to Illuminati…..riiiigght.

  • Kelven

    Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist or anything, it seems pretty obvious that certain people were once again trying to rig the game. There were many improprieties with the ballots that were caught – such as the software guy who recorded the touch screen switching his vote, the woman who was caught filling in ballots that left blanks with republicans, the other poll worker who didn’t process over a 1000 new democrat registrations, etc. etc. – so perhaps not only a lot of votes that never got counted, but possibly some switched in the most shameful and underhanded way. Everyone is noting how genuinely surprised and flummoxed Karl Rove was when they called it for Obama. And of course Rommney didn’t even have a concession speech. So I wouldn’t rule out hanky panky. Since things turned out the way they did, I also wouldn’t rule out a little divine intervention from a lot of people praying for the best outcome!

  • Trina

    Wow! Didn’t know any of that.

  • Anonymous

    Can you provide references for any of the assertions you just made, like links to news articles? Because I don’t believe you.

  • Jill H

    Anonymous, the touch screen issue was confirmed apparently. And supposedly resolved.

    I don’t know about the others.

  • otter

    Anonymous, The guy in Virginia who was caught dumping democratic voter registrations was real. Here’s the link.

    The voter picture ID tactics were real, so were attempts to reduce the days for early voting (FLA, OH) . And lots of people saw the intimidating bill boards that linked voting with “felony” so they were real. It is no coincidence that year after year the battleground states with GOP adminstrations in charge of the voting process make voing the hardest for democrats by by screwing up ballots and facilities. The news reported lines 7 hours long in locales that were heavily Democratic. Just a suggestion, but watch something besides Fox News once in a while.

  • Christy
  • mike moore

    Gov. Rick Scott allowing 7 hour in lines to vote … this is not rocket science.

  • Drew

    I was looking at the poll numbers, and was likewise surprised they called it for Ohio, especially when at that instant or shortly thereafter Romney had slightly more votes recorded. Apparently it was due to the demographics of the areas that had not yet reported their tallies, but it was a little puzzling. So I can understand Rove’s puzzlement.

  • Maria Powers

    I can understand how non-political operatives might be surprised that they called Ohio when they did. We don’t know what counties/precincts are left to tally their votes nor how many votes are left from areas. Carl Rove, on the other hand, is a savvy political operative. He knew what was left on the table and that is why the tally people at Fox didn’t back down. Math is math. Truth is subjective, but facts aren’t.

  • Mark Locy via Facebook

    I literally said the same thing in my head, when it comes to ridiculous criticism of the President.

  • Dan(Chicago)

    But if Obama does end up being the anti-Christ, boy are we going to have egg on our faces.

  • Jill H

    I know I’ll feel just silly over it. whoops!

  • mike moore

    don’t worry sweetie, you know you’ve always wanted a tattoo (you just weren’t planning on it being “666”)

  • Dan(Chicago)

    I’m telling people it’s my batting average. So far they are buying it, but I’m on the north side of Chicago and there aren’t a lot of people reading Revelations here.

  • mike moore

    If they’re buying that’s your b.a., you should try-out for the Sox.

  • Jill H

    You know me so well… kinda creeps me out. I have often felt like my forehead was just so unadorned.

  • mike moore

    consider your forehead kissed. Adornment completed.

  • Jill H


  • Brandi Bickell Todd via Facebook

    How dare you not talk about what you almost talked about!

  • Joshua Laflin via Facebook

    I’m more of a Big Bang Theory fan myself– but I’ve been wanting to watch Go On, cause I love Matthew Perry. As for the political thoughts: ye, yes, and yes.

  • mike moore

    I’d concur with your assessment, but I left my Klingon translator in the glovebox of my Bird of Prey.

  • Jill H

    Oh dear lord. I’ve got another reason that I love you? As long as you meant the trek reference, cuz I don’t get Raj or Sheldon. Sorry folks. Sick of worn-out stereotypes as sitcom genius.

    Of course now I’m wondering… was it stereotyping that all Klingons were dark-skinned, buff, and always angry? Sheesh.

  • mike moore

    Stereotypes? I wish!

    I pretty much married a quieter version of Raj … 1/4 Indian and a Berkeley string theory nerd whose heroes are Darwin, Einstein, Hawking, Arthur C. Clarke, and Frank Herbert (we own every prequel, sequel, and parallel universe edition of Dune … but never, ever ever ever … ever, mention the SciFi channel’s mini-series of Dune unless you’re prepared for a 2-hour lecture on why every DVD should be tracked down and burned, while forcing the series producers watch the bonfire.)

    He and his even nerdier Berkeley roommates, using their knowledge of chemistry, created a micro-brewery in Bowles Hall dorm. I’ve hear that, sometimes, 30 years later, freshmen still occasionally catch wafts of bad stale beer.

    In “Big Bang Theory” terms, I’m the dumb blonde across hall … I like pretty sparkly things and pretty much had to throw out all of his clothes and furniture when we moved in together 25 years ago.

  • Jill H

    Maybe I’d like it better if it were a cartoon? I mean, I adore Apu and Smithers.

    Yes, you are nerds. But badass ones.

  • John Shore


  • mike moore

    John, you place nice back there … if I have to slam my Hyperdrive into reverse and pull this shuttlepod over the side of the hover-road, you’ll be in deep-space trouble, Mister.

  • mike moore

    Me too!! And just a second ago, Romney conceded Florida … perfect score, Nate Silver!!

    But as for new TV, “The New Normal” is toward the of the heap for. How can one not love a show with lines such as:

    “I love the gays, I could never get my hair to look like this without them.”

    “This place is so shabby chic. Minus all that pesky chic.”

    (Bryan, TV writer) “Just one second. I’m breaking up my two lead characters so I can start a Twitter riot . . . Done—millions of teen tears.

    While sitting in church staring at crucifix, “Jesus was ripped.”

    “Twelve dudes sitting around gossiping and drinking wine- you call that the Last Supper- I call that a Tuesday night.”

    While looking at a painting of Mary in a cathedral, “Hi Mary. I’m a virgin too. I’ve also slept in a barn with three Wisemen.”

    “I’m gay. I lay with a man Leviticus style.”

    And don’t even get me going on Shania’s Emmy-worthy impression of Little Edie.

  • Trina


    That’s one of my faves. I have it on my Hulu queue. It kinda reminds me also of Arrested Development for some reason, especially the grandmother.

  • Jill H

    Oh lord, she winds me up with Arrested!

    No touching!

    I’m a monster!

    You don’t want to get that party started…

  • mike moore

    Trina – that’s funny, because the grandmother reminds of the time I was arrested.

  • Jill H

    Guest blog time? Cuz we all know that’s a story of praise and glory be.

  • Trina

    Your Honor, I second that motion. I agree with Counsel. Let the record reflect that Mr. Moore has offered to provide evidence. Continue.

  • guy pretending to be mike moore

    There are noble arrests. Civil rights. Interference with INS when a man you know to be a native born American citizen is being arrested because “he’s not carrying his green card.”

    Then there are the “oh fuck, Officer, I really don’t know how those illegal substances got into my locked suitcase” arrests.

    To which are you referring?

  • Jill H

    How could I have been so foolish to assume there would be *A* story, as if the Real Mike Moore, who dressed down a Catholic priest and bishop in an airport, would only have been arrested once? I can be so silly!

  • mike moore

    Hi guys, I realized I need to be a responsible citizen for a moment, regarding the above post.

    Getting arrested is serious business, even if for the best of causes.

    Arrests can affect your ability to get a job, buy a home, maintain good credit, and, among other things, join community organizations (Boy Scouts, certain kinds of Outreach programs, etc.)

    Arrests can be used against you should you ever find yourself in court for civil or criminal actions (even if you are the victim of the criminal act.)

    Please it’s really super fucking expensive.

    Be careful out there, kids.

  • mike moore

    that should have read PLUS it’s really super fucking expensive

  • Jill H

    Duly noted and thank you for the reminder. I kid around because I’m angelic and never do anything out of line. ~

    You’re badass Mr. Moore, but of the good variety. 😉

  • Trina

    Best response ever! Check this out. Basically, this guy writes on his Twitter:

    “Gay marriage is legalized now there are going to be fags walkin around suckin eachothers d*cks”

    And this is the response he got: “Not unless one guy’s got the other in an upside-down bear hug, sweetie. Otherwise you have to stop walking to blow each other.

    It’s definitely going to be weird watching all the gay people literally fucking in the streets. Just scissoring and buttfucking right there on the sidewalk, giving all that oral sex to each other up against lampposts and stuff.

    Because that’s what marriage is all about. I know because I am privileged to have had the option for heterosexual unions my entire life, and that’s one of the coolest parts. The first thing I did when I put the ring on Natalie’s finger was to take her out in the middle of Cherry street and just bury my face in her knickers. It was a little weird because some other people had just gotten married and they were already fucking on top of someone’s car, and another couple from a nearby church were doing some shit with rubber toys I still don’t fully understand, but we tried our best to ignore them and focus on the very public, totally legal sex we were about to have.

    The cool thing about America is that when you get married here it supersedes all indecent exposure and lewd conduct laws, and you can basically just walk into a preschool and start sucking on your husband’s dick or ejaculating all over your wife’s hair right in front of the kids, or go down on each other in the toothpaste aisle at Target.

    It’s awesome, and I’m extremely happy to share that awesomeness with many fine, gay Americans thanks to the progressive attitudes of people in several key states.

    See you on the sidewalks, gays! And you’d better not have any clothes on, you married sons of bitches! Live nude totally public fucking! Wooooooo!”


  • Soulmentor

    ******“Gay marriage is legalized now there are going to be fags walkin around suckin eachothers d*cks”******

    You need to do some catchin up. That’s been happening for years at the Folsom St Fair in San Fran. Been to SF 4 times but never the fair. I’ve seen the vids tho. It looks ummmm…………..liberating.

  • Trina

    Come again? Really? BTW, that wasn’t my quote. That was some guy on Twitter. Are you saying this is true? But even still, wouldn’t that be simply out of the norm, if so? Think about all the debauchery we find at Spring Break like Daytona and Cancun, or Freak Nick (Atlanta) and Bike Week in South Carolina. A bunch of straight people doing the same shit.

  • Kelven

    Trina – You are pretty sharp, you are certainly developing a great advocate mindset. Yes, Folsom has public nudity and sex just like those other celebrations you mention. Personally, I don’t go because as hot as a lot of those people are, the whole fetish thing holds no interest for me. But my point was to give you a high five for your snappy comeback. Oh, and unlike some of these other wild festivals you mentioned, the Folsom street festival area is clearly and obviously cordoned off so no one enters the area without knowing what they are getting into.

  • Trina


    I couldn’t imagine such an event. Not because I think it’s wrong but becuse I’m naturally conservative. I prefer love and/or familiarity and feelings vs. anonymous encounters or simply people I feel nothing for. So I’d be freaked out, which is why I never went to stuff like that in college, etc… I just realize that will never be me no matter what. But yes, def hot people!

  • Soulmentor

    On the contrary, Trina. It is THE norm at that event. I’ve seen a video of a street full of people, both sexes, looking up at one of those SF second story bay windows while a young man, hanging head first out the window gets f…..d from guys inside.

    San Francisco, with its sexually active bar and spa scene, was a stunning eye opener for this Wisconsin man. You have to get all the way to Chicago to find anything even close in this midwest region. Even Boystown in Chicago is conservative by comparison.

    Those times I was in SF, I held my um, “cards” pretty close and came home safe.

  • Allie

    Too funny. On a more serious note, I think I may have told this story here before, but one of the moments which led me to a better understanding of what it’s like to be gay was seeing two young men pop up from the front seat of a parked pickup truck next to me at a convenience store and scramble to rearrange their clothing. They didn’t know I was there because I was kicked back half-asleep waiting for my husband to finish shopping. I sort of smiled to myself, because they were handsome young kids and clearly in love, and I must have moved because one of them caught sight of me. And just looked absolutely terrified. I can only guess what was going through his head… did I know his mom, was I going to call the police, did I go to his church or have a daughter who went to school with him, was I going to have my husband harass them or try to beat him up… he and his friend stared at me for a moment of just blank-faced terror, and I smiled in what I hoped was a friendly way, and then they relaxed. But it really struck me that no one should ever have to be afraid like that.

  • Matt

    Ah, I know that situation all too well. My girlfriend and I hold hands in public all the time, but we know when to subtly draw away from each other. You get good at sort of tasting the air in a given situation. Kissing and hugging anywhere outside our house? Not a good idea.

  • Jill H

    You know I look forward with much anticipation to the day when all forms and varieties of PDA are scorned and reproached equally.

    (That right there is all the funny I’ve got left after a long week of oligarchic pandering and thinking the sky might actually fall in my lifetime.)

  • Matt

    As soon as I wrote the above comment, something awesome happened today, Jill.

    My girlfriend and I were sitting in the park near my house, holding hands and cuddling. We figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. A woman stopped by and said: “I couldn’t help but notice you two. Love is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?” and she smiled. It pretty much made my day, my week, and my life.

  • Jill H


    Matt, it’s shifting, isn’t it? Not overnight, not without MASSIVE amounts of effort made and patience exercised, but it’s unfolding!

    I am terrible how hard I can be on the human race. I rage and cry and shout expletives (mostly behind the wheel), but I want them–all of us–to shock the hell out of me with their ability to prove me wrong. To shake me from my cynicism. To own this vulnerable heart of mine and stand for its power. Love is THE power– hate, fear, evil is the supreme lack of it. Just gotta hang in with it, allow it space to be.

    Awesome– and proud of you for being you. But really, get a room! 😉

  • Matt

    Never! :p

  • Trina


    I was confused until I realized that maybe Matt is a girl too?? Yes?

  • Matt

    Yes, legally I am female. I am a female-to-male transsexual, but I have not made any physical changes yet so on the street I look like a very tomboyish girl.

  • Trina


    Thanks for answering my curiosity. Would it be rude if I asked you some questions about your experience?

  • Matt

    No, it would not be rude simply to ask questions. I assume you are a well-mannered person who knows what kinds of questions would be intrusive.

  • Trina

    Thanks! And yes, I am ; )

    1. As I am trying to understand what it “means” to be trans, as I assume that covers many those of experiences and reasons, in general what has led you to make this decision? I keep hearing a lot about people who are physically one gender but emotionally and psychologically another. I.e. brain mapping, etc… Has that been your experience?

    I think it is a wild “phenomenon” and totally valid and believable. It just makes sense. (Biology geek here).

    I had a girl describe it to me this way, she goes you’re a very girly girl and you seem to really appreciate being a woman and you love your body. My answer: generally, yes. I do love being a woman and feeling very feminine. So she’s like okay. Imagine waking up tomorrow in a completely male body but still feeling the way you do about being female, in addition you go to the bathroom and you have a penis. How do you Maggie you’d feel? Me: horrified. First, I don’t want a penis. Second, I love being a woman. It would make me feel awkward and uncomfortable and I think I would hate it. In addition, I’d mourn the loss of my femininity that I do love so much. She goes well, it’s a billion times worse for me being in this body that I hate and that I know should be physically different.

    Imagining that felt like a nightmare to me. I couldn’t imagine if it were really my reality.

  • Matt

    For some reason, it is not possible for me to respond to your comment, Trina, so I have to respond to myself to answer your question.

    In general, your friend is correct. I am a “male brain in a female body.” My partner (who is a trans woman “female brain in male body”) experienced exactly the same scenario you just laid out until she transitioned. I put those two phrases above in quotes because it’s more complicated than that.

    It is, as you have said, intensely painful. But I hestitate to call it a “decision.” It was more like, here are the things I experience, here is the pain I feel, here is a way out of it (to gender transition). I can’t not do it, it’s not a choice or a decision. Many trans people wait years or decades to transition (we do after all have jobs and families and other concerns), but the vast majority of us not in denial will do it before we die.

    We also transition because to have our bodies match our minds is a pleasure so sublime I can’t put it adequately into words. It’s a feeling of profound happiness, contentment, rightness, and relief. My girlfriend says after she began estrogen hormone therapy, colors seemed brighter and more saturated. When someone calls me Matt in real life, I shiver with joy. It’s like that. It’s why we do this. To relieve the pain, and feel that kind of contentment all the time.

  • Jill H

    This is how the education happens, how the straights begin to understand. I know about transgender, multigender, non-gender, and you just taught me something new. I also know what it’s like to feel outside of, or ‘betrayed by’, my own body, but I’ve never felt outside of my female gender. Matt, you just brought me there so I could understand it. Of course, I see a minute fraction of what you described, but I see you as Matt more clearly than ever. Thank you for that.

  • Trina


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! OMG. (whispers) thank. you. I needed that. I admit, there is a lot of fear as a newcomer and being new to thinking about these issues and considering what this means for others. And the fears I have is that (1) I know my old religious intolerances and prejudices will take time to change. I dont want to offend others. But I also dont want that “disgusted” feeling either. In the past it shamed others, but now, it would shame me as well because in my heart, it is shaming that I would feel that way. In my mind, the hardcore religious pounding I’ve received all my life goes into effect. Heart and mind not agreeing.

    (2) Sometimes just physical appearances that are obvious that there has been a change make me uncomfortable.

    I know that ALL of these things are things that will go away as I work to rearrange deep set beliefs and thoughts. It’s not that I want to feel that way, but it seems autonomic. For example, there was a trans male-to-female who stepped in the elevator at work last week (my workplace is very affirming), and I was thrown off a little bit. It made me sad for that person because they saw my reaction, but it made me mad with myself because it was so instant that I didn’t even have time to think or control the reaction. And yes, I did feel afraid of this person. When I thought about it, I realized there really was nothing to be afraid of, obviously. But WHY was I afraid? I’m working on that and by taking immediate action, I’m attending a Trans talk this week with some friends in a local LGBT support group. Getting involved, for me, is usually the best medicine.

    I love how you answered my question by saying you have to answer yourself. In that way, I feel the best explanatino and your heart really came through. It made me wish that I knew you and your girlfriend. Something else became clear, too. And it’s that because you both are male and female, and yet both of your are transitioning, it kinda squashes the idea or thought that you would even be a lesbian or gay couple. Right then and there, I realize why there has been an inclusive yet exclusive defining of relationships of sorts because it seems general that everyone not “traditionally” hetero, is considered gay-lesbian. But it seems in your relationship, I dont know, and I hope this doesn’t offend, but it seems rather hetero. Would that be wrong to say? But maybe that’s too confining as there are other variants and things that would probably not “categorize” the relationship as such.

    I’m rambling here and thinking out loud. Thank you for sharing your heart. The body matching the mind being pleasure so sublime just stole my heart. You help me realize that is a privledge I was born with that others desire like air or water. I can’t imagine the pain and agony that not having that causes you.

    Much love to you, Matt. My heart opens wide for you. Blessings, T

  • n.

    something that really made it “click” for me, was when a friend who’s intersex pointed out that sex (what bits you have, which can be M, F, both, or neither) and gender (what you identify as: also M/F/both/neither but NOT necessarily matching what bits you were born with) and orientation (who you are attracted to) are 3 separate things!

  • Matt

    As to my relationship, Trina, legally I am in a same-sex relationship, and in some practical ways as well. This makes the question of marriage extremely tricky. My partner and I know we are a boy and a girl in love, but we’ve decided to just define what that means for us, not what others think we should be like. We enjoy our membership in the LGBTQ community, and we don’t consider ourselves straight in the least. But thank you for being so kind and so open.

    I wish we could know you too. You seem awesome :).

  • n.

    (*_*) the imaginations some people have…. And i *do* mean the original comment. Although the second comment just gave him what he left himself open for.

    (i’m a recovering prude but my rationale was so i didn’t HAVE to think about all that stuff. I donno how *that* kind of prudes reconcile it…)

  • Rachel Koopmans via Facebook

    That bobble-headed comment was about the best thing I’ve read in ages.

  • DR

    You should feel like you contributed to the success of gay marriage in 3 states, John, you and this blog got a lot of attention this year and there’s little doubt in my mind that you were in some way, some small part of this narrative that shifted whatever needed to be shifted in those states.

  • guy pretending to be mike moore

    DR, you are so right.

    John, I feel a bit ashamed that I didn’t think to say THANK YOU! I believe DR has hit the nail on the head.

  • mike moore

    PS – re: my name above. I forgot to change my “handle” (is that still what you kids call your comment section names?) from an odd-ball post yesterday, sorry ’bout that.

  • Jill H

    Hi DR. And you’re totally right.

  • Soulmentor

    I agree John. Thank you so very much. Oh hell. It’s making me cry. Please note my most recent comments about you and this election on my facebook.

  • Soulmentor

    OMG!!!! Gen Petreus just resigned……due to marital infidelity! It’s on the news as I type.

  • Jill H

    So am I missing something on this breaking story? Petraeus resigns as CIA director not for professional misconduct but personal (I mean, who resigns their job after cheating on their spouse?), and SIC chair Feinstein said he won’t need to testify now at the the hearings on Benghazi?

    Does that sound right?

  • Soulmentor

    Hard to know what’s going on but all the commenters on TV are agreeing that he needed to resign because it wasn’t just any govt dept. It was the CIA which is particularly sensitive to things like blackmail. Seems to me that now that the cat is out of the bag there’s no blackmail threat so he could stay as far as I’m concerned, but maybe there’s something else going on. They are already finding out that his biographer, which whom he had the affair, had improper, possibly illegal access to his email and that could mean security leaks. This is not a Weinergate. This is the CIA.

    And keep in mind that there was a CIA unit secretly in Banghazi.

    Testify? I guess that’s up to the SIC chair.

    Bottom line: There’s a lot happening off the radar and the pundits are having a field day. Hopefully, we’ll get all the dope eventually because it’s almost impossible to hide or cover up these days.

    This is not a reflection upon Obama, but it WILL make things harder for him. The timing sucks.

  • Trina

    Soul mentor that is a keen observation. Lifestyle is very important for certain careers in the intel community. One generally is required to take some type of polygraph whether limited scope or a full lifestyle poly. Lets just say many avoid jobs that require lifestyle because of some kinky bones in their closet. Hmmmm… Pun intended. ; )

    But yes, vulnerability to black mail and/or accepting bribes or compromises because of lifestyle difficulties or ideologies is considered a severe risk at his level. You gotta be squeaky clean for a job like that. I think he did the right thing.

  • Allie

    My dad had to take polygraphs weekly, and whether or not you were having an affair was one of the standard questions. (Another was: are you gay?) They basically don’t want anyone to be open to being blackmailed.

  • Trina


    That is crazy. I couldn’t imagine having to do that if I were your dad. I can’t sit still for the life of me especially if I am being TOLD to do so.

  • buzz

    “It all makes sense now: gay marriage legalized on the same day as marijuana make perfect biblical sense. Leviticus 20:13 ‘A man who lays with another man should be stoned’. Our interpretation has just been wrong for all these years.” — Katie Stephens

  • Jill H

    New revelations all the time.

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  • Susan in NY

    I love it!!!