Big book business beckons

Hello! How’s your New Year going?

Well, that’s enough about you.

As many/some/those of you I e-stalk know, I’m just now busy collaborating on a book that promises to be exactly the sort of book that I always see in bookstore windows, and think, “Boy, I’d sure like to write a book like that some day.”

Well, that day is here. Literally. Book Proposal Day is now fast upon me. Henceforth and heretofore I will be too busy to write anything decent for my blog until January 22, when I’ll go back to being too dull to write anything decent for my blog, which I think we can all agree has never stopped me before.

So until the 22nd, adios! Wish me luck! May Proserpina prosperously pull from my pen prodigious plenitudes of perfectly precise prose powerfully prized by publishers positively passionate about producing peerless product predominately preferred by pensive people pondering perplexities unparallelled …

Whoa. That was … totally unacceptable. Sorry.

Man, I have got to snag me some sweet sleep.

And after the 22nd, you can bet I will. Until then it’s … weird episodes of synaptic misfirings for me. Apparently.

(Oh, one thing: I really want to thank those of you who’ve donated money to me via the PayPal/credit-card button on the left. It means so much to me that you care enough about what I do to actually keep me in coffee and the occasional pizza while I do it. Every time I receive a “You’ve received a payment” e-notification generated by your generosity I feel so wonderfully encouraged. It’s just always a very touching moment for me. So thank you for those moments. Plus also for the coffee and pizza in which they result.)

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  • Lymis

    All the best!

  • Have fun!

  • Carol Gundrum Townsend via Facebook

    But…but….what about the poor, forgotten q’s? Q’s have feelings too, ya know!! 🙂

  • Quit your quintessentially querulous quipping!

  • (thanks for your many great recent comments, Nicole.)

  • To you, too, fellow partner in … decriminalization.

  • So much win!

  • Shorely! 🙂

    Hm. I use “shorely” a lot but it is so much more appropriate on this blog. 😀

  • Carol B.

    See you on the other side! And good luck!

    We’ll be busy talking about you….but don’t worry…..Maybe most members might mention many marvelous moments making merriment!

  • Lyn

    We will just make trouble on your blog without you, John, until you have produced this stupendous tome of awesomeness. I won’t claim I’m anywhere near regular and certainly not a “prayer warrior” but when you come to mind, I do offer up a quick, “Hey, God, take care of John and give him good words” for you.

  • Joanne Elliott

    Wishing you God’s fullest blessing as you write even more liberating words for your book proposal day. I know it will go really well.

  • DR

    Excited to hear more about it. Happy New Year!

  • Good luck, and see you when you get back!!

  • Brenda

    All the best, John, in your endeavor. I haven’t commented in ages and ages, but I drop in when I can to read your blog and everyone’s comments to confirm for me that there are still thinking, sane people in the world (or maybe just our country). I will expect good things to come from your efforts. You deserve it, and you certainly have the talent. See you the 22nd!

  • Donald Rappe

    Somebody’s got to do it. Adios and buena suerta.

  • Matt

    Good luck! See you on the 22nd!