April’s newsletter giveaway: Altec Lansing portable player for iPhone and iPad

altecWith each edition of my monthly newsletter I do a giveaway. For April’s newsletter (which I’ll send out tomorrow morning), I’m giving away an Altec Lansing iMT630 portable dock and player for iPhone and iPad.

It’s used. It’s mine. I’ve had it on my desk for maybe three months. I love it. It works perfectly. But for my birthday a week or so ago, a fellow music-freak friend of mine gave me a Bose Mobil Speaker II—which sounds so insane I’m using it to replace my Altec Lansing player. But I can’t throw out my Altec player, or just let it sit somewhere. It’s great: it’s got a little remote that stores right in the back of the thing, and … it’s just a fun little player. So I thought for this month’s newsletter I’d pack it up and ship it out to one of my online friends. For a chance to win it, sign up for John’s Monthly Newsletter.

In other news, this past Saturday night, during Easter Vigil, the Burning of the Resentments happened. It was an exceptionally touching and beautiful ceremony. See pictures of it here.

In other news, I am now an Honorary Angry Lesbian, and here’s proof:


My recently deceased father would be so proud. (Seriously: he would be. My mother, however, whom I believe was a closeted lesbian, would perhaps be less thrilled. Or maybe more! Who knows? She’s dead, too. Which I don’t mean to say lightly. But … there it is.) Thanks to the great Rhys Harper (about more whom later) for making and sending me this lovely image (which I believe he did in response to this post).

In still other news, my wife just called to say my breakfast is ready. How awesome is that?

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  • http://missmusicnerd.com Linda K.

    How does one become an honorary angry lesbian? Do you volunteer or do you have to be invited? I wanna play!

  • Christie L.

    Sounds like a fantastic start to your day :)

  • http://sus4th.wordpress.com Paul

    First, you have to learn all the lyrics to the early Ani DiFranco albums.

  • Meg Gardner

    I just absolutely love your blog and newsletter. Thanks for being such a great part of my day and life.

  • Valerie Horton

    Can I be an Honorary Angry Lesbian too? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  • Charles Maynes

    Very nice….. I approve entirely.

  • Ivan Schoen

    How can I be a HAL?

  • Jill Hileman

    I always learn something new at your blog.

  • Leslie Marbach

    I always knew you were an honorary angry lesbian.

  • http://Ingridspeak.com Ingrid Moore

    How did you become an honorary angry lesbian. Is that something you can apply for?

  • http://ecumenicity.tumblr.com Robert

    Ooh, that’s shiny. Does it come signed? That would be nifty.

  • Nicole

    Yay, breakfast!

  • Jill

    I ♥ breakfast too. 😉

  • Susan in NY

    I have been given the title of honorary Jew by several members of the tribe.

    Now I want the honorary angry lesbian certification. Pleeeeaaaase??

    Susan in NY