The deal

304790_501147433247432_891046541_nToday, as she and I sat alone together overlooking the view from our front patio, my wife Catherine, from quite deep in her ruminations, said, “You know what the deal is, don’t you?”

I allowed as how I mainly didn’t.

“We all want to return to a place we’ve never known, but that we all know exists,” she said.

She says stuff like that all the time.  [Tweet that one.]

The other night while we were washing dishes, out of nowhere she goes, “We’re coming into a time when it will be understood that the creation of art is never anything but a communal act, that it’s not possible for it to be anything else—that the notion of the lone genius artist is romantic, but false. No one works alone.”

I was, like, “Sooooo … do you wanna hand me that plate?”

I swear, it’s like being married to a … hot Yoda.

I mean, I’ve managed to adjust and everything. But still.

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  • Lymis

    That’s wonderful!

  • Jos Reyn

    Nostalgic for the future much?

  • Gordon

    Huh. Now I know what the deal is. Thanks, Catherine!

  • Margaret Battistelli Gardner

    I adore her use of “return to” as opposed to “get to.” That is what makes that statement so scathingly brilliant and touching.

  • I posted her comment about art on my daughter the artist’s Facebook page. I am sure that she will be in complete agreement.

  • Leslie Marbach

    That first one needs to be a meme.

  • Susan Golian

    You are one lucky guy.

  • David Sinclair

    Catherine gets the Ghandi award today!

  • Albert Kingma

    She’s right, you know, John. That’s exactly what we want.

  • Jessica Turner

    Good grief–having just seen the Twilight Zone episode about Willoughby, that first comment is a little chilling!

  • Lori Knight-Whitehouse

    Wise woman.

  • Sean Patrick Brennan


  • Hopefully Cat doesn’t mind being associated with a short mostly bald green man with a terrible complexion. 😀

  • She’s perfect for you… and thus she’s perfect for all of us. I can only thank you for sharing her Yoda-ness with us… love her insights. You must continue to share her, you know that right?;o) Compile enough of these ponderings and random thoughts and it would make a great little book of Catherine Quotations. Smile.

  • How could she be? She married me.

  • Lynn

    You should get her together with my daughter. She says very similar things all the time, at 14. But started at 4. Very old soul.

  • Erin_D

    Love this!

  • Matt

    Catherine sounds like one of those people who make me want to crawl into her mind and marinate for awhile. Since that’s not possible (not to mention horribly intrusive even if it were), I’m glad we get to hear about her from you. At least I know what the deal is now.

    Imagining the dish washing scenario is also lots of fun. I picture you holding your hand out for the plate and Catherine while keeping it just out of your reach saying, “Wait, honey, I’m not done being casually brilliant and profound over here. You just be over there feeling slightly creeped out until I’m finished.”

  • You keep having us tweet the wrong things. I’m still on “hot Yoda.”

    The profundity of what she says is only part of this story, you know. The other part — the bigger and more obvious and meaningful part — is your profound respect for her…

    …quite palpably the kind that would ensure you to loved her, even if she looked like regular Yoda.

    Know such love, we should all.

    Be with you both, may the force be.

    Gregg L. DesElms

    Napa, California USA

    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  • Actually, technically, it would be “be with you both, may the force,” wouldn’t it.

    Hmm. On my Yodish, a little rusty I guess I am.

    And these comments need at edit button.

    Gregg L. DesElms

    Napa, California USA

    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  • Anakin McFly

    Wait, are you saying that Yoda isn’t hot?

  • love it.

  • FUNNY with the rusty Yodish.

  • Actually… wait… it would be, “with you both, may the force be.” Geez, what’s WRONG with me? [sigh]

    I’m 56. It’s been so many years since I’ve spoken Yodish that I think I’m allowed not being on my game. Heck, I’m happy, at this point, when I remember to flush the toilet…

    …though, that said, I got so well-trained about not leaving the seat-up that I always, even in my dotage, remember that… so, go figure.

    Gregg L. DesElms

    Napa, California USA

    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  • Song

    Love this…all of it! Your wife’s ruminations, you post, the comments…thank you!!

  • DR

    She is so lovely, inside and out.

  • thank you, DR!

  • Jill

    Much like the Clinton administration, she’s the real brains behind this outfit, isn’t she? 😉 If Cat starts her own blog, I hope she calls it The Deal and gives us the deal like that every day.

  • Wow, those are very good food for thought. Does she have a blog too?

  • Anne

    She nailed it. Just totally nailed it.

  • No. I’ve tried to talk her into doing one, but … not so much. She has a little photoblog she plays with sometimes…

  • Elizabeth

    I remember you posting her photos with poems. Thank you!

  • Thank YOU. That’s sweet.