Starblog 11-10-2013: I’m outta here.

Hello, friends, associates, benign lurkers, and even people who share this guy’s sentiments about me:

“Hybrid new age blasphemy”! I love it.

So, big news if you’re me! Namely, this is the last time I’ll post anything here. Why? Because my whole blog has been moved to It’s now here.

Why have I moved my blog, I’ll pretend you’ve asked? In a word: Smackeronies. Patheos pays $100 for every 25,000 page views. I think that’s awesome. Nobody else does it. You don’t see Huffington Post tossing their content providers so much as a dime. (Which, btw, is fine with me. I have no problem at all trading content for exposure.) I appreciate how Patheos shows this respect to the writers who make their site viable.

I wish I was impervious to the need for money. But, alas, I eat. And when you’re trying to scrape together enough for even a poverty-level living as a writer, every little bit helps. Patheos isn’t going to make me rich. But it’ll bring me something. And something is a Babe Ruth bat-smack away from nothing.

Right now my blog costs me money. I need to at least every once in a while throw a few shekels to my brother-in-arms Dan Wilkinson, without whom my blog would probably just be me sending out random emails. Also, I have to pay for my blog’s server. And I get a fair amount of traffic to my blog. So paying for my server isn’t exactly what you’d call free.

Not to mention, cost-wise, the sheer time it takes me to write the posts I do—time for which I could be getting paid to … well, frankly, ghost-write books for people a lot more famous than I. I’m not even vaguely bitching about it, but the truth is that writing what I do on this blog is pretty close to a full-time job. Given the length of the breaks I used to take back when I was employed like a normal person, it is a full-time job.

Ah, work breaks. How eloquently I used to argue for the idea that time is a subjective phenomenon. And how often in theory I used to win those arguments, while in actuality losing them as my bosses screamed and threw things at me.

Losers. Is it my fault that in American today so few  philosophers are promoted to middle-management positions?

No. Stupid Obama. It’s all his fault.

And you throw into my work life The NALT Christian Project, for which (and this is fine with me: I hardly do this stuff for the money), I get paid exactly zero?

I mean … you know. Count yourself lucky if within the next five minutes you don’t answer your front door to find me standing there with a gun, saying, “Gimmee your wallet! Or no more blog for you!”

Plus, with Patheos, they take care of the technical side of running a blog. That’s a long haul from nothing. Just keeping this blog spam-free and not randomly disappearing (as I’m sure some of you have noticed it lately doing) is exhausting.

No more of that! Patheos will handle that.

Whoo to the hoo!

Plus over on Patheos they use the Disqus comment system. I love that system: finally you guys will be able to rate comments left by others, and edit your own comments.

Whoo to the hoo two, you! (From fave rave commenter “vj”: “Tip for anyone new to commenting via Disqus: if you use the same email address in your Disqus profile that you used here, Disqus will offer to merge your Disqus profile with comments left here and migrated to Patheos.”)

The downside of the move (besides having to wave good-bye to the awesome, custom-made design of this blog, which was done by Dan) is that there will be ads on/alongside my Patheos blog. For some seven years now I’ve resolutely resisted running ads on my blog, though, frankly, with the traffic I get running ads would have garnered me a simolean or ten. But I’ve steadily refused ads, because I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m in any way beholden to anyone. But ads on or near my blog is a fight that’s beaten me. And the ads you’ll see alongside my new blog will be ads run by Patheos, not me. And that’s a hair I’m willing to split.

Beside (and this is pretty much everything to me) I’ve come to fully, 100% support Patheos. I like Patheos. I want them to make it. I like what they’re doing generally; I like how they’ve treated me personally. Virtually every person with whom I’ve dealt at Patheos—and I’ve been chatting off and on with those guys for years now—has treated me impeccably well. David Charles, Timothy Dalrymple, Deborah Arca, Patheos’ marketing guru Kristi Dale, their tech admin Hillary Spragge, Christian Piatt, Casey Green (Casey! Dude! Hello!)—to a person they’ve been nothing but kind, knowledgeable, and infinitely patient.

Plus, now I’ll be bloggin’ buddies with my friend Slacktivist, who rocks like Mt. Rushmore. I’m also happy to become bloggily associated with heathen hippie atheist Hemant Mehta. I like Hemant. Bummer about him having to go to hell, though. But whaddaya gonna do?

[JOKE. That was a JOKE. Walk away from the keyboard.]

You know what won’t transfer over to Patheos, though? My ShareThis numbers. I have a lot of posts that have been shared thousands and tens of thousands of times. But on Patheos, all those share numbers on all those posts will revert back to zero. Sad! (Or not, maybe, considering that, for instance, How I Lost My Virginity to My High School Teacher is now at 53.6K shares, and just one of my postings of 21 Things You Don’t Know About Bob Marley is at 40.1K.)

So. That’s the scoop on all that.

If you like this blog, and want to follow it, do so at its new home. Sometime during the coming week all the posts on my blog here will automatically redirect to the same post over there. Once that’s happening, I’ll make The Big Switch, and after that all you’ll see at will be this awesome page.

Tomorrow—Monday, Nov. 11th—I’m going to post the first of a five-part series that I think you might want to track. So follow it there, not here. I’m excited/a little freaked by what I’ll be doing (since it’ll be based on—gasp!—real time, and involve me … responding to something I feel I must).

Thanks you guys. Without you, I … have no idea what I’d be doing. But with you, showing me the love you do, I do know what I’m supposed to be doing. With you and your love, I grow stronger. So thank you. I like what we do, together.

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  • Peter_J88

    At least if it Hybrid blasphemy it will a more efficient form of blasphemy. Welcome.

  • Hemant Mehta

    Did you just call me a HIPPIE?! (Also, how did I only see this now?) :)