Introducing the Theology Video Encyclopedia

I have a new project on my Youtube channel that I have titled the “Theology Video Encyclopedia.” This is going to be a series of videos, around five minutes each, which give explanations of various theological topics. The goal is for this to be a helpful resource for students and others looking to just get an introductory explanation to various theological concepts. These are not distinctively Lutheran in nature, but should be useful for theology students of all backgrounds.

So far, I have released two videos in the series, and I will have others coming soon:


The New Perspective on Paul

If you have ideas for topics, please let me know in the comments or tweet them to me @JustandSinner

Also, if you are yourself a theologian and want to contribute any videos to the project, feel free to get in contact or send along your own video contributions. It is required that you have a decent quality camera and microphone.

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