The Election Results of another Era

The voting is over but the blame-game and the debates continue. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at another era – 1810. At that time James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, was president. Madison, a Democrat-Republican (that was the name of the party), is credited primarily for the War of 1812. The U.S. population was 7.2 million, including 1.4 million African-Americans, of whom 1.2 were slaves. The very first Black Baptist Church, founded in Pennsylvania, turned a year old. Four years had passed since Lewis & Clark finished their westward exploration and a million people relocated west of Appalachia.

The economy was slowly improving following the repeal of the Embargo Act of 1807 and the reopening of the export market. John Jacob Astor formed the Pacific Fur Trading Co. in Astoria, Oregon. During the mid-term elections of 1810, many of the seats formerly held by Federalists as a result of economic concerns reverted back to the Democrat-Republicans.

 What has been will be again, 
 what has been done will be done again; 
 there is nothing new under the sun. Eccl. 1: 9 

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