A gift from RM's Daddy

Sister Tater and I sat down this morning and watched THIS and wept at the beauty of it all. We both want one.  Uncle Buck walked away: “I don’t want to cry,” he said.

I used to wonder why old people were so tender-hearted around babies.

Now I understand it.

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  • Eleanor

    You are the sweetest nut I know, and the biggest sap. Of course, I just had to wring out my Kleenex AGAIN….

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Eleanor: Sister Tater kept saying, “She looks like one of my babies.” And she does.

  • Oh my goodness…that was beautiful. It made me tear up, that’s for sure…and I have a newborn of my own in the house. After I comment, I’m going to grab the video camera….