My Favorite Things

When Oprah holds her favorite thing show the audience lapses into a Pentecostal fervor, foaming at the mouth, bowing down and worshipping at the altar of More-Stuff.

Sitting by the fire at Sister Tater’s tonight I asked everyone what are some of their favorite things. Here’s our list. Feel free to add to it with a list of your own.

Clean hair

Butterfly kisses from my kids

Falling asleep in the sun

Clean sheets

Belly laughter

Holding hands

Challenging preaching

A newborn’s breath

A juicy hamburger

When people get along

A new toothbrush

Tasty watermelon. Sister Tater said she hopes she enters heaven with the taste of watermelon in her mouth.

Curling up in a blanket on the couch next to a fire 

Water fights

Rafting on the river

Building snowmen

When someone else cleans the house

The way light reflects off of crystal

A rainbow

A good dinner party

Getting a card in the mail from a friend

A book that entertains me or makes me think

Beach weekends

Plush bedding

When the electricity goes out and the family gathers for games and candlelight

I Love Lucy

A good salad

Homemade bread from the oven

A cute hat

Red shoes

A crab boil



A sparkly belt

A sweaty work-out

Beautiful plates




Dinner at Tupelo Honey in Asheville, N.C.

The smell of a new book

The pier at Fairhope, Alabama

Turnip greens at Ed’s Shed

Overtime in Basketball

Sister Tater’s pink chair

A porch swing

Aunt Grace’s rocker

Aunt Grace’s carrot cake

The Book of James

Sitting on the hillside where my father is buried

Watching my son perform



Standing behind a waterfall

Engaging conversation

The smell of new tennis balls

Daffodils bursting

Dogwoods in the wild

Waking up from surgery

The sound of my mother’s voice

Pictures of my children when they were babies

The way my husband’s face lights up when I tell him a good story

A hot shower

A hot-stone massage

Hanging with my daughters

Freshly-brewed sweet tea

The face of a friend

A welcoming hug

Public speaking… Yep..I’m weird like that


A good cry


Helping others

Finding a silver dollar

Discovering a new town

Finding anything misplaced

Crumbly ice

Billy Coffey’s blog

Meg Ryan and Tom Hank’s You’ve Got Mail

See’s Candy Butterscotch squares

Making the bestseller list. Not that I know but I can imagine.

Eleanor’s granddaughter RM

The smell and feel of leather

The ability to read

New York in October

Walking barefoot on the Gulf of Mexico beach

The embrace and grace of God

You. I’m thankful that you join me here. Thank you for that. Blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving.

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  • Debbie

    I’ll add one as it is 1.30am and I ought to be sleeping.
    1. – The way my cat rolls on the driveway when I come home and meow’s and then lays there on her back waiting for a belly rub. Plus the sheer joy of the kids each taking delight in her offering.

  • Karen,
    I am thankful for you and your sharing, caring heart.

    I am thankful that God has given me talents that can be used, are used…to encourage and be a conduit for His living water and bread of life.

    I am thankful that my darling husband & I are able to share everything (most of all, our faith) and he brightens my life every moment of the day.

    I am so thankful that Amyloidosis has taught me to be more patient, understanding and countless lessons in living a life for Father and others.

    There isn’t enough room for me to list my thankfulnesses…the sum of it is…
    Thank You God…for your love for me. I love you, too!

  • Sam

    Much of this resonates with me – especially these two: sitting on the hillside where my (daughter, in my case) is buried, and overtime in basketball.

    Samantha’s grave is in St. Peter’s Cemetery just outside of Harpers Ferry WV – overlooking the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. There is no more beautiful spot outside of Arlington, where my parents are buried. Sitting there makes much of the rest of the events of the day fade away to the relative insignificance they really deserve. She reminds me, always, of how important it is to say and show how much “I love you” before things happen – not after.

    As for basketball overtime, as a survivor of the Duke-UK game of the early ’90s (on the winning side, I might add), this pretty much goes without saying for me. Last year’s final few minutes of the NCAA Finals was close – great effort, Butler, but Duke was better. I’m thankful for every banner hanging in Cameron Indoor Stadium!

    One more thing I’d add: I’m grateful for the privilege of serving our country in what will be six consecutive decades after the turn of the year (since the ’60s). There are few higher honors.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Sam: I’ve been to that place where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers gather and I agree. It is breathtaking. I can still see it clearly. I had to pull the car over and stand on what I knew was some holy ground.

  • Steve Taylor

    Morning cuddles with my honey in a warm bed on a cool morning

    A long bike ride through the rural south

    Eating catfish on a starry night

    The laughter of my kids

    The hugs of my grandkids

    A glass of wine with great friends

    Loving of folks who don’t get much love

    Feeding a hungry kid

    That “aah ha” moment when someone sees Jesus anew …
    … knowing that God used the likes of me to get there … gotta be something humorous about that

    Snarky humor delivered with humility and grace

    Good music delivered with lots of passion

    Dancing with a story as it births itself into the world

    The way a good line drive feels coming off the bat

    Realizing more and more that I don’t know much about much and feeling better and better about it