Awaiting our Rescue

There is nothing quite as thrilling as a RESCUE story.

I’ve heard and retold countless such stories over the years. Old women saved from burning buildings and young mothers from fiery car wrecks. Babies plucked from death pits and soldiers swooped up out of enemy rice fields. The teen who nearly drowned and the father shot and left bleeding.The POW starved, the Vietnamese beaten.

Just this morning I spoke with a woman who survived the face-to-face confrontation with the unexpected gunman.


We may never find ourselves trapped beneath concrete and rebar.

Or staring down the dark-end of a gun barrel.

We may never stand taillight-over-headlight

Or find ourselves smooshed up against the back-end of a long-haul truck.

We may never stumble headlong into a black pit

Or hear the whoop-whoop of the Huey’s blades overhead as we hunker down

Avoiding the bullets.

But even those of us who live in homes equipped with built-in security systems

Still have need of RESCUE.

All of Humanity is suspended in such a drama.

We, like the Haitian woman, await our Deliverer

Surely, we have not been forgotten.

I often wonder

How do the Haitians do it?

Continue to trust

Continue to hope

Continue to sing

One year later

Others are marveling, too.

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  • In case you missed it, that was a prose poem, folks. The force is strong in this one.

  • Debbie

    I have no idea what a prose poem is so I did miss it. Very much enjoyed the piece though.