Old too soon, Smart too late

I’ve driven down this road hundreds of times and never even noticed before.

I’ve dubbed him the Creepy Old Guy but feel free to come up with your own caption.

I’m not sure if he was always there, alongside the road, and I was just too busy to notice.

Or if he just appeared willy-nilly on a recent morning after somebody drank up all the the peach shine.

Either way.

He’s creepy.

And I am laying off the shine.

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  • Debbie

    What was that? I couldn’t hear you!

  • New Year’s Eve gig was a blast…can’t get over it.

  • You’ve got mail. I dare you to come get it.

  • Lillian

    Take some body with you and interview him. I bet it would be a good story,

  • From all accounts, Peach Shine will make an alcoholic out of anybody!

  • Grupetti

    “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

    “OK Dad, but we’ll also need a taller mast and a much, much bigger sail.”

    “Oy, Shem. It’s an ark, not a sloop.”