I love my Dawgs

Have I mentioned yet that Tim is advisor for Leadership? He’s in the video. Identify him and you can win a Starbucks card. Family participation is welcome but no card for you.

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  • I had to go back to Facebook to see what your hubby looks like. He looks like he’s in the end of the video around 3:13, kneeling.
    I don’t do Starbucks, so if I am right, please keep your card. Just playing for fun.

    • By the way, it’s a well-done video. Catchy, and you can dance to it.

      • karenzach

        James: I love this bunch of kids. Having an involved student body makes the memories of high school so much more fond in the years to come. I’m not going to tell you if you are right until others post their guesses. Thanks for playing, tho.

  • Samuel C

    I agree with James. That’s the only guy that looks like Tim. Or maybe the whole thing was a trick question and he was the guy in the suit wearing the mascot head? :p

  • Ashley

    He is the one in the suit and tie wearing the Dawg and head dancing in the hallway!

    • Ashley

      correction, . . . the Dawg head and dancing . . .

  • Jane Wilson

    I’m with the other two, I think Tim is kneeling at the end (hair looks shorter than I remember) OR he could be the dog in the suit at 1:33 of the video.

  • Karen Spears Zacharias

    Okay, you all win. Except Ashley. She can’t win. But, yes, he’s at the end of the film and he’s the guy in the Bulldog head, dancing. Geek-like.