Lady Gaga's a Fake & You aren't great

The real Lady Gaga: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Listen up all you monsters. You know who you are — Lady Gaga is a fake.

There is nothing, I repeat, nothing authentic about her, not even her ability to bamboozle you. Oh, sure, she can sing, but then again so can American Idol’s Scotty McCreary. But I bet you won’t see him prancing around on-stage in his BVDs the way Lady Gaga does in her bra and panties.

Some people are willing to let their music speak for themselves. Others, more insecure types, feel like they have to sex it up or you won’t pay attention to them and Lady Gaga needs you to pay attention to her in the worst way. She’s afraid if she just offers you a song without the visual intercourse, you’ll abandon her for the next pretty little shiny thing that comes along — which you will, of course, because as devoted as you are to LG now, you come from a long-line of fickle people.

We all do.

Oh. I know. I know. She makes you feel special– just like everybody else in the world. When she tells you to “Free Yourself” it’s like the first time you ever heard those words, right?

But what exactly does she mean by that? Most of you are white people. You don’t have a clue what it means to be in bondage, or to live out your life in servitude.  So what is it she’s advising you to free yourself from exactly?

Your insecurities, she claims.

Yeah. Good luck with that. Insecurity is like your shadow. It’s there for a purpose. To remind you that you ain’t the sun and the world doesn’t rise and set on you. Get over yourself. How about embracing some humility, instead?

Lady Gaga goes around spouting all this ridiculous rot: I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be – and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.

Listen, the last thing we need in this world is another generation of self-obsessed, pot-smoking, whoring-around delusional little monsters.

The truth is you aren’t great. You are just ordinary, like the millions of other ordinary people in the world. And one day, hopefully, you’ll appreciate the wonder of being ordinary. There is nothing to be ashamed of in that. In fact, being ordinary may be one of life’s greatest gifts. That’s what we call “finding our humanity.”

Instead, too many of us are trying to live lives that set us apart and by that we mean above everyone else. It’s not affirmation we are seeking as much as it is adulation.

Lady Gaga is about as authentic as Pamela Anderson’s boobs. She is the harlot of Wall Street — that glitzy Pimp that keeps pushing its false gospel all up in our faces.

She whispers in your ear, “I’m just like you. All my little monsters.”

What a crock-of-dookey that is.

Exactly how is it Lady Gaga is like you?

She was raised in New York City and attended private girls school. She claims to have been oppressed because she didn’t come from a wealthy family, but trust me, she ain’t poor in that way of people who “don’t have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of” poor. Have you priced out private school tuition lately? Especially in New York City?

She had one sibling and two parents who, ohcrymeariver, had to work. Seems what they worked the hardest at was turning their child prodigy into a mass media starlet. Dad, afterall, was an internet entrepreneur. At age 17 Gaga entered New York University’s School of the Arts.  Which means the girl had to work her butt off to get into that school, or else somebody did some fancy finagling and worked a deal for her. What do you think tuition costs there?

What Lady Gaga is good at — really good at — is not her music as much as it is her marketing. She says it best herself:  “I’m telling you a lie in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over until it becomes true.”

I want to gag-a-maggot every time I see someone like Gayle King, or Anderson Cooper or Barbara Walters fawn all over the fake Lady Gaga. Are there no journalists left in the world or has everyone of them given themselves over to the role of sycophant to the famed-and-fabled?

I’m not saying her tunes aren’t catchy. They are, but then again so is the munchkin song from the Wizard of Oz. (Come to think of it, there’s a lot of similarities between Dorothy’s munchkins and Lady Gaga’s monsters.)

But imagine for a moment a world in which future little Hitlers, Pol Pots, Stalins, or Osama Bin Ladens go around singing the chorus of Gaga’s Born this Way:

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret

To be sure, Lady Gaga wasn’t born that way. She has a multi-million dollar marketing machine that works full-time creating the image that she was born this way.

Lady Gaga claims, “I don’t want the $5 in your pocket, I want your soul.”

The truth is without that $5 in your pocket, Lady Gaga would have no interest in you. The reason Lady Gaga is in love with Judas is because she has so much in common with him.

Don’t be fooled. Lady Gaga is just a remixed, repackaged sexed-up version of Madonna and Marilyn Manson.

And the only relationship Lady Gaga is interested in is the one she is having with your pocketbook.

Karen Spears Zacharias is author of Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide? ’cause I need more room for my plasma TV.

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  • Wanda

    Aw raht, Karen takes off the gloves and hits it on the nose.
    Maybe lady g thinks she rocks, but no, KARENZ DOES!!
    Keep the hits comin’ Karen.

  • Remind me never to piss you off (am I allowed to write that on a Christian site?). You go girl!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      You sound like my husband. 🙂

  • Bill Ferrell

    You said what I have felt since I saw the Gaga Monster the first time.

  • Meagan

    Can we just leave it at entertainment? Why do you need to over analyze it? I’m not even a fan but give me a break- she isn’t changing my morals any time soon because of her latex jump suits. Just turn off your tv. Thats what everyone else does when theres something on that they dont want to watch.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      It’s far more reaching than entertainment.

    • Cindy

      How exactly is that entertainment? Repulsion doesn’t go hand in hand with entertainment. Not questioning your morals but those of us who have them don’t want to see this kind of garbage. We have to be very careful about what we allow into our spirits because what goes in does come out.

    • PJ

      By your logic Meagan, we should turn off everything we don’t like. Maybe we shouldn’t do anything about nasty things that bother us. Maybe we shouldn’t worry about the idiot in North Korea who is starving his people so he can bluster about all the power he has. Maybe we shouldn’t watch the victims of flooding and tornadoes because that’s upsetting. Lots of us choose to get involved with what affects our society and our world.

  • Interesting. You make some claims in here that people aren’t who they seem, only after your dollar, a puppet of their marketing machine. Welcome to real life, the real world. It seems, to me, that the message would be strong enough, regardless of the vehicle of delivery. Which is exactly what religious people would have you believe. We’re supposed to disregard people like the “sinner priests” of the Catholic Church, Tammy Fay Baker and all the others who have profited from spreading “the Good Word.” And we’re supposed to denounce those who are actually spreading messages of actual empowerment.

    But it’s sure easier to aim at a target like Lady Gaga without reaching into your own depths and rooting out those demons. I guess it’s all in the audience you want to reach, and hope no one shines a light in your direction.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      You might have a point had you not addressed your criticisms about disregarding people like those who have profited from the spreading of the Good Word to me.

      May I recommend you read The Preacher chapter in Will Jesus Buy Me a Doublewide?

      Or how about The Redhead chapter?

      Or perhaps you’ll find The Marine more to your liking?

      Really. Pick any chapter.

      I think you will soon see that my calling out of those spreading a false gospel isn’t limited to Lady Gaga.

      I’m hardly singling her out. I’m just weary of having her pushed all up in my face.

      She & Creflo Dollar have a lot in common.

    • Tony Anderson

      Thank you. That really needed to be said and you said it very well.

  • Chris

    Well someone’s in a grumpy mood.

  • simny

    Oh please, the only thing false here is this article and all these people who are hating on Gaga just because they aren’t as popular as her. Admit it, you’re sick of her because her message of self-acceptance and love is everywhere and you HATE IT! Stop to bigotry, stop the hate, little monsters will overcome!

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      What exactly is it you little monsters are overcoming???

    • PJ

      When Lady Gaga’s appeal ends, what will become of her little monsters? On to the next one who “understands” them?

  • Teo

    Karen spears got the worst offer. Gaga offer words of love / encouragement. Not as ugly as u to humilate over gaga success. Gaga change the pops music industry wif her disco stick. What u got to do beside writing??? Lame

    • Someone want to translate this for me?

      • Karen Spears Zacharias

        Well, I did edit out some of the more vulgar words so that might have something to do with it — or as Teo might say: That mt have sumthin da do wid it.

        • Me talk Tarzan…

  • sduytuy

    wow… i hope writing this made you feel better…. clearly you are a negative and hateful person who has wayyyyy too much time on their hands…. gagas music isnt aimed at you… you dont like it clear off and listen to sometin about how wonderful and merciful your god supposedly is! congratulations on writing a worthless and pointless article aimed at people who simply dont care…

    • PJ

      Clearly you like labeling people. And if you don’t care, why are you bothering to post anything here?

  • susan wanjiku mwangi

    were you born preachers’ you transformed to be one. don judge others be example of Jesus who never went on judging people but preached to them. what about all those immoral catholic priests who go on molesting kids, and pasters who eats church mmoney and impregnates his congragation.

  • Gavino

    You must be the most awful and angry woman Ive had the misfortune to stumble into on the entire world wide web.
    Its typical, only Christianity can make you that hateful.
    …and save your retorts because I ain’t comin back to check!

  • Nick

    And yet if she took away the makeup and everything else she would still be amazing monster for life, I dislike people like you who are filled with hate and bad things to say keep your crap to yourself cause she ain’t going anywere

  • Is the inability to spell and form a coherent sentence a requirement for being a Gaga fan? Just curious.

    • Santos

      Yes 🙂 paws up (“)(“) for mother monsert!!!!!

  • Dylan

    Um, stfu. lady gaga is unique and powerful. She saved the music industry. No matter what she does, it will always be planned out and everything. Sure she wasn’t born with all that money. Though she earned it! So quit critizing her! I’m sure you would do whatever you could JUST TO KEEP PEOPLES INTEREST! That’s why yu make this articles to call people out! Just so you can get attention! Leave lady gaga alone and let her do her stuff! She never talked about you, so be the mature one and quit talking smack! Goodbye!

  • Marilie

    Not sure whether I should laugh or be horrified to read such thing. Another genius who, oh miracle, has demystified the great Gaga. Yeah, right.

  • Penelope Floofdoodle

    Holy cow, it’s pathetic that you can whip yourself into such a frenzy over Lady Gaga.

    You know, I hear that being full of bile is a hazard to your health–you might drown in it. I’d watch out for that if I were you.

  • David

    Seriously, what a whiny story.

    I stopped reading when you tried that terrible logic of “what if Stalin, Hitler and Polpot sang the chorus to Born This Way?”

    News flash, genius: Being gay isn’t equatable to murdering thousands, if not millions of civilians. Does the chorus have to explain what’s inherently obvious to you? Should we change the chorus to this?

    I’m beautiful in my way [as long as I don’t shoot people]
    ‘Cause God makes no mistakes [provided I don’t shoot people]
    I’m on the right track, baby [because I’m not hurting people]
    I was born this way [and I love not hurting others]
    Don’t hide yourself in regret [unless you hurt people, then regret]

    I just happened to run by this story on Google. Why do I find myself completely unsurprised that this kind of judgmental, anti-progressive, pessimistic, cynical, antagonistic drivel is syndicated on a site about religion. You’re so far behind the rest of the world on what’s important that it’s incredibly creepy.

    You take someone who is sending a genuinely good message out to youth, and complaining that her shtick is a marketing fabrication. Well isn’t that just wonderful. Next thing you know, we’re saying charity work isn’t important because the people who do it are trying to get publicity… as if that changes the positive outcome in the slightest.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      For me it’s not about being gay and I’m not sure how you made that leap. My thoughts on gay are well-documented, so I suggest you do a little more research before you make your own judgmental comments about what I do or don’t believe, what I do or don’t practice, what I do or don’t say.

      Speaking of cynical, I’d suggest that the #monsterfamily has its own fair share of acerbic attitude, if the comments posted are any indication.

      I don’t see how Lady Gaga’s message is a good message. In nearly every interview I’ve ever seen with her, the thing she is doing most is promoting herself.

      The message is clearly crafted to make her audience think she’s just like them, when she is in no way just like them (a ploy used by Hitler and his own brand of little monsters btw.)

      If the Lady can get her audience to believe her lies — as she so clearly states herself — then she can get a mass following (Jim Jones is a classical example of this, too. Drink the Kool-aid.). This translates, naturally, to mass dollars in her bank account.

      Listen to her.

      She will repeatedly tell her audience I’m like you. I feel your pain. I know how you feel because I feel that way too. Free yourself. You are great.

      Might I suggest you read The Narcissism Epidemic by Jean Twenge & Keith Campbell for a more in-depth look?

      That’s if you are interested in real discourse.

  • Joan

    If you don’t like Lady Gaga don’t listen to her music, read news about her, watch her interviews, etc. You’re just jealous that she’s successful and all you can do is write hateful articles whining and complaining about things you have no idea about. Get a life. Seriously. Stop being so judgmental and negative. In case you weren’t aware, you don’t have to listen to Lady Gaga. No one is making you. And instead of being hateful just ignore her. I’ll give you an example. I don’t like Justin Bieber’s music, but I’m not gonna write an article full of hateful words and negativity. I just don’t listen to him. Goodness. You need to get a life.

    • Rose Marie Morton

      No, I don’t have to listen to Lady Gaga, but I DO enjoy American Idol and I thought it was fun for the family until Lady Gaga’s appearance. I like her voice but really, can’t she leave something to the imagination? The danger in people like her is the sexualization and little girls thinking they should emulate her behavior. Impressionable little girls can’t be in the same room with Gaga gyrating lewdly, and my 7-yr-old granddaughter certainly isn’t allowed to watch such garbage. Pop culture invades our society, pop artists do have some responsibility.

  • Austin

    Sure, Lady Gaga can be an attention whore, then again so can Karen Zacharias.

    See what I did there?

    Difference is, Lady Gaga tries to makes her fans feel unique and special while you make yours feel like crap. I hope this article achieved what you wanted it to, because I know I’ll be steering clear of your website from now on. But at least you got my
    page view, right?

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Millions of unique #monsterfamily
      And exactly what are you using your empowerment for? What have you done with all your millions — in dollars and numbers — to change or affect the world around you in a better way?
      Are you building shelters in Haiti?
      Are you starting a reading program in Harlem?
      Or are you simply using your power of uniqueness to exhort yourselves and Lady Gaga?
      If you want to earn some respect here, use your power to do something besides promote yourselves and Stephanie.

      • Austin

        How many of those things have you done?

        I’m sure you’re a good person, and you’re a talented writer, but you just wrote an article attacking somebody who means a lot to myself and others. When people I care about are being criticized, I’m going to stand up and defend them, whether you like it or not. I’m not promoting Lady Gaga, I’m defending her.

        I’m a student. I’m not rich, and I don’t have an extreme amount of free time. Volunteering at both an animal shelter and a homeless shelter, I do the little that I can while still enjoying being a kid. So in case there was actual curiosity behind your hostile comments, I’d like you to know that I do my part.

        I understand not liking Lady Gaga’s music. I understand not liking the way she dresses. I understand being Christian and disliking her for her morals. What I don’t understand is hating her for promoting both self-acceptance and the acceptance of others.

        I’ll save you the trouble of reading some personal, emotional narrative about how Lady Gaga helped me accept myself, but suffice to say Lady Gaga and the community surrounding her has given me love and acceptance when I had none. Whether or not she truly cares about me is irrelevant, because the message is there.

    • Robert

      I definitely agree. People are inspired by her, and she loves fans. Literally, at least once in every interview, she mentions fans. And people could stop paying attention to her if they wanted to, but they don’t. She’s too much to watch. Basically we should just never express ourselves, and keep to conservative lifestyles is what this article is saying.

      • Karen Spears Zacharias

        Robert: That is not at all what the article is saying. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, in this article that advances a “conservative” agenda.

        What the article is addressing is the sheer exploitation of Lady Gaga — how her message is crafted by a multi-million marketing machine to manipulate the masses.

        And it appears to be working …

        • Cherry

          Because you just can’t believe that there is someone of her fame that honestly cares about her audience. I don’t know who to feel sorry for – us readers for your uninspired and misguided article or YOU for your cynicism and disillusionment.

          • PJ

            And in what way does she care about her audience? Because she says so? Does she personally help people in her audience? At a concert, does she sit down with the audience and talk to them about problems that they might be having, and offer assistance?
            She may talk the talk, but she doesn’t walk the walk…except to the bank.

          • launa

            “Does she personally help people in her audience? At a concert, does she sit down with the audience and talk to them about problems that they might be having, and offer assistance?”

            HAHAHAHA she does actually. You’ve OBVIOUSLY never been to/seen her concerts.

  • Johnny

    Wow. You’re pretty much a total failure as a journalist. You and your backwards, bigoted, racist friends can all go pray together. You’re the freaks dear.

  • Edward

    The irony is thick here.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      The irony here that is thick is that the one message Lady Gaga portends to purport is a message of anti-bullying and yet her #monsterfamily’s main discourse is one of verbal attack.

      Yep. Sheer irony.

      • Dreadnought

        Irony indeed. I had no idea ’til now Gaga’s fans were such a hateful, bigoted, narrow minded bunch. Well, I hate to catagorize like that. I am sure there are some decent tolerant folks among ’em. I just see no evidence here

  • Phoebs50

    Karen spears – you took the words right out of my mouth. some people think you are hateful but your not , your just stating it as it is.

  • The reading of all these comments has been sheer entertainment! Apparently, all of Gaga’s Little Monsters are becoming furious beasts, frothing at the mouth and stumbling over one and another to launch verbal attacks … maybe you all need to listen to Gaga a little more to get her message of love… Lol!

  • Robert

    You’re close, but she makes millions on her recordings alone. She has had at least five number one hits. The only thing the performances do are draw more attention to her, which I will admit she loves. The problem with this article is that she did nothing to warrant your hatred for her. You only dislike her because she is one of the most famous people in the world, and has it all. And i doubt you’ve ever met her, so how is that you can make such personal judgments. This article is baseless and is a huge joke.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Somebody please explain to me why the assumption is that people want to be famous….

      RE: having it all?

      She’s 25 years old.

      Stephanie hasn’t begun to have it all.

      And until you and her #monsterfamily learn the wonder of being ordinary, you won’t ever have it all either.

      Or at least when you do, you won’t recognize it.

  • manny

    hahahahaha this person (spears and i suppose its cause she or he is a britney fan) needs to stop hating! you dont know anything about gaga! you know who is fake? katy perry,nicki minaj, britney spears, kesha! those are fake

  • I think Manny pegged it, Karen – this post is because you’re a Britney fan! Wow, you’ve had me fooled all along!

  • joshua

    Im almost ashamed to be posting here bc I don’t want to give your dribble anymore attention. However, you are a hateful attention seeker and I needed to tell you so. What a loser and poor writer you are, to have to get attention by running someone else into the ground. GROW UP.

  • este

    I’m glad someone is finally saying it. Lady Ca-Ca is Madonna on crack. Her “message” is nothing more than tricked out, boiler plate, narcissism parading as “self acceptance.” I feel like her latest music should be the soundtrack for “The Secret” a made for TV movie. Her music is neither original nor very good. RedOne and Rob Fusari made this mass-marketed monster. Hedonism does not a message make and playing up religious controversy is seriously old hat. Ozzy did THAT already only, a million times better. And Madonna….already deconstructed when she ripped Express Your Way.

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah
    “…Her disco stick…”

    • Yeah, I loved that one, too 🙂 or another favorite… “She saved the music industry.” I think I threw up a little bit in mouth on that one. lol!

  • McConnell


    Your original article and replies add up to the representation of a person that I am glad I do not personally know. When I read your words I feel a weight. I do not know where it comes from, whether it is fueled by pessimism, hate, dissatisfaction, a desire to claw at others, or just old fashion bitchiness, but it is not the type of outlook that anyone should have to constantly deliver. Whether you enjoy a certain celebrity or not, they always seem to come. There will always be someone to draw our attention, there will always be someone to talk about. The most wonderful thing about your article is that you are a part of it all. She draws attention more than any other celebrity right now. She even draws your attention. You feed her goal. Your cutting words are exactly the sort of thing she has lived off of for so long. You have written about Lady Gaga, and now you are a part of her machine. Congratulations Karen & Welcome to it.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Why does it have to be marked up to either hate, dissatisfaction, a desire to claw at others or general bitchiness? None of which characterizes the piece or me. Well, okay, sometimes I’m bitchy but generally speaking I’m a fun chick. And humor marks the piece — it just happens to be humor that apparently takes a POV that you don’t agree with. But, holler, I can’t turn on a radio or a TV these days without having Lady Gaga’s outrageousness all up in my business. I’m just pointing out the same thing King Solomon does — there is nothing new under the sun. Lady Gaga’s message is not new. Her “art of fame” as she likes to call it, is nothing more than Madonna & Ozzy’s Goodwill donations. Yawn…
      That so many don’ t understand that this is nothing more than Wall Street pimping out a 25-year-old, replete with a multi-million marketing armory is what surprises me most. What are all y’all smoking?

      • McConnell

        Does she ever say its new? I think you and Gaga share the point of view that she isn’t inventing anything at all. From the interviews that I have seen or read she has been very open about her inspirations from Bowie, to Blow, to Madonna, to Prince. Is it yawn? Perhaps you think so, but others must not. It would be quite easy to say that Michael Jackson looks like he lost one of his stupidly bedazzled gloves and that he is nothing more than an attention seeking he/she/black/white. It is always easy to flame others. People have always done it and always will. She is a part of a business. That is a given. I think what YOU don’t understand is what churned out stars actually look like. They don’t write their own music, they don’t direct their own videos, they don’t really do a whole lot of anything…including sing. I do think she is raking it in, and obviously spending it back out. I do think her companies are overjoyed at their income, and to NOT spend millions to market her further would be stupid. What is it you are really saying? That BAD business sense should be used?

        • Karen Spears Zacharias

          Just pointing out that she is a 25-year-old who, no matter how sincere her message may seem, has a lot in common with the prosperity gospel pimps. Appealing to the masses need for significance and selling them a false gospel in the process.
          It’s more than entertainment.
          It’s a false theology.

          • McConnell

            Bah. Its music. Its entertainment. There is no promise for an afterlife. She sells something tangible and people buy it. McDonald’s used to say “We Love to see you Smile.” It doesn’t make it a false gospel if I don’t.

            You’re reaching.

  • Jeremy

    So in your book, the $160 million dollars she’s helped to raise for HIV and women’s health awareness through the Mac campaign that donates 100% of profits has no value? How much have you in your piety raised? Have you inspired millions of dollars to be put toward a charity? How about the $80,000 she donated toward homeless kids programs and the 30,000 hours of community service that were generated as a result of her free concert idea were of no value? The $500,000 she donated to charities working in Haiti in 2010? (

    Let’s see a comparison, dollar for dollar, of how much of a difference YOU make compared to others, celebrity or otherwise, casting first stones (or aspersions) and whatnot.

    Btw I am ambivalent about Lady Gaga herself, or her music for the most part (I’m certainly not a little monster fan) – but with a post like this I can’t see through the typical blogger hubris regardless of the target, where from your self-aggrandized vantage point you think you have it all figured out about people different than you, particularly those you do not know or who get more attention than you. The fact is, this person/marketing machine that you clearly dislike has inspired more people on a very personal level to lift their heads up and feel a little better about themselves, and in turn to help others (see the 30,000 hours of community service), than you will likely inspire in a lifetime. How many people do you inspire with your holier-than-thou approach to life?

    Is Lady Gaga a narcissist? Absolutely. The entertainment industry of our world is founded on it – in fact it’s a prerequisite to get “in”. Is she a regurgitation of Madonna and the like? Definitely – every pop artist is, and always will be. Is she concerned with making money? You only state the obvious on that one. But does she do good with her celebrity? Does she inspire others to feel better about themselves and make a difference? I’d say yes, if her results are any indication.

    And by the way, somebody must have forgot to shout loud enough over your ranting to explain that pulling out the “Hitler” card is an automatic lose in every argument. Making comparisons to a celebrity with a person responsible for the murder of 50 million people – directly or indirectly – is hardly rational, and wreaks of a bitter person desperate to make a point. It doesn’t sound like “something Jesus would do” at all. Personally my guess is Jesus wouldn’t bother with such trivialities, and would focus on making people’s lives better through positivity and example.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Jeremy: Is that $160 million from her pocketbook or part of yet another advertising campaign in which her fans buy said product and said company donates XX amount of dollars to designated charity? And while 30,000 hours of donated hours seems impressionable, I know people who donate their entire lives toward serving others, at their own financial and physical peril.

      And frankly, feeling better about oneself is a transitory state.

      I think the best way to feel better about oneself is to not worry about whether you are great or unique or special. The best way to feel better about one’s self is to serve somebody — as Bob Dylan, and the Jesus before him, once said.

      • Jeremy

        Certainly feeling better about oneself is transitory. But it’s a step in the direction toward helping others as almost anybody would admit if they were not caught up in their own feedback loop, and shouldn’t in my opinion be minimized because it lacks permanency. Is anything permanent? Is what you pray for permanent? Not as far as I know, but it has value regardless of whether its fleeting. It’s much easier to help others when you feel capable of doing so, even if that feeling is passing – a very easily provable point, and if you weren’t grasping at straws you’d know better than to argue.

        On “from her pocketbook” or not, a) its typically a private matter what somebody else donates, and b) what difference does it make if you are on the receiving end in need, if the celebrity wrote the check out herself? $160 million dollars is $160 million dollars (how much have you donated through your blog? Private matter, right?), and using her celebrity by lending of that asset – her name – to a worthy cause has value in most people’s estimation. As far as others donating their entire lives – good for them, but its really kind of irrelevant what others do in this context isn’t it? She doesn’t claim to be Mother Theresa – she’s a star that includes positive change as part (small or not) of her offering. Don’t you think that bringing up the idea of the value of charity work in the context of attendees has value? And btw, those hours generated from that one event is _so far_. She’s 25, as you like to point out, and she clearly has a long road ahead of her. How much good will she do in the span of her life relative to you? I have a feeling that despite her shortcomings, her wide reach that includes, if only as one aspect, a positive message, will far outweigh your trivial blog post trying to destroy what good she has done so far.

        • joshua

          Thank you! This lady is just trying to get attention by dropping Gagas name, and unfortunately its working.

  • KC

    While I must admit some people on here go to far with their words, others I believe are only questioning your motifs, agendas and credibility. Which is understandable.

    Not verbally attacking you. One thing is to bully where as another is to defend.

    I am a fan of hers and the thing of it is, an audience that isn’t so passive realizes that Gaga’s persona is what it is, gaga.

    She’s not supposed to make coherent sense, or even be taken too seriously. Sure it’s irritating that she and many others, market her as original but the truth of the matter is she may not be what she claims, and thats okay.

    She’s, whether done purposely by the market or not, reinvigorated the imagination of pop culture and that in turn might lead to new stars (whether underground or not) who are far more original than gaga. And that’s all that matters.

    Until that time, I’m okay with paying for her CD or watching her videos; every other artist out right now just pales in comparison. (excluding the greats and the classics)

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      By motifs — I assume you mean motives?
      I am so glad as a fan you cleared up that sticky point — She’s not supposed to make coherent sense — Oh. Okay. I get it. I think. Being senseless is part of her motif and her motive?

      • KC

        Ha! Wow. The woman who preaches about “little monsters” bullying her is in fact talking down to me. No I meant motifs. As in it reasonable to question the reoccurring themes/ideas in your articles that you preach to others about.

        And yes that is apart of her whole image. If people don’t like it or want to acknowledge her guess what? Change the channel, turn off the radio, avoid articles regarding her (OR MAKING THEM) and shut her out completely. It’s as simple as that

        You know now that I think about it, you’re saying none of us are great, are normal, and should just appreciate being “human.” Well what gives you the right to define what a normal human being should look or act or live like?

        You may state that your normal and ordinary, but in fact if you thought so you wouldn’t be a blogger taking on such controversial subjects and media figures that are obviously going to garner more hits and comments for you. You’d be a mom who tries to keep to herself and enjoy her life with her family.

        Your whole shtick reeks of hypocrisy.

        • Karen Spears Zacharias

          Why do I have to be a mom?

          Can’t I be a woman who is interested in the world around me and the social/political consequences of raising up a generation of people who think they are “special” and because they think that, they follow with blind adulation a girl who, as you so aptly point out, has built a marketing empire around a motif of being incoherent.

  • Stay strong Karen! The little monsters are indeed showing their true colours! Perhaps one day they will wake up to the truth that life isn’t really about them anyway, even if GaGa keeps telling them it is.

  • KatR

    I’m shocked to discover that kids these days idolize singers that shock/offend/piss off their elders. That has never happened before.

    • GIo

      really? Elvis anyone?

  • Cindy


    Your gut level way of stating your opinion is awesome. Unfortunately it’s not just Gaga but the entirety of her message and what she represents, herself. There is no real talent there but she reeks of empty sensationalism. There is nothing new or genuine about her, her music, her message or the sad way she chooses to perform.

  • Lucy

    First of all this is an extremely aggressive and mean spirited article for both Gaga and her ‘monsters’, but I cannot get over the RACISM among other things in this text. But again, the hatred within the text is stifling, you must really love crushing peoples sense of self. But this has become much more severe when you claim “Most of you are white people. You don’t have a clue what it means to be in bondage, or to live out your life in servitude”. Well listen up Karen Spears and listen up good. I am white like most people in my country and we (yes, we WHITE people) were once conquered and needless to say not treated well. Not only does this show your severe ignorance it is also a massive slap in the face to my WHITE ancestors. Also let me make one thing very clear I don’t care what colour you skin is you have NO idea what slavery is like; (very regretfully) your poor ancestors did, but YOU don’t. Your colour is not a passport for pity and I thing its very damming Karen that you say that it is.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Lucy: Just so we are clear here — I’m not only white, I’m a (bottle) blonde blue-eyed Hillbilly Melungeon.

      • Lol! You mean you’re not black!?

    • Lucy, I have read through the comments and have found the terrible spelling simultaneously funny and sad. Worse than the spelling is the inability to form a sentence that makes sense. Truly, these are our nation’s future leaders and teachers?

      But your paragraph about white slavery is beyond ridiculous, enough to make the bad writing above your comment look like Shakespeare (or at least Steven King). Your history is shaky, and the points you make with your inaccuracies are just silly.

      As for this: “you must really love crushing peoples sense of self”, you have missed Karen’s point entirely. It’s because she cares about people’s sense of self that she is speaking out about the false message being preached by Lady Gaga. That message will only lead to a false sense of self and entitlement, and will ultimately do more harm than good to those who buy into it.

  • Ghotir

    You had to invoke Godwin’s Law. I was with you right up to that point.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      I didn’t even know there was such a law. Learn something new everyday. I’ll blame it on the fact that I’ve been reading Eric Metaxas excellent book Bonhoeffer. Highly recommend it.

  • I found this to be an interesting read.

    I see the author here not lashing out against Lady Gaga personally, but rather expressing frustration at her fans ‘falling for’ her messages.

    Now, when Lady Gaga first showed up, I was indifferent to her public persona. In many ways I still am. I am a fan of her music, and own quite a collection of her songs. Her public personna to me is nothing more then an interesting side show. Whether it is sincere or not can only be truthfully known by Lady Gaga herself, so arguing that is a moot point.

    The author here argues that Gaga’s message is, by nature of being sold and being hypocritical, invalid. I don’t nessisarily agree with this.

    A message of self affirmation isn’t invalidated by the source. Self affirmation, like all human emotions can be used for both good and ill, and it is up to the person who receives it what to do with it. Whether it comes from religion, a pop star, or a favored politician.

    Lady Gaga’s fans are just like fans of any major pop star. Let then enjoy her antics, music, and message. Let Gaga make her millions. And let us affirm that even if Lady Gaga disappeared off the face of the planet, the message she is delivering, whether sincere or not, is still one that has been around for years. And it is a message that brings a bit more optimism to a dark world.

    As someone who has lived as a cynical realist for years, I do find it nice to occasionally let a bit of self delusional optimism make my life a bit brighter.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Yeah, I’m not really willing to affirm that message as anything other than hocus-pocus.

  • Jake

    There’s absolutely no basis for your wild and hateful assertions. Remarkable for a “christian” publication.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Jake the opinions expressed here are my own and often fall far from the mark of what non-believers expect from Believers.

  • Dana

    Watching Lady Gaga just always makes me incredibly sad. I’ve never seen anyone who appeared more broken, lost or desperate in my life. I mean WHAT in the WORLD other than pure desperation could cause a person to present herself to the world in such a contrived way? And she’s preaching a philosophy that has never made anyone truly happy–the idea that we exist to exalt ourselves and that it’s all about us at the end of the day. And truly, the most distressing thing of all is the number of equally lost, impressionable young people who swallow the lie hook, line and sinker because they are dazzled by the glitter and the lights.

    Fortunately for America–and unfortunately, for her–the show won’t go on forever, because most people who are that misled and wrapped up in themselves self-destruct in short order…(see LIndsey Lohan, Britney Spears, et al). I don’t wish it on her, or on anyone, but the likelihood is there.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      What makes me sad is the idol worship of someone so broken. And that her mother accompanies her on her appearances and appears proud. As the mother of 3 daughters, I would be mortified if this were my child.

  • Oh wow; words fail me; you’ve said it all and I Thank you!

    • How far out does she want to take her fans?
      Gene Simmon’s Kiss mixed vials of their own blood into the red ink used to color the blood for the first issue of Marvel’s KISS comic series. Frank Zappa got in an onstage gross-out contest with friend Captain Beefheart, in which Beefheart took a dump onstage and Zappa supposedly ate it.
      Gaga wearing a “meat dress” during her acceptance of the Video of the Year award at MTV’s Video Music Awards is restrained compared to the above and others, however, as marketing goes if the show must go on look for Gag me Gaga to delve deeper into creative and original perversions as handed down to her by her master GOD’s adversary; Satan.

      • the zappa story is an urban legend…

        • Dave P.

          I believe the KISS one is as well.

  • I remember the first time when I saw the video of ‘bad romance’ (her first song that i was aware of), with all the over-the-top weird costumes and the plastic empty soulless sexuality, as if there’s no soul in her body. I found it scary and felt pity for her…

    I do believe that’s she has a lot of talent. she writes a lot of her material herself and has influence of her image and videos. When she was here in Belgium on rock werchter last year she did play piano with her toes, people are still talking about it…

    But all I thought when I saw that video was ‘This poor girl. she looks so empty. If only someone would give her a loving hug it would be a million times more real and substantial than all this drama, empty sexuality and broken humanness’… (my reaction on my blog back then is here but is not suitable for people who can’t stand the f-word that American popular culture has taught me to use in this kind of context…)

    I do like your deconstruction of Lady Gaga, even though I’m not sure if money is all that she’s after. I do think she loves the attention and adoration of the ‘little monsters’ and she wants to give something baok for that too.

    May God have mercy on her and shine a light in the mess of her life. There’s something really hurt and broken about her.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Something hurt and broken about all of us. Something that Wall Street can’t sell us a fix for. Something that Lady Gaga and all her talent can’t mend.

      • nope, but what she can do (and does, like many talented musicians) is to channel her hurt and brokenness through her music and so share it with the world and multiply it. People who have similar feelings (like a lot of young people growing up with parents that are for example divorced or always absent because of their carreers) will recognise it, and are able to let it grow… Maybe it is able to create some ‘solidarity through pain’ among the ‘little monsters’, but what good does it do to artificially stimulate this kind of hurt and brokenness to grow anyway???

        (I’ve noticed the same with KoRn and Marilyn Manson years ago. Yes they are able to channel their feelings through their music, and that’s some kind of talent, but still what does spreading the negativity do?)

  • Karen, this is a wonderful, insightful piece of writing. We do people no favors when we tell them lies, and we set them up for heartbreak when we ask them to idolize the greedy and narcissistic. For her monsters, she’s a placebo for the soul, and it’s simply sad to see them fall for a charlatan’s act. I also like your comparison in the comments to the prosperity gospel pastors — there’s many similar motivations (and outcomes). Christ asks us to take up our cross, not celebrate ourselves.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Thanks David.

  • CleoK

    huh? why so nasty?

    She’s not unique in her message.. never claimed to be.. but it’s a message obviously needed. If you don’t need it.. so be it, no need to show so much hate. Shame on you… and this in the name of gawd?

  • Kristie

    You sound jealous, Karen. You must have been one of those mean girls in high school who is jealous because the girl she picked on became successful. Love. Don’t judge.

    • ol’ sponsor

      I am always amazed at the “piranha phenomena” that occurs when Miss Karen goes to passing some of her discernment over the dominate culture of our day. Why, it’s always ‘blood in the water’! But, if she writes a piece about the genuine ‘meek’ and lowly, then it’s hardly a whimper from the crowd. I guess it’s only right the “good book” promises that the latter will have their reward in the hereafter, because HE knew it’s only the Lady Gaga types that men will honor in this life.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Actually, Kristie, I was everyone’s favorite in high school. I wasn’t bullied. People were nice to me. I tried to be nice back. I wasn’t weird or fake. I was always funny and the girl everyone loved. I still am. It’s part of my charm.

  • John in PDX

    Thanks for not editing out the posts (except for expletives). Boy, I got a few other subjects to get you started. Nice article about Tim yesterday.

    Sorry to all the regular readers who have put up with my bad grammer & spelling – James, that’s for you.

    To all you Gaga (monster) fans – if you read this far. Karen is going to be in a captive place next week. I don’t listen to Gaga. I don’t know one of her songs. I know who she is – I just don’t care.

    But I ain’t the dumbest knife in the drawer.

    Could you give me your best song that might interest Karen on her water journey next week? I will make sure we play it loud on all 12 speakers.

    John in PDX

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      John: You are so funny.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias


  • V

    I think there’s something even worst in all that.

    She speaks about being bullied but is she suffering of that actually? at the moment,at the minute we are speaking,at the minute she is speaking about it,wich means pretty much all the time

    Is someone suffering from being “different”, suffering HIGH school pressure or whatever you call it , going to get any better,I say any better by going home after being thrown on the trash at school, what is the solution? You listen to a Lady Gaga track and cry? and the next day,you get bullied again,but that’s ok because tonight like every night you’ll go home and listen to Lady Gaga who is telling you you were born this way

    Isn’t talking about “DIFFERENCES” already a road to isolation and avoiding problems that we could solve? what does being different means?

  • Jonathan Wright

    I agree with this article (specially with the comparison to Marlyn Manson and Madonna) but you don’t give her credit for her talent. Like Manson and Madonna, she’s a master in the art of marketing and musical ability. I can’t stand her but it’s because she settles on making typical pop music and she can do much better. I’ve seen here skills at the keys. She could do so much more musically but she waists her talent on pop. I have no moral objections to her as much as I do any other famed pop star. Christianity has pushed our culture into a sexual tailspin with it’s focus on sin and rules and not God’s love. No one wants to be a part of something where its members are constant judging and trying to impose rules that they think agree with God’s law on a secular society. It’s the Adam and Eve complex. It’s the reason that countries with few drug laws have few drug addicts and countries, like the U.S., that have many drug laws have a percentage of the population over 10% addicted to drugs. Something has to give in our society. The sexualized entertainment industry has gotten outta control. Gaga is nothing more than riding the popularity of sex right into riches. If I weren’t a Christian and I was in her shoes, i’d do the same. We shouldn’t judge Gaga for selling sex, we should be ashamed at ourselves for letting our society desire it so bad.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      JW: I am confused by your remarks that I overlook her talent. Indeed, I referred to her as a child prodigy and that she must have worked her butt off to get into NYU at age 17. So I hardly think I’m dismissive of her talent.
      That said, I am completely befuddled by your remarks about Christianity pushing our culture into a sexual tailspin, with it’s focus on sin and rules and not God’s love.
      When I hear such comments the first thing I think is that whoever is writing that apparently has been a church dropout for the last 20 years. How is it that we are not focused on God’s love? Holler, hardly anyone preaches on the holiness of God or the standard of living that we are called to, anymore. The largest church in America right now is run by a man who never talks about sin, and uses a world, not a cross as his backdrop.
      The word sin lost favor with the church in the late 1980s when the prosperity gospel became mainstream.
      Christians haven’t pushed culture into this atmosphere of sexual chaos. If anything the bulk of good journalism out there in the Christian marketplace has tried to address the issues of porn and a hyper-sexed culture responsibly. Do you read Relevant or Christianity Today or UrbanFaith or Burnside Writers or any of the many other sites which tackle the pressures put upon Christians by a MTV/ Cosmo culture that lauds self-gratification & self-adulation as the highest end of mankind?

      • Claire

        What you said about Gaga preaching a false theology (earlier in this extremely interesting comment stream) was spot on.
        What church is it that has the world backdrop? You have sparked my curiosity!

        • Karen Spears Zacharias

          Joel Osteen

  • Cliff

    I agree with your point, but not with your tone. Somewhere in there it feels like it went from righteous anger to contemptuous anger. I think you can reveal false idols/gods in a way that still shows respect to those whom you are trying to reach. Consider the way the apostle Paul firmly, but respectfully, communicated to those in Athens who were worshiping multiple false gods, including “an unknown god” (Acts 17). Just a thought.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      Yep. No anger here — righteous or otherwise — just good old fashioned journalism the way it used to be done mixed in with a bit of my cranked up stylized wit. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but if you like it spiked, come on back. We have us a rollicking good time here.

  • Jacob

    Being annoyed at Lady Gaga’s over-exposure is one thing… equating that to some sort of moral critique is quite another. I also find it odd to hear you call a woman you obviously don’t know personally a “harlot” and “pimp” on an ostensibly religious blog. This whole post reads as if you were suddenly annoyed by Lady Gaga and then decided the best outlet was a rant on your blog. Guess who do that? 14 year olds. On Facebook. It’s hard to take a writer seriously when they don’t take the time to consider what their writing, which is obvious from the ad-hominem attacks.

    But more to the point – Lady Gaga is capitalism and entertainment in it’s most modern form. Yes, she panders. Yes, she over-exposes. But that’s entertainment today. Get used to it. She’s hardly the only one who does this, although she probably is the most prominent. What I think is misleading about your post is that beneath all the gimmicks and pandering, Gaga actually supports the causes she speaks about (like gay rights). The message of her songs doesn’t come out of nowhere. That’s why I think you’re argument that Gaga is “fake” is specious. Exploitative, maybe, but not really “fake”.

    I also don’t think you give Gaga’s talent enough credit. Yes, she is derivative, but she’s also a twist on all that has come before her. Have you even listened to her album? I think the reviews speak for themselves. I don’t think she’s the best thing ever, but I do respect her sheer intention to entertain. Yes, in your view, her goal is to sell. But, honestly, I don’t fully buy that. Yes, I think she wants money, but I can’t believe that person so dedicated to their craft physically and emotionally is solely doing it for the cash. I respect that. She wants to overwhelm all our senses, and while it can be obnoxious, I can at least respect it.

    You also say that we should strive toward being ordinary, and most people are. I would take it a little bit further. Most people are ordinary, and most people are miserable. Existence is a miserable thing. Is it so wrong to have someone so focused on both visually and audibly entertain us? Most “artists” today are only focused on one or the other. To me, in light of Gaga, that’s just sheer laziness 🙂

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      To be clear Jacob and correct, I called Wall Street the pimp and Lady Gaga their harlot. I think that’s a valid assessment.

      RE: The validity of Gaga’s message. I can’t say whether she actually supports the causes. Because she is so commercialized in everything she does, I tend to think her message is more market ploy. How can you take issue with a woman who defends the defenseless, heh? I find her whole monologue about how she was bullied as a Catholic school girl questionable, frankly. I mean it’s not like she was the only black girl in a school of whites in Alabama. She comes from an upper middle class family, she had two parents, and parents who apparently support her, she was talented at an early age, and was afforded the benefit of a good education and music lessons of all sorts. And she was pretty too boot. So exactly what was she being bullied about? And by whom? I’d be interested in hearing from some of her former classmates on this issue. Let the bullies step forward.

      As to your outrageous remark about “most people being miserable” — tell me where you found that research? The Barna Group? Pew Research?

      Oh. I know. It must be one of those ad-hominem remarks you referenced earlier.

      Sorry. My bad.