Unpacking the Headcase

There are a couple of images I can’t get out of my head this week. More on that later. Meanwhile, thought you might find this article interesting. Scot McKnight is right, social justice is not necessarily kingdom work.

As difficult as things are in New York’s publishing world, I’ve heard good news from several folks lately about new books they are working on. BibleDude & Man of Depravity are both scribbling away. Way to go, fellas!

Remember those twin babes we announced in the family not long ago? They are doing so great that their mama is pregnant again! Rosanne Lortz also has a new book out. How she has time to write while she’s mothering not one but two babies  & expecting another is beyond me. What can I say? We have amazing women in this family!

This was without a doubt the sweetest story I’ve read in awhile.

And this is one of the most bizarre hometown crime stories. It’s been 19-years since the school superintendent was stabbed to death in his own bed, in his own home, sleeping next to his own wife. And now the jury wants to argue over the rap music of the man on trial for the crime? And to think, all this time I just assumed the wife was in on it somehow.

Kudos to the BBC journalists for investigating child abuse here in America, where every five hours a child dies. According to the BBC’s report, the nation of family values has the highest rate of child abuse of the major industrialized nations. Have you been following the stories on PBS or BBC?

Which leads me to this, had this song in my head for days now.

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  • 1. That song creeps me out. Particularly the line about how once you’re dead people will start listening. I know a few folks who have committed suicide, and others who have attempted it. In many cases, the motivation to do so was the idea that “nobody takes me seriously, so I’ll show them by offing myself; then they’ll see how wrong they were for not listening to me”

    2. We had twins, then when they were not yet 2 yr old, got pregnant with the 3rd kid. Had 3 kids in diapers for a little while. Fun stuff. Not easy, but fun.

  • AF Roger

    I concur with James on the song lyrics. The video of the overdone hair, makeup and lighting make me yearn for the days of cream pies in the face. We’re submerged in a culture as real as Cool-Whip.

    Read Scot’s piece. Social justice is not a substitute for the kingdom of God, but the KOG is hollow without it. The KOG is synonymous neither with social justice nor the church, a church, or churches. I think as people of faith we are not in possession of the KOG but servants of it. The book of James seems to be a sermon wrestling with the question “faith vs. works”. What’s the conclusion? They are inseparable and exist in synergy and creative tension. About the same conclusion I come to when I ask whether the church is a means or an end. More salient point in Scot’s words, in my estimation, is where many modern expressions of the church have gone following the business/entertainment models. Golly, what doesn’t run on those models today?

  • Thanks Karen!