Zippity Do Da Day

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It’s a Zippity Do Da day around here.

Usually I’m not a gambling woman but I have a $25 Starbucks bet riding on the outcome of this day. You all know how much I like my Starbucks.

This bet is all about chromosomes.

And their placement in the alphabet.

I’m betting on pig-tails and pink.

Others are betting on crewcuts and blue.

Feel free to place your own bet.

We are all sooo excited.

But what all this really means is that I will be able to develop my game plan for wooing that child’s heart.

Of course, this little Sinner (real last name)  isn’t going to be lacking in adoration.

And wouldn’t it just be heaven on earth if all babies everywhere were assured such devotion?



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  • Gloria

    What about one of each – pink and blue :) How great would that be!

    • Guest

      That is what I have been having dreams about!

  • Jcrabe56

    I’ve ordered my book already…..can’t wait for it to get here!! They sent me an email that it would be April 1 but I told them I knew the author personally and wanted my copy earlier than that….(not really)

  • timthurman

    Yes, it would. And I will put $25 on crew cuts and blue. Oh, and Timothy Sinner would make a great name.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      You win the bet. I lost twice now. It’s a boy. Due in late summer. We are thrilled. Don’t think Timothy Sinner is going to make the cut list but I can see how you’d favor that. :)

      • timthurman

        Well, even though his name will not be Timothy Sinner, congratulations, Gramma!