Zippity Do Da Day

It’s a Zippity Do Da day around here.

Usually I’m not a gambling woman but I have a $25 Starbucks bet riding on the outcome of this day. You all know how much I like my Starbucks.

This bet is all about chromosomes.

And their placement in the alphabet.

I’m betting on pig-tails and pink.

Others are betting on crewcuts and blue.

Feel free to place your own bet.

We are all sooo excited.

But what all this really means is that I will be able to develop my game plan for wooing that child’s heart.

Of course, this little Sinner (real last name) ¬†isn’t going to be lacking in adoration.

And wouldn’t it just be heaven on earth if all babies everywhere were assured such devotion?



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  • Gloria

    What about one of each – pink and blue :) How great would that be!

    • Guest

      That is what I have been having dreams about!

  • Jcrabe56

    I’ve ordered my book already…..can’t wait for it to get here!! They sent me an email that it would be April 1 but I told them I knew the author personally and wanted my copy earlier than that….(not really)

  • timthurman

    Yes, it would. And I will put $25 on crew cuts and blue. Oh, and Timothy Sinner would make a great name.

    • Karen Spears Zacharias

      You win the bet. I lost twice now. It’s a boy. Due in late summer. We are thrilled. Don’t think Timothy Sinner is going to make the cut list but I can see how you’d favor that. :)

      • timthurman

        Well, even though his name will not be Timothy Sinner, congratulations, Gramma!