Beaver Believer

I admire creativity.

LSU fans appear to have a heaping dose of it, along with a sense of humor. Here’s hoping Alabama fans do too.

Otherwise, this tiger tale stuck to the bronze likeness of Coach Nick Saban along Alabama’s Walk of Champions might create a stir. The Tide and the Tigers face off in Baton Rouge this coming weekend.

I have friends on both sides of that field, so all I can say is I’m rooting for a good game.

Tim and I will be in the stands at Reser Stadium come Saturday night, cheering on the Beavs, thanks to Konnie and Jon who will join us there.

The last time I attended an OSU game Clinton was president and spiral perms were in fashion.

The Beavs are heading into this weekend with only one loss so far this season. Washington beat the Beavs 20-17 last weekend, blighting what had been a 6-o winning streak this season.

I love a good game and Saturday promises to be one.

If you are searching for me in the stands, here’s a hint: I’ll be the gal wearing orange and yelling: GO BEAVS!

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  • Gloria

    Go BEAVS! I will be in front of my TV screaming just as loud! Enjoy the game!