Confessionals: Foster & Armstrong


If you need any more proof of what a conflicted people we have become, you have only to turn to Jodie Foster’s confession on national television about her struggles to lead an authentic life.

As we say in the Deep South: Jodie Foster went all the way around her elbow to reach her mouth.

In the end she did not specifically identify herself as Lesbian, altho she certainly alluded to it.

So what? Why should Ms. Foster should feel pressured to “come out”?

It’s not the same as Lance Armstrong and the doping charges. Being Lesbian is not illegal, or immoral (tho Westboro Baptist would certainly argue otherwise).

Doping is illegal.

The argument could be made that Armstrong owes it to his devoted public to fess up, to admit he’s not a super-athlete. He was simply an athlete aided and abetted by super drugs.

Living an authentic life might require us to be honest about our failures with those we’ve hurt or exploited, but Foster asks an important question: Does living an authentic life also require that we open our private lives to the public domain?

Answering that question is something Ms. Foster obviously continues to struggle against.

But it is her struggle.

Not ours.


Yet, who among us has not felt the very same thing that Ms. Foster expressed so achingly: I want to be seen, to be understood, deeply, and to not be so very lonely. 

Undoubtedly it was some of those very same longings that compelled Lance Armstrong to cheat the system, don’t you think?


Hagar gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” Genesis 16: 13





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  • AFRoger

    Fame is a corrosive master. I felt a little better about Jodie Foster’s oddball ramble the second time I listened to it. Having started in the acting world at age 3, I guess she never really had a chance to decide about the impications of that from a less leveraged perspective. Now at age 50, at least she seems to know better what the important and durable things of life might be. We’d all do better, and so would our celebs and stars, if we paid less attention to them and more to our neighbors.
    Thought for the day: Would you rather be yourself or Kim Kardashian’s unborn child? I don’t know if that question could possibly make sense to Mylie Cyrus, Lada Gaga, or Justin Bieber. Or Lance Armstrong. Or Ms. Kardashian. I’d bet it would make a whole lot of sense to Jodie Foster.