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Dead Boy’s Devoted Daddy

Editor’s Note: This will be my last post on Patheos. I am grateful for the opportunity provided but I feel that my readers will be better served at an ad-free site. Please make note of the new blog address: karenzach.com  I hope you will join me there. Thank you for all your years of engagement. I [Read More...]

Amy Adams Sacrifice

Amy Adams

Editor’s note: When I first wrote the following, many news sources ran headlines referring to Amy Adams giving up her first-class seat to a soldier as a “sacrifice”. Many have since gone back and reworded those headlines. Although cutlines below photos and some news stories still call her actions a “sacrifice”, it is a word [Read More...]

Urban Intellect talks Comedy: Jelani Greenidge


I knew of Jelani Greenidge long before I met him. We were friends in Social Media, drawn together by faith and community. So imagine my delight at the Faith and Culture Conference when Jelani and I finally had a chance to connect in real time. “Aren’t you Karen?” he asked. I don’t know how he [Read More...]