God does not love America

The letter was titled: How is God blessing America. It came from one of those conservative religious organizations that relies upon the compassion of good-hearted God-fearing folks. The head of this particular group, Pat Robertson, often makes references to the “messages” he’s heard from God. Usually, those messages have something to do with some moral [Read More…]

How do you measure freedom?

This is how we celebrated freedom We brought in the big guns Wrapped ourselves in Camo gear Mapped out the territory we needed to conquer And assigned each enlistee a task Some attached to the rear guard Where they went about implementing their plan Which included clearing away the brush Searching for landmines And making [Read More…]

This really bugs me

Oh. C’mon really, y’all? What’s wrong with a little crunch in the diet? Those pesky public health officials in Columbia, S.C. have put the kabosh on a cicada-infused ice cream. And you thought bugs in your food was nasty. C’mon. These nummy-crunchies only come around every 13-years. What’s wrong with you all? Lighten the bug [Read More…]