Cindy Anthony's hell

The peach doesn’t fall far from the tree. Cindy Anthony proved that in court yesterday when she came within a hair’s breath of perjury. Wonder, can a person inherit the ability to lie? Or is that always a taught behavior? Unless you’ve been in the hull of a submarine at the bottom of the deep [Read More…]

Losing that Luv'n Feeling

Really Southwest? And did anyone besides me catch that Southwest motto hanging behind the Flight Attendant? Southwest Keep that Luv ‘n Feeling Y’all might need a new motto Lemme recommend one: You’ve lost that Luv’n Feeling They just don’t make pilots like they used to, do they? Speaking of bagging people, Southwest ought to bag that [Read More…]

Faking Faith

As you might imagine in a household where there are four children close in age, we had our share of disagreements and bickering to contend with. Since unlike automobiles and small appliances, children don’t come with operator instructions, a lot of what we did as parents was an incomplete science. In other words, like generations [Read More…]