Where is your faith?

You ever feel like you are only getting a peek at things? As if you are just a hair’s breath away from something glorious? If only someone nearby would reach out And give you a hand up, you, too, could Sail off into the sunset? But, instead, the fear of getting tripped up, hinders you [Read More…]

Shrews for Jesus

ATHARINE, the Shrew, was the eldest daughter of Baptista, a rich gentleman of Padua. She was a lady of such an ungovernable spirit and fiery temper, such a loud-tongued scold, that she was known in Padua by no other name than Katharine the Shrew. Forget about her. Meet me,  Karen. A lady of such an [Read More…]

A Tedious Hell

Never mind, Rob Bell, I hope there’s a Tedious Hell for jerks who send notes like the one I rec’d in my inbox Monday: I hope my e-mail find you well.I need your assistance. My name is Sgt Joey Jones, I am an American soldier with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in IRAQ for the [Read More…]