The Art of Living

You may remember when internationally acclaimed virtuoso Joshua Bell sat up camp at a DC’s L’Enfant Plaza Metro station? Bell performed six classical pieces as nearly 1,100 people passed by him. A handful of people paused. One lady stopped to really listen.She had heard him perform at the Library of Congress days before.  She understood [Read More…]

A day in the country

I took a ride out to the country yesterday. I’ve been working hard finishing up a manuscript. (YAY!!!) The thing about writing is that it’s such a solitary activity — kind of like farming. The other thing about writing is that you have to sit still to do it. When I’ve finished a book, I [Read More…]

Thoughts on Good Christian Bitches

Christianity Today reported that they were recently contacted by a reporter asking if they had any comment about a proposed  ABC television show titled Good Christian Bitches. According to CT the proposed show has been deemed the Christian-bashing version of Desperate Housewives.  And thus begins the full frontal assault on all things Christian. There are [Read More…]