Beck & Boehner: Male menopause?

Is it me, but do these two have something in common? But then perhaps you feel as John Wayne does? [Read more…]

Kirstie Alley: Surviving the awful

My husband was a nearly perfect boy, as his mother would gladly tell you. He never got into any trouble whatsoever. Well, there was that time he locked his sister in the dryer, or was it him that was locked in the dryer? Oh, well, at any rate that’s how those stories go. What was [Read More…]

Footloose: The daily work of the devoted

Tim and I went to the opening of the musical at the high school on Friday night. Musicals are always well-attended in these parts. This one in particular is a favorite, given that we are an agriculture-based community. There’s a lot that kids and adults alike could relate to in this rendition of Footloose. That’s not [Read More…]