Notes on Japan

Albert Einstein once said “it has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” But Einstein made those comments long before Mother Nature flipped the technologically-enriched county of Japan over on its nose and left it crying “Ojisan.” Watching one of the world’s great powers sagging like a clothesline under a wet wool [Read More…]

Angel in Sneakers

I was sitting in a quiet corner at the very same McDonald’s out on Macon Road that I used to dash over to during my tenure as a student at Columbus High. Gosh, that was  such a long-ago yesterday. I could have gone to the  library, which is also on Macon Road, but for all [Read More…]

Ramblin Woman: Navarre UMC

Those folks at Navarre know how to treat a gal Tammy & the Hipster did a terrific job on the worship Aren’t they precious? The man responsible for bringing me to Navarre Sharmon may have been the sister Mama misplaced The beautiful Elle will study @ the Seattle Ballet this summer Her performance was breathtaking [Read More…]