Ramblin Woman #4

Butterbean likes me — it’s the camera she’s leery of. What says Tennessee better than This? Crossville has a beautiful new library. ┬áThat’s Crab Orchard stone. Gary & Pam gave me a personal tour The craftsmanship is stunning There’s comfort in every nook And just off the Tennessee Reading room is a front porch replete [Read More…]

Rambling Woman Part 3

Charleston demands a poet So I found one of my favorites to hang with You have to absolutely adore people who are as cuddly as this, right? I left Charleston in search of this place I am always delighted when I find my friends on the shelves. Miz Claire was busily getting ready for the [Read More…]

It's the Gullah Way

His wife and other Gullah ladies made the quilt, Andrew Rodrigues said. It was on display for many months at the White House — a tribute to Michelle Obama. I happened upon Rodrigues (that’s Portuguese, not Spanish) on Pawleys, where he is the museum director to family collection of Gullah history. Inside the three-room building, [Read More…]