This how you do me, God?

By now I suspect you have all heard the story about wide receiver Steve Johnson dropping the ball in the end zone. Johnson had the opportunity to give the Buffalo Bills one of their sweetest victories — an unexpected win against the Steelers in overtime. Instead the 24-year-old dropped the ball. My husband, whose passion for [Read More…]

Hillbilly Term of the Day

    British Soldier: noun. A lichen that blooms bright red in early spring when snow is still on the ground. The term comes from the reference to British Soldiers and their red coats, although some folks refer to it as Matchstick lichen. British Oil was also a commonly used term among the mountain people [Read More…]

S*&t My Daughter says

Yesterday my daughter Ashley and her husband Zack dropped by the house on their way back to Spokane. Shortly before heading out on the road again, Ashley took a potty break. Her father and I and Zack were sitting in the adjoining living room when all of sudden we heard Ashley yell, “S*&T!” Ashley doesn’t [Read More…]