The F-Word: Our God Swears by It.

  The other day I put up this tweet:  “The F-Word. My God swears by it.” It was a snippet of a personal reflection on the bigger problem of forgiveness.   I’m not much of one to harbor grudges. I’m usually quick to apologize when I’ve wronged somebody. I made it a habit when raising [Read More…]

Mama Palin

There is an answer embedded in the question of whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. Duh. Helloooo??? If you are asking the question to begin with then the answer is not a simple no but a resounding Hail No. Who are we kidding? Nobody cares whether Sarah Palin is qualified to [Read More…]

Poe's apology

I arrived back from D.C. to find a card from Poe. I had no idea that Poe could write: Dearest Karen, Obviously I cannot begin to express my deepest regret for the misunderstanding we experienced last summer. I know I can never undo the pain and suffering that my unintended action cause, but I want [Read More…]