The Story Swap

I wish one of you would volunteer to come be my personal assistant. If you could only see my office right now. It’s been a busy week and promises to get even more so. I will be speaking at Santiam Christian on Saturday in honor of The Redhead. This is a benefit fundraiser. I am [Read More...]

My Boyfriend is a Rock Star

We enforce the Don’t Ask -Don’t Tell rule around this household. But did I mention yet that Tim is ASB advisor at the high school or that this is Homecoming Week? Tuesday Morning: Tim walks into the bedroom in camo gear. Tim: Do I look like a jungle terrorist? Me: Mmm…no. Terrorists don’t wear camo [Read More...]

Family Feuding

  The casket was sky blue with shiny new chrome. Her house had been painted blue, back when she was well enough to live it in on her own. Oh. There were things she couldn’t do anymore, not like she used to do. She couldn’t keep up with the watering in the summers. The dry land areas [Read More...]