Be Healed

Last night I happened upon a healing Mass in the District of Columbia. How’s that for Providential? Talk about answering a call. God sure is timely.

“We are all cracked and broken individuals. We are all broken in one way or another,” the main celebrant said during the homily.

That’s not psychobabble when said before exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. More like “wisdom from above.”

And there were college kids from George Washington University, submitting to the power of prayer, on their knees in front of the Lord God. And staying through the end of a much longer than usual Sunday Mass.

“The mind is the battleground: thoughts ideas and suggestions. Pray for the mind of Jesus,” the homilist had advised.

And so they did. And so we must.


  • http://dianajordanop3.wordpress.com Nikita

    Great little entry, I had to repost this on my blog, so more can read your entry. Keep up the good work that you do. How true the celebrant said about how we are cracked and broken individuals.

  • Peter

    “And so we must.”

    There lies the problem. You are entitled to practice your religion and hold whatever beliefs you’d like. But your beliefs command you to treat other beliefs as misguided and you are compelled to “save” others (or at least sit in judgment of the beliefs of others). If people don’t share your religious beliefs, it’s as if they aren’t entitled to their own religious liberty. That’s how it appears to us outsiders. You demand full respect for your religion, while simultaneously denying the same to others. Public policy cannot be fashioned from strict biblical interpretations. That’s what is unconstitutional. You’re free to practice your religion, but you can’t force the rest of us to do the same. I’m sorry if you do not understand this!