If You Are Reading This

What would you like to see in this space? Use the comment option or e-mail kathrynjeanlopez@gmail.com. And I will see what I can pull off.

  • Peter

    I’d like to see more of the same to be honest. Link to articles and books you come across. Link to article or include reflections that you think will be inspirational. I came across your blog from Hugh Hewitt, so you should clearly be promoting yourself more on the Corner!

  • QCCatholic

    Since the HHS mandate, I’ve been hoping to see someone put together a quick-read version of the history of anti-Catholic legislation (highlights, or lowlights more aptly, from governments around the world throughout history). My non-Catholic, yet sympathetic, friends, and even some Catholic family and friends, think this sort of thing is new. A concise resource of this sort would be helpful and interesting to see what, I believe, but can’t prove, must be a very dark history of governments trying legislate away Catholicism.