Happy Birthday, Mother Angelica!

It’s this media trailblazer’s 89th birthday today.

  • http://www.conversiondiary.com/ Jennifer @ Conversion Diary

    Isn’t she fabulous? I happened to be at the EWTN campus on her birthday, and it was awe-inspiring to see in person what she had done. An amazing testament to what God can do with one faithful person.

  • pat

    happy birthday mother

  • karen olejniczak

    happy birthday to you! god bless you always, love and blessings from Canada.

    • Carolyn Ennis Griffin

      Happy Birthday, Mother Angelica! What a wonderful life you have lived for our Lord Jesus. I have gained so much from your accomplishments. I love you. Carolyn

  • Clara and Paula

    Happy Birthday Mother Angelica and many blessings, and may the great Lord hold you in palm of his hand. From Rochester, New York