True Confessions

From a veteran priest in a Washington Post piece today on Reconciliation:

“I’ve been hearing confessions for 36 years, and I haven’t been surprised for 35 years,” he says.

Through experience, he has learned that “I have a lot of stress” could mean a man cursed at a stranger or cheated on his wife.

It is a reminder that there is no sin too big or too small to confess. God wants to give you His mercy. It is the best way to have a shot at lessening that stress: letting Him take the guilt from our shoulders! Giving us the grace to truly walk with him! To avoid cursing or cheating or whatever it is we have done.

  • Gashwin

    So very true. The WaPo piece, incidentally, is about seminarians at Mount St. Mary’s preparing to hear confessions after ordination. It is worth a read in its own right.

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